9th Class Computer: chapter 2 Computer Components Short Questions Answer

9th Class Computer: chapter 2 Computer Components Short Questions Answer

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Q.1. What do you means by the electronic data processing?
The processing of performing arithmetic and logic operations with the help of computer is called electronic data processing. Computer is sued to perform different operation in the electric data processing. Computer accept data and process it for different result
Q.2. Define computer hardware?

The physical parts of computer are called computer hardware. The hardware can be touched and seen by the user. Different type of hardware component are input devices, Central Processing Unit, Storage device and memory chips.
Q.3. How is a hardware different from software?

Ans: Hardware is physical part of computer software is a set of instructions given to a computer to solve a problem. hardware can be touched but software can not be touched. Hardware can be repair in case of problem but software is debugged in case of problem.
Q.4. Why is a hardware useless without software?

Hardware is useless without software because the hardware cannot perform the any task without software. Software contains the instruction to be executed by the hardware.
Q.5. Why is software necessary in computer?

Computer cannot perform any task with hardware. It required instruction to perform a task. These instructions are provided in the form of software. A computer work according to the instructions written in the software.
Q.6. How dose application software different from system software?

System software gives application software access to computer’s resources. It enable the application software to run on computer hardware. Application software allows the user to run software to perform different activities.
Q.7. Define computer software and write its types?

A set of information given to the computer to solve a particular problem is called software. It is also known as program. A computer work according to instructions written in software. Two main type of software application software and system software.
Q.8. Name different type of application software?

Different application software are Word processing software, spreadsheet software, database software and graphic software etc.
Q.9. How dose software relate to hardware?

Hardware cannot perform any task without software. The software cannot executed without hardware. A computer become useful only when hardware and software combine.
Q.10. What is use of input unit?

The input unit of computer system consist of input device. Input device are used to input data and instructions into the computer.Different type of input devices are used to input different type of data. The input unit of computer may contain one or more input devices.
Q.11. What is the use of output unit?

The output unit computer system consist of output devices. The output devices used to display data. Different type of output devices are used to display different type of data. The output unit contains the one or more output devices.
Q.12. What is system unit?

System unit is a box that contains the different component of computer process data. All computer unit have a system unit. System units are available in different shapes and size.
Q.13. What are common component inside the system unit?

The common component inside the system unit include processor, motherboard, memory, adapter card, port and power supply.
Q.14. What is motherboard?

Motherboard is most board in a system unit. It is a communication medium for the entire computer system. It contains different sockets, slots and port on it. All component and devices of the computer are connected to motherboard.
Q.15. Write four hardware component attached to motherboard?

Four hardware component attached to motherboard include processor, memory chip, storage device and input/output devices.
Q.16. Define system software?

System software is a set of programs to control and manage the operations of computer hardware. It control the usage and allocation of different hardware components. It enables application programs to execute properly.
Q.17. Name different type of system software?

Different type of system software include operating system, utility programs and language translator.
Q.18. Name different type of software?

Different type of software include application software and system software.
Q.19. Define application software?

Application software is used to perform various application in the computer. It helps a computer user to perform specific task. people use application software according to their needs. It is also known as software package.
Q.20. Why every computer must have a CPU?

Ans: CPU is the brain of computer. It is the most important component of the computer. A computer cannot work without CPU. All computers must have CPU. It perform arithmetic ans logical operations like additions subtraction etc. It executes instructions and control other parts of computer.
Q.21. Write down different parts of CPU?

Different part of CPU include arithmetic logic unit ALU, control unit CU and registers.
Q.22. Which function performed by the arithmetic unit of CPU?

Arithmetic unit of ALU perform the basic arithmetic functions. The basic arithmetic functions are subtraction, addition, multiplication and division.
Q.23. Which function performed by logic unit of CPU?

Logic unit of ALU perform the logic operation. A logical operation is usually a comparison of numbers, latter or special characters. A comparison operation is performed to make decision. A computer can take a specific based on result of operation.
Q.24. Differentiate between AU and LU?

AU performs arithmetic operations such as addition, subtractions etc. LU performs logical operations such as comparing two numbers to find the bigger one.
Q.25. Differentiate between arithmetic operation and logical operations?

Ans: Arithmetic operation include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Logical operation compare one element information to other. It determine weather one one item is greater than, less than or equal to other.
Q.26. Which function are performed by control unit?

Control unit direct entire computer system. It control and coordinate all activities of of computer system. It does not execute program itself. It directs other part of computer to perform different task. It also control the flow of information through processor.
Q.27. What are registers?

Register is a small high speed memory inside CPU. CPU contains many registers. Register store information being processed. These are temporary storage areas. The temporary results during processing are also stored in register. Each register has a predefined function.
Q.28. How are different unit in the computer system connected together?

A computer system consist of different devices. The devices are connected together by communication channel called bus. A bus consist of a set of communication lines or wires. It is used to move a large amount of bit in the form electric pulses from one unit to other.
Q.29. How do the system buses works?

System buses Cary the address, data and control information. the address describes where data is locked or where it is need to go during an operation. The data is actual information to transfer. The control information manages the flow of address and data including the direction of the data transfer.
Q.30. How does the bus width effect data transfer?

A higher bus width means that the bus can Cary more data. It increase the performance of the computer. A bus with 32 lines can Cary 32 bit or 4 bytes at a time. A bus with 64 lines can Cary 64 bit or 8 bytes at a time.
Q.31. Name different type of system buses?

There are three types of system buses. These are data bus, address bus and control bus.
Q.32. What is the use of data bus?

Data bus used to transfer data between the different component of computer. For example it transfer the instructions from memory to CPU for execution.
Q.33. What is the use of address bus?

Address bus is used to connect CPU with main memory to identify particular addressed in main memory. The number of lines in the address bus determine the amount of memory that can be directly address. A computer with a 32 bit address bus directly address 4GB of physical memory.
Q.34. What is the use of control bus?

Control bus is used to Cary control information from control unit to other unit. The control information is used to direct the activity of of all units. For example the control unit directs the transfer of data from memory to ALU. The ALU uses this data for processing.
Q.35. Why is the computer storage required?

The main memory is volatile and can not store any thing permanently. The storage is required to storage data. and program permanently. The capacity of main memory is limited. The storage is required to store a large amount of data and programs.
Q.36. What is main memory?

A type of memory that is directly accessible by CPU is known as main memory. The content of main memory are lost when the computer is switch off. The data can be stored and retrieved in main memory much faster than secondary memory because it is present in motherboard. Its capacity is limited than secondary memory.
Q.37. What is secondary memory?

The secondary memory is used to store data and programs permanently. It has the capacity of storage large amount of data and program. Some important example of secondary memories are hard disk, USB flash drive optical disc etc.
Q.38. What is the difference between volatile and non volatile memory?

Volatile memory lose its content when computer is turn off. Non volatile does not lose its content when computer is turn off.
Q.39. What is port and how its speed measured?

A port is an interface or point point of attachment. It connect peripheral devices with computer such as printers, keyboard or mouse. A computer has different types of port operate at certain speed. The speed is measured in kilo bits per second kbps, megabits per second Mbps or gigabits per seconds Gbps.
Q.40. Why are USB port so popular?

The USB port are very popular because of it transfer data approximately 100 times faster than the serial port. They allow the devices connected and disconnected with out shutting down the computer.
Q.41. Differentiate between serial port and parallel port?

When using a serial port, the bits are sent and received sequentially one at a time over the data wire. A parallel port has multiple data wires and the bits send simultaneously. Even though a serial port is slow, it can transmit data faster than human can type.
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