9th Class Computer: chapter 3 Input/ Output Devices Short Questions Answer

9th Class Computer: chapter 3 Input/ Output Devices Short Questions Answer

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1. Identify the four basic function of computer?
The four basic function of computer are Input, output, processing and storage.
2. Define input?

Any thing given to a computer is called input. The input can be given in different forms such as text, image and sound.
3. Why are input devices are used?

The devices that are used to give data and instruction to computer are known as input devices. the input devices convert data and instructions into a form that can be processed by a computer. These devices send data to process unit for processing.
4. List different categories of input devices?

Three categories of input devices are Keyboard, pointing devices, scanning devices, vice input devices and digital camera.
5. Write the name of four commonly used input devices?

Some commonly used input devices are keyboard, mouse, scanner and digital camera.
6. What is the use of keyboard?

Keyboard is most commonly used input device. It is used to input data into the computer. The layout of keyboard is similar to a traditional typewriter. It also contains the some extra command keys and function keys.
7. Why slandered keyboard is called QWERTY?

A slandered keyboard is normally called QWERTY keyboard. This is because first key on the top row of latter on this keyboard are Q, W, E, R, T and Y.
8. Which key on the keyboard is used to delete a character on the left of cursor?

Backspace is used to delete a character on the left of the cursor.
9. Which key on the keyboard is used to delete a character on the right of cursor?

Delete key on the keyboard is used to delete a character on the left of cursor.
10. Differentiate between backspace and Del key?

Backspace key on the keyboard is used to delete a character on the left of cursor. Delete key on the keyboard is used to delete a character on the right of cursor.
11. What three keys are keyboard used in combination with other keys?

SHIFT, ALT and CTRL keys are keyboard used in combination with other keys.
12. what is use of function key?

Function key are used to perform different function depending on the application being used. These key provides the shortcuts of routine task on computer.
13. What is the use of cursor control key?

Cursor control key is used to control the position of the cursor. these key are also known as the arrow keys. These key move the cursor from its current position to left, right, up or down.
14. What is the use of pointing devices?

An input device control the the pointer on the screen is called pointing device. A pointer is a small symbol that appear on the screen in graphical user interface. A pointing device can be used to select text, graphics and other objects such as buttons, icons and menu commands.
15. Identify three pointing devices?

Three pointing devices are mouse, trackball and joystick.
16. How dose mouse work?

Mouse is move on the flat surface to control the movement of pointer on a screen. The mouse button is used to perform different task such as selecting text etc.The movement of cursor depends on the movement of mouse.
17. How does a mouse control the pointer?

Mouse is used to input control the instruction pointer on the screen. Mouse is moved on the flat surface to control movement of cursor or pointer on the screen.
18. Define mouse event and name different mouse events?

An activity that perform by using the mouse is called mouse event. A typical mouse can perform different events. These events are left cick and drag etc.
19. How is the input keyboard different from input mouse?

Keyboard is used to input data of different kind such as numeric and alphanumeric. The mouse is used to input instructions and issue command. It is generally not used to input data.
20. How dose the trackball work?

A trackball is a large rotating ball on top. The ball is rotate on fingers. The position of cursor on the screen control by rotating the trackball. The body of trackball not move.
21. Write any advantage of using trackball over mouse?

The advantage of trackball is that it remains stationary. It dose not required much space for use. It can be placed on any type of surface.
22. How mouse is different from joystick?

The difference is that the pointer on the screen stop moving when the movement of mouse stopped. However, the pointer remain continue move in the direction to which the joystick pointing. The joystick has to move to its neutral position to stop the pointer.
23. what is the use of scanner?

A scanner is a input device. It is used to read the picture and other printed materiel place on its glass. It scan whole page at once. It reads the picture and translate it in digital form and store it in computer. The information is store in the form of image or picture ont in the form of text.
24. How the scanned text converted into actual text?

Optical Character Recognition software is needed to read the image and convert it to actual text. This software varies widely in its ability to convert text to actual form.
25. What is the use of microphone?

A microphone is a input device. It is used to digital record audio data such as human voice. It can be plugged in to a computer or recorder. It enables a user input text and issue command orally. The software in the computer convert sound waves into digital form.
26. How dose a recognition system work?

A voice recognition system convert the speech of person into digital data. It uses the microphone as input device. It allows the user to use voice as input. It enable the user input text and issue commands orally such as opening programs and using menus etc.
27. What is a digital camera?

Digital camera is a input device. It store image digitally in the memory rather than recording on film. The picture taken on a digital camera can be downloaded on computer system. It does not required any film processing.
28. Write the advantages of digital camera?

The main advantage of digital camera is that making photos inexpensive and fast. It dose nit require any film processing.
29. Why it is disk drive used?

A disk drive used to read and write data on a disk. It rotate rotate the disk with precise timing. It has one or more read/write heads to read and write data. The read/write head read data from the disk and transfer it into main memory for further processing.
30. Define output and write its types?

The data that has been processed into the useful information is called output. The output shown on display screen is called soft copy output. The output printed on paper is called hard copy output.
31. Define output device?

The hardware component that are used to revive information from the computer are called output device. Output devices take information from the computer and convert it in the form of that is understandable for the users.
32. write the names of some important output devices?

Some important output devices are monitor, printer, plotter and speaker.
33. List the output devices to display soft copy and hard copy?

The output devices to display hard copy are printer and plotter. The output devices to display soft copy is monitor.
34. What is monitor?

