Why did You Leave Your Previous Job Interview Question with best Answer

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Why did you leave your previous job?

There can be so many reasons for leaving your job and when a new employer asks you about it during a interview, it often becomes difficult to provide a satisfactory answer. Before answering, the key thing is to understand the purpose of the interviewer which is that they only want to know the reason but it will also give them an idea about how you handle work relationships. To answers this question your approach should be completely positive as if your reason for leaving the previous job doesn’t sounds reasonable or right to the interviewer then it would give the negative impression to them that you would leave their company too without any major reason.

Key Points to keep in Mind while Answering the Interview Question:

  • Answer the question with a positive approach by giving a justifiable reason like relocation, career growth and looking for new challenges.
  • The interviewer wants to predict the chances of you leaving their company so make sure that your answer keeps these chances to minimal level.

Important Interview Question Answer

Why did You Leave Your Previous Job Interview Question with best Answer

[box type=”note” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=”100%”]Interview Answer 1: Heavily criticize your old workplace to make interviewer realize that you have the potential to work even in not much supportive environment.

Interview Answer 2: Explain your differences with the previous company management and the problems you faced while trying to manage the workload.

Interview Best Answer: Provide some positive reason like relocation, restructuring, career growth.[/box]

Why did You Leave Your Previous Job Interview Question with best Answer

Sample Answers by various Experts:

Kamal Rizvi:

There was a huge difference between my expectations from the job and the work I ended up doing. Soon I realized that there was some communication problem and struggled from the beginning. Best efforts from my side were made to adjust but things never actually became simple enough.

Mirza Hashim:

Growth is the need of everything in this world and same is the matter when it comes to my career. I want to work in an organization that provides new challenges along with career growth opportunities and that’s why I have opted to switch my job.

Umair Ali:

Another very effective answer to this question can be restructuring or relocation of the company. These two reasons are very commonly accepted in the corporate world as in both situations, several employs are laid-off and you being one of them won’t give a negative impression at all.

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