Rescue 1122 Ranks With Salary Package Pay Scale in Punjab KPK Sindh

Rescue 1122 Ranks With Salary Package Pay Scale in Punjab KPK Sindh. Various ranks within Rescue 1122 are offered to those who wish to join, depending on their capabilities. Each rank is given to a responsible and exemplary candidate who can complete all the duties efficiently and show up on time. If you are a student and want to join the Rescue 1122 organization, the announcement is made several times throughout the year. Interested candidates are able to enter this field with ease. Rescue 1122 Ranks With Salary Package Pay Scale in Punjab KPK Sindh. After being accepted in this field, they can increase their standing by working all day and night. The individual must fulfill his duties with heart and soul and with a whole heart and dedication.

Rescue 1122 EMT Salary in Pakistan

These medical technicians get the minimum salary of amount of Rs 12570 and these technicians also get the maximum salary of the amount and range of Rs 38970. Here is the full Here is the complete Pay Chart 2023 that will be used by newly-appointed employees of all provinces across Pakistan. The government will start implementing the pay chart on 2023. If an employee is in the Government service, applicants will be provided with the payslip based on the particular requirements. The details of the newly hired employee’s pay schedule 2023 will be as follows.

Rescue 1122 KPK Salary Package 2023

Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 Director-General, retired Brig. Arshad Zia recently announced the announcement of allowances and an increase in the wages of Rescue 1122 employees across Punjab. The director says that the administration is currently working to improve the structure of the personnel as well.

Computer Operator Rescue 1122 Ranks  Salary

Computer Telephone Wireless Operator jobs in Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122. Average Monthly Salary Punjab Emergency Service (RESCUE 1122) in Pakistan  33, 770.Find the complete list of Rescue 1122 ranks and the salary 2023 insignia badges available for both genders. Pakistani holders of nationality are eligible to become Rescue 1122 after matric, inter bachelor, inter with dental, medical, and nursing degrees. It is classified by the rank categories, which means that the ranks are separated into various categories that are detailed below.

Rescue 1122 Driver Salary in Punjab

In addition, there are a variety of other rank insignias that are discussed within this post. One more thing I’d like to discuss with you is that all Rescue rank officers are required to pin their badges on their shoulders. The non-rank officers will pin their badge on their arms, and the personals place their badges on their chests.

Fire Rescue Salary in Pakistan 2023

Rescue 1122 starts with the Director-General post, and the highest ranking is that of field. The second highest position of Rescue 1122 is the provincial monitoring cell and many more. This page contains the complete details of Rescue 1122 ranks, including the pay scale and additional information for Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Rescue 1122 Ranks With Salary Package Pay Scale in Punjab KPK Sindh

Rescue 1122 Ranks With Salary

Emergency Medical Technician Salary

Some critical categories mentioned on this page include Audit, Procurement, Finance, Human resources, Operations, Law & Administration, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Research, Repair & Maintenance, and Emergency Services Academy.

Rescue 1122 Rank in Punjab KPK

Planning, Monitoring Evaluation & Research

  • Head of Planning & Development Wing
  • Emergency Officer (P&D)
  • Research Officer
  • Assistant Officer Planning

Community Safety Wing

  • Emergency Officer
  • Rescue Safety Officer At District Level
  • Instructor (Community Awareness)

Public Information Wing

  • Public Relation Officer
  • Incharge Art Section
  • Audio Video Cameraman

Emergency Services Academy

  • Administrator
  • Registrar
  • Head of Medical Wing
  • Senior Instructor Medical
  • Lead Nursing Instructor
  • Head of Fire
  • Senior Instructor Fire
  • Lead Fire Instructor
  • Head of Rescue
  • Senior Instructor Rescue
  • Lead Rescue Instructor
  • Head of Physical
  • Senior Instructor Physical
  • Lead Physical Instructor

Rescue 1122 Ranks Salary

  • Office / Personal Assistant           PKR 30,972
  • Fire Rescuer       PKR 31,480
  • Emergency Medical Technician  PKR 35,771
  • Disaster Emergency Rescue Technician  PKR 33,570
  • Accountant         PKR 90,458
  • Station Coordinator / Assistant Station Incharge                PKR 38,420
  • Lead Fire Rescuer            PKR 41,457
  • Transport Maintenance Incharge              PKR 28,570
  • Control Room Incharge PKR 86,860
  • Fire Fighter         PKR 54,114
  • Network Administrator PKR 54,981
  • Accounts Assistant          PKR 52,480
  • Trainer And Control Room Staff PKR 44,563
  • Shift Incharge    PKR 317,695
  • Driver: PKR 32,500
  • EMT Salary: 31,460


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Q.Is Rescue 1122 government or private?

 Following its success with the Lahore Pilot Project launched in 2004 and italic text, the Rescue 1122 Organization was created within the Administration of Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi in Punjab. Rescue 1122 operates across all districts of Punjab, with an estimated population of 110 million. It also provides technical assistance to the other provinces of Pakistan.

Q.When did rescue 1122 start?

The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) began in 2004 from Lahore as a pilot program that included 200 Rescuers, 13 Rescue Stations, and 06 Ambulances. It has since grown into the most comprehensive emergency humanitarian assistance available in Pakistan, with infrastructure throughout all districts of Punjab.

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