The monitor is most commonly used output device. It is also known as display or screen. The user look at monitor while performing different task such as typing, issuing command or surfing the internet etc.
35. List different type of monitor?

The different type of monitors are CRT monitor and flat panel monitor.
36. Why resolution is important for monitor?

Resolution is very important for monitor. All characters and images on the display screen are made up of pixel or dots. Resolution is number of pixel on screen. It is the image sharpness of display screen. A high number of pixel means sharper image.
37. Differentiate between color monitor and monochrome monitor?

Color monitor display output in multiple colors. The monochrome monitors show output in single color usually it white, green, red, blue aor amber.
38. What is CRT monitor?

CRT monitor consist of a phosphorus coated screen. Three are three electron guns in the back of the screen. The phosphor coated screen is organized. into a grid of dots. The smallest number of phosphor dot that can be focused by the gun is called pixel.
39. Why a flat panel monitor preferred over CRT monitor?

The flat panel monitor preferred over CRT monitor because it is compact in size. It takes less space and it is light weight. It use less energy then CRT monitor.
40. Differentiate between soft copy and hard copy?

Soft copy is electric form but hard copy is printed form. Soft copy is easier to modify but hard copy is difficult to modify. Soft copy is stored on storage device but hard copy is printed on paper. Soft copy can be duplicated with out cost but hard copy can duplicated with cost.
41. Distinguish between CRT and LCD monitor?

CRT is less expensive than LCD monitor. It takes more space and use more energy than LCD. Its weight is more than LCD.
42. How does resolution affect print quality?

Resolution is an important factor that determines the quality of a printer. A higher dpi means the print quality is higher as the dots are smaller and more dots fit in areas.
43. How is printer resolution measured?

The printers resolution is measured dots per inch dpi. The printer with higher resolution produced higher quality output.
44. Identify two categories of printer?

The two categories of printer are Impact and non impact. Line and dots matrix are example of input printers. Laser and ink-jet are example of non impact printers.
45. Write three types impact of printer?

Three types of impact printer are line printer, daisy printer and dots matrix printer.
46. How dose an impact printer work?

An impact printer work like a type writer. It print characters are images by striking a print hammer or wheel against an inked ribbon.
47. How does non impact printer work?

A non impact printer print characters and graphics on paper with out striking paper. Some printer use spray ink while other use heat and pressure to create images. These printer are faster than impact printer.
48. Write any three advantage of non impact printer over impact printer?

Non impact printer do not make noise. They provide high quality output than impact printers. The print faster speed than impact printers.
49. How does non impact printer differ from impact printer?

A non impact printer print characters and graphics on paper with out striking paper. Impact printer print characters and graphics by striking a mechanism against an ink ribbon that physical touch the paper.
50. Write any three character of laser printer?

Laser printer produced very high quality output. It prints at higher speed. It dose not make much noise.
51. Does a dot matrix printer works?

A dot matrix produces the printed image when tiny pins on printed head strike an inked ribbon. When the ribbon presses against the paper, it creates the dots that form characters and graphics. The printer head on a dot matrix printer can contain nine to twenty four pins.
52. How does a laser printer work?

Laser printer work similar to photocopy machine. It use laser beams to burn special powder on the page to create a permanent image. The powder in contained in the toner.
53. How dose an inject printer work?

An ink-jet printer print the character or graphics by spraying the tiny drops of liquid ink on paper. These printer can produce quality text and graphics in both black-white and in color including photo. A typical ink-jet printer provides a resolution of 300 dots per inch.
54. Compare inkjet and laser printers?

Laser printer provides high quality text and graphics output. The price of inkjet printer is less than the laser printer. Laser printers are faster than than inkjet printer.
55. Define pixel?

Pixel stands for picture element. Pixel are the dots that form image on the monitor. The higher number of pixel increase image sharpness.
56. How does a plotter work?

A plotter is a large scale printer. It receive command from the computer to make drawing on paper. It creates output with one or more automatic pens. A plotter can draw continues point to point lines from computer graphics files or commands.
57. How does the flatbed plotter draw image?

Flatbed plotter uses pens to draw images. The paper is placed on table like surface. The software instruct the pen to move down in the paper. The pen then move on the paper for creating image.
58. how dose the plotter work?

Drum plotter uses a rotating drum or cylinder.The Drawing pen is mounted on the drum. The pens move left and right on drum rotates. These movment creates images.
59. Why is it better to use plotter than printer?

The plotter is better than printer to draw maps, graphs and machines components. It is very good for line drawings where acuracy and simplicity is ery necessary.
60. Differentiate between plotter and printer?

A plotter draws lines curve by using pens but printer prints lines and images using dots. Plotter is more expensive than printers. Plotter not used to print ordinary photographs.
61. What is CD-R?

CD-R stands for CD record able. The user can write data on CD-R only once but can read it many times. The data written to CD-R can be erased. CD-R can store 700MB of data. It is equal to 80 minutes digital audio or video.
62. What is CD-RW?

CD-RW is stand for compact disc rewrite able. The user can read and writ data on CD-RW. CD writer is used to write data on CD-RW disc. The user can write data on CD-RW many time by erasing the existing contents. normally the user can rewrite 1000 times on CD-RW.
63. Differentiate between CD-R and CD-RW?

CD-R is used to write data once only and read it many times. the data written on CD-R can not be erased. CD-RW is used to write data many times. Normally the user can rewrite 1000 times on CD-RW.
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