12th Class Computer Chapter 9 Introduction to Data Access Short Questions Answer

12th Class Computer Chapter 9 Introduction to Data Access Short Questions Answer

Define a database?

Database is a collection of data related to a particular topic or subject. The information it can be anything such as names, addresses, inventory, orders, results, etc.

On which objects do a database consist.

A database consists of a collection of objects that is tables, forms, queries, reports etc.

What does the table hold in Access?

In Access the table holds the data. Each database contains one or more tables.

What is a relationship?

A link between entities or tables in a database is known as a relationship.

What is the structure of Access table?

It is very similar to an Excel worksheet. It is organized into rows and columns and individual data items are entered into the cells that are created by the gridlines.

What do the column and row represent in Access table?

In Access each column in a table represents a field while each row in the table consists of a single record.

What does a field and a record hold?

A field holds a piece of data about an item and a record holds all the information for one item in the table.

What can a field store?

A field can store text, numbers, dates, times amounts of money etc.

How many phases involve working with a database?

Working with a database involves two phases that is the design phase and the data-managing phase.

Write down the use of design view?

Design view is used which provides tools for Creating and modifying tables and forms.

What does the design of the object determine?

The design of the object determines what you see when you work with data using that object.

What is the use of datasheet or Form view?

Generally datasheet or Form view is used to enter, edit and organize data in various ways.

Define a form?

A form is a window that displays a collection of controls, such as labels, text boxes, check boxes and lists for viewing, entering and editing the information in database fields.

Differentiate between a table or a form?

A table stores the actual database data while a form is merely a tool for viewing or modifying the data.

What does a form display?

A form typically displays only one record at a time and provides access to selected fields within one or more tables.

What is the use of a report?

Reports are used for printing information from the database. A report can combine data from more than one table.

How are the reports designed?

Reports are designed using design view or Report wizards.

What do you know about the controls in Reports?

Reports are designed by adding visual objects known as controls to the design gird. Each control displays and item of information.

What is a primary key?

It is a unique key field in a table.

How many characters do Memo fields Contain?

Memo fields ordinarily contain as many as 65,535 characters.

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