9th Class Biology: chapter 3 Biodiversity Short Questions Answer

9th Class Biology: chapter 3 Biodiversity Short Questions Answer

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Lahore Board 9th classes short questions Answer

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Differentiate between taxonomy and systematic?

The branch of biology which deals with the classification is called taxonomy and the branch which deals with classification and also traces the evolutionary history of organisms is known as systematic.
What are the bases of five Kingdom system?

The five-kingdom classification system is based on:
The lavels of cellular organization i.e prokaryotic unicellular eukaryotic and multicellular eukaryotic.
The Principal modes of nutrition i.e photosynthesis, absorption, and ingestion.
Write down the biological name of human and pea?

The biological name of human is homo sapiens and pea is pisum sativum.
Write a short note on Marco polo sheep?

Marco Polo sheep are mostly found in the Khunjerb National Park and nearby areas. The sheep have an endangered status and their numbers have been rapidly decreasing in the last two decades. WWF-P has started projects for its conservation.
Who was Carlous Linnaeus? Why is he Famous?

Carlous Linnaeus was a Swedish biologist. He first introduced and adopted the system of binomial nomenclature. His system spread rapidly and became popular.
Write down the names of four different Kingdoms of organisms?

Organisms are classified in following kingdoms.

What is the basic unit of Classification? Define it.

Species is the basic unit of classification. A species is a group of organisms which can interbreed freely among them and produce fertile offspring, but are reproductively isolated from all other such groups in nature.
What is the difference between Extinct and Endangered Species?

Extinct Species: In an ecosystem a species is called extinct when there is no doubt that the last individual of that species has died in that ecosystem.
Endangered Species: A species is called endangered when it is at risk of extinction in near future.
Write two point on the importance of biodiversity?

Biodiversity is very important in following ways.
Biodiversity is a grat source of food for livings on land.
A significant proportion of drugs is obtained from biological sources directly or indirectly.
What is the role of over- hunting in extinction?

Over hunting has been major cause of extinction of specis and endangerment man species such as whales, ibex, urial, markhor etc.
Name three endangered species in Pakistan?

Indus dolphin, Macro polo sheep and houbara bustard are endangered species Pakistan.
What is meant by endangered Species?
A species is called endangered when it is at risk of extinction in near future.
What are two important characteristics of kingdom fungi?

Fungi are absorptive in their nutritional mode.
Most fungi are decomposers. They live on organic material, secrete digestive enzymes and absorb foods.
Write down any four major causes of species extinction?

Loss of habitat, deforestation over hunting introduction or removal of species and pollution are major causes of species extinction.
What is meant by deforestation?

The cutting of forests is called deforestation.
Write the scientific name of Onion and House Crow?

Scientific name of Onion is Allium cepa and house crow is corvus splendens.
Define “Taxonomic Hierarchy’?

These are the groups in which livings are classified are called taxonomic categories or texa. These texa join to form a ledder called taxonomic hierarchy.
Write difference between prions and viroids?

Prions and Viroids are cellular particles, and are not included in five kingdom classification system. The major prions are made us of protein only while virods are made up of circular RNA only.
Define classification and give its objectives?

The division of living organisms into their groups and sub groups based upon similarities and difference is called classification.
Objectives of classification:
To determine similarities and differences among organisms so that they can be studied easily.
Evolutionary relationship also find out by classification.
Where do you place Viruses status?

Viruses are acellular i.e they do not have cellular organization. Viruses are not considered as organisms and thus are not included in the five-kingdom classification system. Viruses show some characters of living organisms and also show some characters of non-living organisms. Viruses contain either RNA or DNA, normally encased in protein coat. They reproduce only in living cells, where they cause a number of diseases. Viruses due to their crystalline nature are considered as non-living. They are not considered as orgaisms and thus are not included in five kingdom classification system.
Name the national bird and national animal of Pakistan?

Chakor (Patridge) is the national bird of Pakistan, While Markhor is national animal of Paksitan.
Describe two reasons of deforestation?

Deforestation is done for using land for pasture and urban development.
To Produce money through fruits, sugar, soap, rubber, paper and different food product deforestation is done.
What is five kingdom sstem?

The classification system in which living organism are classified in five groups is called five kingdom classification system.
This system based upon the cellular organization and mode of nutrition.
Write down two characteristics of kingdom protista?

In this kingdom eukaryotic, unicellular and simpler multicultural organisms are included.
Animal like protists i.e protozoa are also included. Whose cell lack cell wall and chlorophyll.
On which characteristics five kingdom classification system is based?

In kingdom monera prokaryotic organism are kept e.g. Bacteria and cyano bacteria.
What is meant by biodiversity?

The term biodiversity has been derived from bio and diversity. The variety with in species and among species is called biodiversity.
Define Taxonomy?

The branch of biology which deals with naming and classification of organisms into groups and sub groups is called taxonomy.
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