9th Class Computer: chapter 7 Computer Software Short Questions Answer

9th Class Computer: chapter 7 Computer Software Short Questions Answer

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1. Define software?

A set of instruction given to a computer to solve a particular program is called software. It is also known as program.
2. How dose a computer works?

A computer works according to the instructions written in software. Computer software specify the sequence of operations to be performed by the computer.
3. What is system software?

A type of software that control, monitor and facilitate the use of computer is called system software. A system software provides the interface to the computer. It control the basic operations such as saving data on disk and printing a documents etc.
4. What do you know about application software?

Application software is used to perform various application on the computer. It helps the computer user to perform various task. People use application software according to their need. It is also known as software package.
5. What is an operating system?

An operating system is a set of program that manages all computers component and operations. An operating system consist of different programs. These programs provide an environment in which other program is executed and computer system can be used effectively.
6. Can a computer work without an operating system?

Computer do can not any thing with out operating system. Operating system must be installed on every computer. A user interact with computer thought operating system.
7. do you know what function are performed by an operating system?

Important function of operating system are managing hardware, memory management, process management and providing interface to users.
8. How dose user interact with the computer?

The user interact with the computer system with the help of interface. It is provided by the operating system. It saves the user from the complex details of hardware.
9. What is meant by user interface?

A user interface is used to interact with computer. It control how to user enters data and instructions and how information appear on screen.
10. What do you know about the graphical user interface?

A type of user interface in which the user communicated with the operating system by using a visual environment is called graphical user interface. It consist of windows, menus, pointer and icons. The user can select the command from the menus and select a icon by using a pointer device like mouse.
11. Give some examples of GUI operating system?

Examples of GUI operating system are Windows, Linux and Mac OS etc.
12. Write the name of popular operating system?

Some popular operating system are Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android etc.
13. What is command line interface?

A type of user interface in which the user communicated with operating system by typing command with keyboard is called command line interface. Each command activate a program in the operating system.
14. Why is command line interface is difficult?

The command line interface is difficult because the user has to remember command.
15. What is the difference between the command line and graphical user interface?

The difference is that command line interface is difficult because user has to remember command. It is not very attractive or user friendly. The graphical interface ins easy to use as the user does not need to remember command. It is also very attractive and user friendly.
16. What is difference between DOS and Windows?

windows is graphical operating system but DOS is command line operating system. Windows is easier to learn than DOS. windows in multi-tasking and multi-users system bus DOS is single tasking ans single user system.
17. What is DOS?

DOS stands for Disk Operating System. It is a single operating system. It has been very popular in microcomputers upto mid 1990s. DOS was designed by IBM. It resides on the disk and control all function of computer. It does not provide networking features.
18. Write all steps of going to DOS prompt.

1. Click start button. Start menu will appear.
2. Select program menu. The program sub menu will appear.
3. Select accessories. A sub menu will appears.
4. Select MS DOS prompt option. The DOS prompt will be launched.
19. What do you know about batch file?

A batch file contains the one or more DOS commands. The extension of file is .bat. All commands in a batch file are executed in sequence if the name of batch file is typed on DOS prompt.
20. What do you know about command file?

command file consist of different DOS commands. The extension of batch file is .com. The most important command file in DOS is command.com. It contains all internal commands of DOS.
21. What do you know about executable file?

A type of file that executed by the computer directly is called executable file. The extension of executable file is .exe. These file consist of machine language.
22. What is DOS command?

Command is an instruction that tell the computer to perform task. All command in DOS are typed on DOS prompt. The result on the command appears on the screen if it typed correctly. An error massage is appear if command contains error. The error massage describes the error in command.
23. why parameters are used with DOS command?

Parameters are the additional information that is required by a command to execute properly. Parameters are always written after command name. A space must serrate the command name and parameters. Some commands do not required the parameter whereas some required them.
24. Why should we use switches in DOS command?

Switches describes the way of execution of DOS command. The switches change the working of a DOS command according to the requirement. The result of DOS can be viewed in different way using different switches. The switches are normally typed after slash “/”.
25. What are internal command?

The command which are the part of command.com are known as internal command. All internal commands are loaded into the memory automatically during booting process. These include the commonly used commands. These command can be executed as long as the computer is switch on.
26. Name five internal commands?

the five internal commands are DIR, TIME, DATE, VOL, and VER.
27. What are external commands?

The command which are saved on the disk as individual file is called external command. These command are not loaded in to memory automatically. The user has to load them in memory before using them. Three types of file that run the external commands are .exe, .bat and .com files.
28. Name five external commands?

The five external commands are XCOPY, DISKCOPY, TREE, FORMAT and ATTRIB.
29. How dose DOS organized data?

DOS divides the secondary storage of computer in logical areas are known as drives. Each drive is recognized by a latter followed by colon. Foe example, the first partition of hard dive is C: drive and second can be D: drive.
30. How the command DEL and DELTREE is different?

DEL is internal command and DELTREE is external command. The difference is that DEL command is used to delete the files. DELTREE command is used to a directory along with all contents in it.
31. Differentiate between RD and DELFREE commands?

RD is a internal command and DELFREE is external command. Both command are used to delete directory. The difference is that RD can remove the directory that is empty. DELTREE can be delete directory along with all contents in the directory.
32. Differentiate between COPY and XCOPY?

COPY is a internal command and XCOPY is external command. COPY command is used to copy different files from one place to an other place. XCOPY command is used to copy different files and sub directories from one place to another.
33. Which command is used to create a new directory?

MD or MKDIR command is used to create new directory. It is an internal command.
34. Which command is used to create new file?

EDIT and COPY CON command is used to create new file in DOS.
35. How can the disk is formatted in the DOS?

FORMAT command is used to format the disk of computer and make it usable. It also check the damage part of disk. It identify the damage part of disk so that the data not may not be stored on these part. This command can be erase the previously stored data in the disk.
36. Is there any method in DOS to check and remove error on disk?

CHKDSK command is used to check any command in the DOS. The command can also removed error on the disk. The command display different types of information after compaction.
37 How are wild card is used?

Wild card are special symbols used with DOS command. Wild card can be used to view similar files or search a file whose full name is not remember. Two type of wild card are* and ?.
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