12th Class Computer Chapter 1 Introduction to C Language Short Questions Answer

12th Class Computer Chapter 1 Introduction to C Language Short Questions Answer

What is Computer?

A computer is an electronic computing machine used to solve a large variety of problems related with all the aspects of our life.

On which does a computer consist?

Computer consists of hardware and software.

In how many categories are programming languages divided?

Programming languages are divided into three categories Machine language, Assembly language and High level language.

What is machine language?

Machine languages are the only languages understood by computers. While easily understood by computers, machine languages are almost impossible for humans to use because they consist entirely of numbers. Programmers, therefore, use either a high-level programming language or an assembly language.

Why do not programming is done in machine language?

Because of its binary nature and almost infinite detail, practically no programming is done in machine language.

Describe Assembly Language?

A programming language that is one step away from machine language. Each assembly language statement is translated into one machine instruction by the assembler.

What is the function of assembly language?

An assembly language allows the programmer to use all the computer features through symbolic codes and locations rather than machine codes and binary.

Which important thing does require for the use of assembly language?

A comprehensive knowledge of how the computer works requires for the use of assembly language.

Why Assembly languages are used?

Assembly languages are used to free the programmer from most of the details of the machine language.

Define High Level Language.

These languages consist of English language words and familiar mathematical symbols. These are more powerful programming tools and most popular programming languages of modern times.

Which program is used for translating a HLL program into machine language?

A special program known as compiler is used for translating a high level language equivalent program.

Differentiate the cost of high level language and an assembly language.

Generally the cost of all phases of program preparation that is coding, debugging and documenting is lower with a high level language than with an assembly language.

Who developed FORTRAN?

FORTAN was developed for the IBM 704 computer by John Backus and a team of thirteen other programmers at IBM over a three year period (1954-1957).

Why FORTRAN was designed?

It was designed to write programs for solving scientific and engineering problems.

What does COBOL stand for?

COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language.

When and why was COBOL developed?

It was developed in 1959 for solving business computing.

What is the use of COBOL?

It has been used very successfully during the last forty years for writing programs such as accounting payroll and inventory control.

Who invented C programming language and when?

C programming language was invented by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1972.

What were the primary goals to develop C programming language?

C programming language was developed primarily as a system language, i.e. a language to write operating systems. The primary goals were to:
· Produce a minimalist language that was easy to compile
· Allowed efficient access to memory
· Produce efficient code
· Did not need extensive run-time support
Despite being a fairly low-level high level language, it was designed to encourage machine and platform independent programming.

What do you know about creating, editing and saving a program?

After you have written your programs, run the C compiler editor and type the program. You can use the editing keys to make corrections or changes while typing the program. When you finish typing, open the File menu and select save command and type a file name to store your program.

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