9th Class Computer: chapter 8 Introduction to Windows Short Questions Answer

9th Class Computer: chapter 8 Introduction to Windows Short Questions Answer

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1. What do you know about Windows operating system?

Window operating system is a family is of operating system for personal computer. It is the most popular system used in personal computer. Almost 90% of personal computer is use window in the world. It was developed by Microsoft corporation. It graphical user interface.
2. What is the use of my icon in computer?

My computer is a graphical representation of everything on computer. It is used to view different resources of the computer. These resources include drives, files and folders etc. It also contain the Control Panel option that provides different tools to configure the computer.
3. Which folder is typically used to store documents in windows?

My Documents folder is used for saving documents. Many applications and programs like MS word use this folder as default folder saving files.
4. What is meant by hardware compatibility?

Hardware compatibility means that windows sport hardware from various vendors.
5. What is plug and play features of windows operating system?

The plug and play feature allows windows operating system to detect a new hardware device when it is attached to a computer. It also install its driver automatically if it is available.
6. Write any three features of windows?

Three features include multitasking, hardware compatibility and easy internet access.
7. What is multitasking?

Multitasking is an ability of operating system to execute more than one program at the same time. A user can run multiple programs at the same time. Windows is a multitasking operating system.
8. What is icon?

An icon is small graphic image. It appear on the program, drive, folder or documents. Windows operating system use icon frequently to mark environment user friendly.
9. Name some important icons of windows operating system.

The important icons of windows operating systems are My Computer,My Documents, Recycle Bin and Internet Explorer.
10. How is data store in computer?

Disk drive are the device used to store data. Most computer have hard drives, floppy discs, CD-ROM drive and USB flash drive to store data.
11. Define file and folder.

A set of related data store in a single name is called file. The logical division of a drive where file are store is known as a folder.
12. Why are folder used?

The folder are used to organized the data stored on drives. The file are organized in the folder to access them easily. The similar types of file are normally store in the same folder.
13. Differentiate between file and folder?

A file is the collection of data stored in a computer. folder are used to organize file and sub folders on the disk.
14. What are different part of file? Give some example.

The file consist of file name and file extension separated by a dot. file extension indicates the type of file. an example of file is MYFIE.TXT where is MYFILE is the file name and TXT is file extension.
15. What is file extension?

The extension indicates the type of file and the application in which file came opened. the program used to store file automatically assigns file extension to file. The user dose not need to specify file extensions.
16. Write the steps to create a folder.

1. Open Windows Explorer and select the file or folder in which new folder is to be created.
2. Rite click in the pane in the white area and select New from the menu.
3. Select folder. A new folder will appear.
4. type the name of new folder and press enter.

17. How is shortcut difference from the icons?

A shortcut is a link to a program, drive, folder or a document. It helps the user to to execute command quickly. An icon is small graphic image. Window Operating system use icon frequently to make the icon user friendly.
18. Differentiate folder and drive?

A dive is a storage area on the storage device such as C:/ or E:/. Folder is logical division of a drive where file are stored. The folders are used to organized data stored on drive.
19. Why is the recycle bin is used in windows?

Recycle bin is temporary storage area to keep deleted file and folders. when a file or folder is deleted, it is not remove from the computer permanently. Windows move it recycle bin. The file remain there until the the user remove them or delete them permanently.
20. What is internet explorer?

Internet explorer is a web browser. It is used to access the information available on the internet. It is automatically installed during windows installation. The user can double click the icon to start internet explorer.
21. What do you about taskbar in computer?

A bar that appear at the bottom of the windows desktop is known as task bar.It display start button on the left side. It display a button for each open application. The user can switch between different windows by clicking on required windows.
22. What is the benefit of using shortcut in windows?

Shortcut is sued to access files, folder, drives or printers quickly. It save a lot of time.
23. What is windows explorer?

Windows explorer act as a file manager in windows operating system. It is used to manage file and folder on the computer. It is an efficient way to locate and manage files on computer. Many action can be performed on files and folders using Windows explorer.
24. Write the step to open Windows explorer?

1. Click on start button. The start menu will appear.
2. Click on program option. A list of installed program will appear.
3. Select Windows explorer.
25. Define desktop?

The first screen that appear after logging into the computer is known as desktop. It contains different icons and objects.
26. Name common icons displayed on desktop.

Desktop contains the different icons on it. Some common icons are My Computer, My Documents, and Recycle Bin.
27. What is start button?

Start button appear at the bottom of desktop. It is used to access various installed program. The user can also access the recently used file with start button.
28. Write the steps to open recently used documents?

1. Click start button and point the documents option. A list of recently used documents will appears.
2. Click the required option to be open.
29. What is menu?

A list of option to perform different task is known as menu. These options are called commands on program menu. each option in a menu perform specific task.
30. Why is Control Panel is important?

Control Panel is a collection of tools to change the appearance and working of computer. The tools are used to customize Windows according to performance. It contains different icons to perform different task.
31. Write steps to search a file?

1. Click on start button. A start menu will appear.
2. select fined option from the menu. A new windows will appear.
3. Enter appropriate word in the textboxes and click search button.
32. Name different mouse action?

Different mouse action are point, click, right click, double click and drag.
33. What is windows?

A windows is the basic building block of all graphic object. Windows views most of the graphical objects as a window such as button, menu and toolbar etc.
34. List different control of a windows.

Different control of window are minimize button, maximize button, Close button, restore button and scrollbar.
35. Name five option of control panel.

The five option of control panel are add/remove hardware, add/remove program, printers, keyboard, and mouse.
36. What type of program can cause damage to a computer.

A computer virus is a program or est of program that can cause damage to computer system. It may disturb a normal function of computer system. The code in computer virus is attached to some computer program.
37. How dose computer get a virus?

A computer get a virus from a copied file in which a virus is attached. The user may download the file from internet or copy program from floppy disk that may contain virus.
38. How virus is activated?

A virus is activated when a user execute program that contain the virus. The user may download the file from internet or copy program from floppy disk that may contain virus. It will be activated when user run the game.
39. How can you detect and delete viruses?

Antivirus is a software that detect and remove virus from the computer. A virus can be stopped entering computer with help of good antivirus program.
40. Name different antivirus program.

Different antivirus program are McAfee, Semantic, AVG and Kaspersky.
41. What may happen if a mismatch antivirus is used?

A mismatch antivirus may cause unstable behavior and may crush the computer system.
42. Why should you update the antivirus program?

New virus are written everyday. Antivirus company constantly update the antivirus program to protect the user from new viruses. The antivirus software must be update regularly.
43. How should be a computer shut down properly?

The proper way to shut downing a computer is to use shut down command. The command is available in start button.
44. Write the step to shut down Windows.

1. Click on start button. A start menu will appear.
2. Click on shutdown button. A new windows will appear.
3. Select shut down and then click ok button.
45. Give three cause of virus?

Firstly, virus can spread if the user can open or downloads an email containing virus. Secondly, it can spread if user downloads software from internet containing virus. Thirdly it can spread if the user installed the pirated software that contain the virus.
46. Give three ways to safeguard computer from virus?

The latest antivirus must be install on the computer. USB and flash drive should be scanned for virus before use. Junk and unknown email should not be opened.
47. How dose virus spread through email?

An email may contain an infected file attachment. virus can spread if the user opens and downloads an email attachment.
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