9th Class English: Chapter 3 Media and its Impact Short Question Answers

9th Class English: Chapter 3 Media and its Impact Short Question Answers

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Here we are providing complete chapter wise English questions and Answers for the 9th class students. All the visitors can prepare for their 9th class examination by attempting below given question answers.

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Now you can start your preparation here below

What is the most important function that media performs?
The most important function of media is its role as the most powerful device of communication.

What are the two major means of communication? Give three example for each?
The two major means of communication are electronic media and print media. The electronic media includes film, radio and TV and print media are books, magazines and newspapers.

How does media provide entertainment?
Media entertains us by showing films, plays by playing music, by printing stories and funny things, etc.

What happens when media is allowed to play its role unchecked?
If media is allowed to play its role unchecked, the mean, selfish and business-minded person would try to exploit common man using it cunning and dishonestly.

Give three reasons on support of your favourit TV program me?
I like news programme of the following three reasons:
i.        It provides important information.
ii.       It makes us aware of the changing circumstances.
iii.      It provides us entertainment showing latest news about interesting and strange incidents of the current world.

What topic discussed in this lesson?
The topic which has been discussed in this lesson is “This Role of Media and its Impact”.

What is media?
Media is the most powerful mode of communication. It shares news and information with the people.

Dose media spread false news?
Yes. Sometimes media spread false news but generally us about the facts around us.

How do people share their feeling and opinions with the whole world?
Media helps people to share their feeling and opinions with the whole world.

How do media attract the attention of a very audience?
Media attracts the attention of a very large audience through news, dramas, films, talk show, sport, cartoons, musical programmers, comedies and quiz programmers.

What do we do soon after entering our house?
The first thing we do soon after entering our house is to switch on the television.

How has media become a part of our life?
Media become a part of our life because it not only informs us about what is happening around the world but also entertained=s us through a variety of programmes.

What are two major means of communication?
Electronic media and Print media are two major means of communication.

What do media include?
Media include films, radio, television internet, books, magazines and newspapers.

What does include electronic media?
Electronic media includes television, radio, internet and telephone.

What does include in print media?
Books, journals, novels, dictionaries, magazines and news papers etc are the major forms of print media.

How has the world become a global village?
It is trough media that the world has become a global village. Media gives coverage to all the important events of the world. We can an easy access to all kinds of information through media.

What do you mean by “the world is just a click away”?
It means that the world is as much far from us as the distance that is between clicking the button and view on the screen. We just click a button and fetch the required information of the world.

What role does media play for society?
Media plays a very corrective, reformative and pivotal role for society. It raises awareness about many social issues like corruption, terrorism, drug addiction and violation of human rights.

How does media help the downtrodden?
Media acts as a spokesman for the downtrodden. it highlights their problems, poverty and suffering. it fight for their rights. Therefore, undoubtedly media is a mouth piece of destitute people.

Which is the most vigilant institution of our society?
Media is the most vigilant institution of our society because it keeps an eye on every segment of the society.

Why has media become an integral part of our lives?
Media keeps permanent check at every issue of society. it make everyone answerable and accountable through debates, report and talk shows. That is why media has become an integral part of our society.

How does the discussion come to an end in the classroom?
The teacher invites a student to sum up the discussion. The student concludes the discussion by saying that media can play a positive role and has a corrective impact if it works honestly.

Does the teacher appreciate her conclusion?
Yes, the teacher appreciates her conclusion.

What is the theme of this lesson?
The theme of the lesson is to highlight the role and impact of media. It tells that media can mould the opinion and mind set of people. It has a deep impact on lives of people. Media has the world into global village.

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