What did You Like or Dislike about Your Previous Job [Interview Question With Best Answer]

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What did you Like or Dislike about Your Previous Job?

When an interviewer asks you this question, never ever answer negatively because that’s what the interviewer is checking. He not only wants to know why did you left your previous job but also to analyze that how would you talk about their company when you are ready to move on, if you find a new better job opportunity. So the best thing to do is stay positive and talk about what new you are looking in the available job which was missing in the last one.

Key Points to Keep in Mind While Answering the Interview Question:

  • Stay positive.
  • Talk about how their company is more appropriate for you and how you are beneficial to them.
  • Compare your previous and available job opportunities.

Important Interview Question Answer

What did You Like or Dislike about Your Previous Job [Interview Question With Best Answer]

[box type=”note” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=”100%”]Interview Answer 1: Bring out all the negative aspects and talk about the problems that you used to face on daily basis during previous job.

Interview Answer 2: Talk about the difficult work environment as well as the poor management behavior of your previous company.

Interview Answer 3: Compare the opportunities between your previous and available job along with highlighting the skills appropriate for the new job.

Interview Best Answer: Never answer with negativity and talk about the better opportunities this available job can give you as compared to the previous one.[/box]

What did You Like or Dislike about Your Previous Job [Interview Question With Best Answer]

Example Answers by various experts:

Shahid Aslam’s Suggestion:

I had extremely good relationship with the management and colleagues of my previous company as they all were really friendly and supportive. Due to the great working atmosphere, I really used to enjoy going for work each morning. The only reason I am switching my job is because I want to be the part of something bigger and develop new skills.

Muhammad Huzaifa’s Suggestion:

One of the key reasons behind switching my job is that I stopped finding it to be a challenging one. The company helped me develop new skills at the entry level but after staying there for a few years, the lack of new challenges didn’t let me utilize my abilities up to full potential and there was no room for advancement.

Moniza Khan’s Suggestion:

Despite of being an outstanding company, there was a lack of great opportunities for further growth due to the limited size and structure it. So I believe that a company like yours having large structure and international presence can bring new development opportunities. Also the available post has a great match for the set of skills I have.

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