What is Your Greatest Strength Job Interview Question With Best Answer

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What is Your Greatest Strength?

Many people may find this question to be the easiest one during a job interview as they just need to talk about their positive points but it isn’t the actual case. In fact, this is one of the most important questions as the interviewer wants to learn about your individual strength which can bring positive results for the company. So the best thing to do in this case is to discuss attributes that are relevant to the available job and set you apart from the large pool of applicants.

Key Points to Keep in Mind While Answering the Interview Question:

  • Talk about only job related strengths
  • Avoid answering the question with a long list of indistinct strengths
  • Keep your explanation short

Important Interview Question Answer

What is Your Greatest Strength Job Interview Question With Best Answer

[box type=”note” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=”100%”]Interview Answer 1: Talk about your academic achievements and the projects that you have worked on.

Interview Answer 2: Answer the question with your personality traits like being an extrovert, loyal and honest.

Interview Answer 3: Share your previous experience about handling work under difficult situations.

Interview Best Answer: Create a list of required skills and experience for the job and then write down your 4 to 5 skills related to them such as writing skills, selling skills, customer service skills, team work skills etc. [/box]

What is Your Greatest Strength Job Interview Question With Best Answer

Example Answers by various experts:

Muhammad Fahad’s Suggestion:

I am a skilled salesman and my past record clearly shows my expertise in this area. I have always met and even exceeded my sales goals all the time.

Faiz Ahmed’s Suggestion:

I am really committed with my work and stay focused on it until I complete every task in the way it should be. While working on any project, my intentions are always to complete it in best possible way well ahead of schedule.

Tayyaba Aslam’s Suggestion:

Over the years, I have developed exceptional customer service skills that is why I am able to understand and resolve customer issues effectively. My strong communication skills enable me to work better with the executives, team members and customers.

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