PIFRA Salary Slip Month Wise 2023 Download

PIFRA stands for “Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing”. It is the governmental department related to finance. This department provides PIFRA Salary Slip Month Wise services through email. It means that it gives great support for PIFRA salary slips monthly wise. Earlier, this department was answerable only for accounts of a teacher, doctors, and officers and also for junior staff to gain their pay slips. PIFRA can be called a project established for an auditing system for salary slips.

Through the great services of PIFRA, all government servants can access their PIFRA salary slips downloaded monthly wise via email very easily. In simple words, we can say that it is a program responsible for sending earning salary slips to government employees. PIFRA consists of the emergence of some following departments.

  1. Budgeting system and Financial Accounting.
  2. Integration of salary slip system.
  3. Management change for pay slip.
  4. Expenditure and budget information.

PIFRA Salary Slip Download 2023

If you’re exhausted and unable to travel to the accountant’s office to collect your pay stub for the month You can now receive it by an email instead. To get your pay stub, visit https://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip emp and input all of your personal information. You’ll then be able download it via email.

PIFRA Salary Slip Download Month Wise 2023

PIFRA Pay Slip Monthly Wise

Online PIFRA Salary Slip Registration

PIFRA Salary Slips Employ Download on  monthly basis find the best solution on this site. Pifra.gov.pk will be the URL you need to visit. PIERRE Salary Slip Download Month wise via this link. Pifra.gov.pk is the Salary. The Registration web page is provided below. We would appreciate your feedback on what you’re experiencing with your online Salary Slip or Pension Slip?

Name of Province and PIFRA Codes

Serial No City Name PIFRA Code
1 Punjab P
2 Baluchistan B
4 Federal F
5 Sindh S
6 Gilgit Baltistan GB
7 District Government Punjab DGP
8 Kashmir K
9 District Government KPK DGN
10 Kashmir Council K

Government Employ Salary Slip Online

PIFRA is Available to Government Employ Salary Slip Online. Since government employees were required to visit the accounting office to collect their pay slips, they received their pay slips via email. Pierre can send pay stubs to employees of the government with email addresses. Government employees in Pakistan can now receive their pay stubs electronically instead of going to the accounting office, according to a brand new service provided by PIFRA’s Finance Department.

Online Salary Slip Download

If you cannot go to the accountant’s office to collect your paycheck, You can now receive it by mail instead. To get your pay stub; visit https://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip emp and input your personal information. You’ll then be able to download the stub and email it to yourself. People who wish to receive their monthly pay slips need to create a PIFRA for the pay slip’s account online. Once you have registered, you’ll receive your payment slip via your inbox. PIFRA pay slips are electronic pay slips that all government employees receive each month. The program works 100% accurately, and there is no risk of mistakes.

PIFRA Salary slips not received

If you haven’t received the salary receipt from PIFRA, then there’s no reason to be concerned about it at all. If you don’t receive a PIFRA salary slip, you can visit PIFRA’s contact form on PIFRA and file a complaint about the salary slip. You can also hold off on receiving your salary slip for a few days. If you haven’t received it, then you can contact them to call them.

PIFRA Registration For Monthly Salary Slip

To obtain the official pay stub via the internet, you need to follow the steps on pifra.gov.pk and then sign up for PIFRA for the receipt of it by email. After registering, you will be sent your annual pay stub through email. It will contain an amount for your allowance, housing, and other important information.

 Registration for PIFRA Salary Slip Month Wise

Find a PIFRA Registration for salary slip and get the current month’s pay slip at no cost. This page provides all the details about PIFRA and the registration process. We first tell the abbreviation for PIFRA. PIFRA is “Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing”.

www.pifra.gov.pk PIFRA Registration for Pay Slip Monthly Wise

Click Here to Check

Information Required to Get PIFRA Salary Slip Forms

How do I download my payslips? Or send payslips via email for all employees?

  • Click on the Pay Runs tab.
  • Then click on the Payroll History option and choose a complete pay run.
  • Click on an employee.
  • Select to download your Payslip or send Payslip on the right sidebar.

Where can I get the monthly pay slips?

To download and view your pay slip for the current month Perform the following steps:

  1. On the Home page On the Home page, click Salary and Payslips. The Payslips page will open.
  2. From the drop-down menu of the month, Select the month you are currently in.
  3. On the Payslip tab, you can see the month’s Payslip.
  4. Select the Download button to save your pay slip.

What is a Salary Slip?

An employee’s salary slip is a form of payment to employees, complete with details and reports similar to a bank statement.

How do I get my pay stub on the internet?

  • Start Gmail and sign in with it.
  • To verify whether you’ve received your paycheck check look through your email and search for it in your mailbox.
  • Pay stubs for all employees are provided to all workers before the 10th day of every month at the latest.
  • Try a search to find the “PIFRA salary slip” in your Gmail account’s search box.
  • Click on “search” and click on the”search” tab.
  • All of your previous or current pay stubs will be available.
  • After you have opened the slip, make sure you verify the pay stub.
  • The slip you get from the internet might require you to check your spam folder under certain situations.

Information and the format of PIFRA Pay Slip Monthly Wise

  • Basic Pay
  • Home Rent Allowances %
  • Conveyance Allowances %
  • Medical Allowances
  • Adhoc Relief
  • Group Insurance
  • Income Tax
  • Gross Pay
  • Net Pay

In this article, we’ve given you all the details you require to be aware of PIFRA registration and how government workers in Pakistan can receive their pay slips. We also have provided details on the benefits of being an employee of this program. We hope that this post was informative
and helpful.

PIFRA Contact and Address

  • Address: PIFRA FABS Directorate, AGPR Complex, G-8/4 Islamabad
  • Phone: 051-9107248
  • Official Website: www.pifra.govt.pk
  • Timing: Monday to Friday-9 am to 5 pm

PIFRA Salary Slip  – FAQs

How do I get a salary slip?

To get a salary slip, check with your employer if they provide electronic or physical copies. If so, ask for one or check if it is available on the company’s online portal.

How do I find my payslip online?

To find your payslip online, check with your employer if they have an online portal for employees where you can access your payslip.

How can I get a salary slip online Pifra?

To get a salary slip online through Pifra, you will need to check with your employer if they use Pifra for payroll and if they provide access for employees to view their salary slips online.

How can I get a salary slip online in Punjab?

To get a salary slip online in Punjab, check with your employer if they have an online portal for employees where you can access your payslip.

How do I make a payslip online?

To make a payslip online, you will need to use an online payslip generator or payroll software.

What is a basic salary slip?

A basic salary slip typically includes the employee’s name, the company’s name, the pay period, the employee’s gross pay, deductions, and net pay. It may also include other details such as tax information, retirement contributions, and other deductions.

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