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If you’re a current or retired military member or have a loved one who wants to purchase items through CSD Canteen Stores Department in Pakistan, you will have to have CSD Deposit Slip PDF 2023 in order to pay. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need learn concerning this CSD Deposit Slip PDF 2023. We will also explain how to download it from CSD’s Official website. Utilize this required CSD deposit slip to pay your installment.  The CSD Deposit Slip PDF 2023 is available at www.csd.gov.pk. Log in with your CNIC and case number to download the HP customer deposit slip. It’s free for everyone and customers are able to download it anytime via the provided link. In this article we will provide all the details on CSD deposit slips as well as the online payment method offered by CSD.

Canteen Store Development is working since 1974. Pakistan Ministry of Defense regulates CSD. CSD is an army-wide organization that serves personnel. Its primary goal is to promote the wellbeing of soldiers. Customers can avail a discount when they purchase CDS. CDS. Today, FBR have verified the CDS as part of its Lucky Draw program. Therefore, customers of CSD should check their invoices for the chance to win prizes. FBR draws a lucky winner every 15 days during one month. Banks that are designated by CDS will only accept pre-approved CDS deposits slips, or forms for challans. In order to pay your instalment, you’ll need to complete with the CDS deposit slip 2023. In addition, CDS is facilitating its customers to pay instalments online.

What is CSD Deposit Slip PDF 2023 ?

CSD deposit slip is a form that allows customers to make payments to the Canteen Store. It lets customers make payments in the Canteen Stores Department to pay for the purchase of various goods. The deposit slip has crucial information like the name of the client, CSD account number, the amount of the payment, and the date of payment.

Why Do You Need a CSD Deposit Slip?

An CSD Deposit slip is needed for every transaction for purchases at CSD stores. If you do not have a deposit slip you won’t be able to pay to purchase the item you would like to purchase.

How to Get CSD Deposit Slip Online?

For downloading CSD deposit slip PDF 2023, follow these steps:

  • Check out on the website of the official CSD at www.csd.gov.pk
  • Select the “Downloads” tab on the homepage
  • In “A” under the “Forms” section, click on “CSD Deposit Slip”
  • This CSD deposit slip 2023 can be downloaded onto your device.

How to Fill Out a CSD Deposit Slip?

Making the CSD deposits slip can be an easy process. These are the steps to follow:

  • Input your transaction date into the designated field.
  • In “Name” field “Name” field.
  • Fill in the CSD Account Number in “Account Number “field.
  • Enter the amount of your payment into the “Amount in Figures” field.
  • Within the “Amount in Words” field Write the payment total in terms.
  • Then, you must make sure you sign the deposit slip by entering it in the “Signature” field.

CSD Account Balance Check

The CSD has transformed from a “convenience store” to a “supermarket/shopping complex,” with 110+ outlets featuring a contemporary retail environment to serve its loyal customers better. CSD is proud to provide the nation’s operating regions that other retailers could not even imagine. You can check the balance remaining within the account you have created in your Online Services account, or you can inquire about your balance by calling by calling 518-457-5772.

CSD Deposit Slip PDF 2023 Download Online | www.csd.gov.pk

CSD Deposit Slip PDF 2023

How to Use a CSD Deposit Slip PDF 2023 ?

To make use of to deposit a CSD deposit slip Follow these steps:

  1. Go to any CSD store and pick the items you would like to purchase.
  2. Visit the counter for payment and request an deposit slip.
  3. Complete the deposit slip, including the necessary information.
  4. Deposit slips and pay at the counter for payment.
  5. The receipt you receive will be of the amount you paid and will be in a position to collect your goods.

What are Benefits of Using a CSD Deposit Slip?

There are many benefits to making use of the CSD Deposit slip which include:

Convenience: The deposit slip makes it easy to pay to CSD purchases.

Accuracy: The deposit slip guarantees that payment details are correctly stored.

Record-Keeping: Deposit slips serve as a record of transaction.

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CSD Deposit Slips 2023 Download PDF

The CSD Deposit Form 2023 Download PDF, www.csd.gov.pk What is the CSD Deposit Functions, HP Customer, CSD HBL Installment Balance Check Online. Completion of CSD Deposit Slips Online Download PDF and then use US Lawful Forms. Fill in the blanks on PDF forms to sign, edit, then print out the forms. CSD continually improves its technology and is delighted to establish partnerships with large companies to serve our valued customers with more efficient services.

Balance Check Online Click Here
Monthly Installment Click Here
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Check Case Number Click Here
Motorcycle Balance Check Click Here

HBL Deposit Slip Download


Can I make a payment at CSD stores without a deposit slip?

A form of deposit is needed for every transaction in CSD stores.

Can I download the CSD deposit slip PDF 2023 from any website?

There is no way to save your copy of the CSD deposit slip 2023 on CSD’s Official CSD webpage at www.csd.gov.pk.

Can I use a CSD deposit slip for multiple transactions?

Each deposit slip is only valid for one transaction.

Can I make a payment at CSD stores using a credit card or debit card?

There is no, CSD stores will only accept payment via cash or the use of the deposit slip.

Can I use a CSD deposit slip to make a payment for someone else’s purchases?

Each deposit slip is unique to the account of the customer and is not accessible to any other person.

Can I use someone else’s CSD deposit slip?

It is not possible to make use of the account of someone else’s CSD account deposit slip. The deposit slips are customized to the account of the customer and isn’t accessible to anyone else.

What happens if I lose my CSD deposit slip?

If you’ve lost you CSD deposits slips, you can ask for an additional one from every CSD store. You’ll need the CSD account number as well as other information to receive the new deposit slip.

How long is a CSD deposit slip valid?

CSD Deposit slip will be valid for one calendar year from the date it was issued. In the event that the slip isn’t utilized within the timeframe the deposit slip will expire and you’ll have to ask for a fresh one.

How to pay CSD installment online?

CSD HP installment payments can be made via HBL Mobile & Konnect apps along with more than 40,000 Konnect Retailers.

What is CSD in Pakistan full form?

Canteen Stores Department (CSD) is a Pakistani retailer chain with its headquarters in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


In the end this, it is clear that the CSD Deposit Slip PDF 2023 a crucial document that is needed to complete all transactions at CSD outlets in Pakistan. It is essential to understand how to fill out, download, and utilize the CSD deposit slip in order to make sure you aren’t in any way inconvenienced when shopping from CSD stores. If you follow the steps laid out within this post, you will be able to effortlessly get CSD deposit slip PDF 2023 online. CSD deposit slip 2023 online, and fill it in the correct way to make easy payments.

Contact Numbers and Address of CSD

Email: [email protected]

UAN: 051-111-273-111

Address: 265 Muhammad Hussain Road, Post Box No: 1039 Rawalpindi Cantt

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