12th Class Computer Chapter 3 Loops Short Questions Answer

12th Class Computer Chapter 3 Loops Short Questions Answer

How is the logical flow governed in a structured program?

In a structured program, the logical flow is governed by three control structures.
· Sequential
· Repetition
· Selection

Define sequential stricture?

Sequential structure refers to the execution of statements in the orders in which they appear.

Define a loop?

It is another fundamental idea in programming. It makes possible repeated execution of one or more statements as long as a condition is true.

What is the importance of loop in any program?

We can employ a loop to handle any repetitive task and for most programs loops are essential using a computer to calculate the company payroll, for example would not be practicable without a loop.

Which are called iteration statements?

The statements inside a loop are sometimes called iteration statements.

How many essential elements to a loop?

There are two essential elements to a loop.

What do you know about the loop condition?

A loop condition can take a number of different forms to provide different ways of controlling the loop. We can set the loop condition to suit the circumstances.

What do you know about FOR loop?

The FOR loop is primarily used for executing a statement or block of statements a predetermined number of times. You control for a loop using three expressions.

What do you know about the WHILE loop?

The WHILE loop uses a logical expression to control execution of the loop body. If the condition controlling the loop produces an integer, the loop with continue as long as the value is non-zero. Any non-zero integer means the condition is true and only zero means it is false.

What do you know about the DO WHILE loop?

The DO WHILE loop is similar to the while loop in that the loop continues as long as the specified loop condition remains true.

Write down the general form of the FOR statement.

The general form of the FOR statement is FOR (exp1, exp2, exp3)
{Body of the loop (block of statements)}

Write down the general for of the WHILE statement.

WHILE (expression)
{Body of the loop}

What happens when a while statement is encountered?

When a while statement is encountered expression is evaluated.

Write down the types of characters included in ASCII table.

Following are the types of characters included in ASCII table
0 ~ 31: control codes such as tab, carriage return and bell.
32 ~ 127: Usual printing characters
128 ~ 255: graphics and foreign language characters.

Write down the general form of the DO WHILE loop?

The general form of the DO WHILE loop is do.
{Body of the loop}
WHILE (expression);

What is a nested loop?

A loop within another loop is known as a nested loop.

Wrote down the statements that “C” provides to implement loop structure?

“C” provides three statements to implement loop structure. These three statements are FOR statements. WHILE statements and the DO-WHILE statement.

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