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IBCC has launched the IBCC Attestation Portal Login on the internet to validate your documents. This article will show you how to IBCC Attestation Portal Login in 2023. It is accessible online at www.ibcc.edu.pk. You are a college student, or professional looking to work or study abroad? If so, you must have your academic documents certified with the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) in Pakistan. The  IBCC is the official body that checks the authenticity of documents provided from Pakistani board and university.

IBCC Attestation is a procedure that confirms the authenticity of education certificate issued within Pakistan. This is a vital step for those who intend to pursue studies or jobs in another country because numerous countries require this type of attestation prior to granting visas for work or entry. This IBCC Attestation Form can be accessible to download from the IBCC website. Candidates must fill out the form accurately and completely so that the application process is swift and effectively.

What is the IBCC Attestation Portal Login?

IBCC Attestation Portal is an online platform that assists with the process of attestation to educational certificates in Pakistan. It lets applicants apply for attestation of documents, keep track of the progress of their application and get the documents that have been attested online.

IBCC Attestation Challan Form

Why Use IBCC Attestation Portal?

It is the IBCC Attestation Portal offers a quick and easy process to get your education documents certified. Through the portal you will not have to go through having to visit IBCC offices in person. IBCC offices in person, and standing in long lines. The portal lets you track how your applications are progressing and to receive your documents attested online, thereby saving both time and energy.

How to Register on the IBCC Attestation Portal?

The IBCC Attestation Process involves various steps, which includes the verification of certificates for education. This procedure can be a lengthy process applicants should prepare according to the timeframe. To access the IBCC Attestation Portal it is necessary to sign up first. Here’s how:

1: Visit the IBCC Attestation Portal

Visit the official website for IBCC Attestation Porta at www.ibcc.edu.pk.

2: Click on the “Register” Button

On the home page on the homepage of IBCC’s Attestation Portal, you can click “Registration” or “Register” button.

3: Fill in the Registration Form

Complete the registration form by providing your personal information, including your name as well as your email address, mobile number and password. Be sure to supply accurate details to avoid delays during the process of attestation.

4: Verify Your Email Address and Mobile Number

After completing your registration, you’ll receive a verification number on your email address as well as a mobile number. You must enter the code in the fields that correspond to your account.

5: Login to Your Account

After you have verified the email and phone number you used, then you will be able to log in to your account through IBCC Attestation Portal.

IBCC Attestation Portal Login 2023 Online | www.ibcc.edu.pk

IBCC Attestation Portal Login

IBCC Attestation Portal Login

The IBCC Attestation Portal Login is the first step and applicants can sign up themselves by registering an account through the website. To register applicants must provide basic personal information such as names, addresses and contact information. In addition, they must upload scans of their education certificates as well as make payment for IBCC attestation fee of 2023. Another option that applicants have are IBCC Attestation Through TCS.

How to Receive Attested Documents Online

After your application has been approved Once your application is approved, you will receive your attested documents online via the IBCC Attestation Portal. Here’s how:

  • Visit the IBCC Attestation Portal and login to your account with your email address and password.
  • On the home page on the IBCC Attestation Portal, click on the “Download Attested Documents” button.
  • Enter the application number you received following the submission of your application via the IBCC Attestation Portal.
  • Once you have entered an application ID, the applicant will be able to download the attested documents via IBCC’s IBCC Attestation Portal.

Requirements for Attestation

The requirements for IBCC Attestation includes submitting original educational certificates as well as the fee for attestation. According to the IBCC Rules of Attestation stipulate that only the certificates issued by accredited educational institutions can be accepted. Applicants need to verify they are genuine and unaffected by any changes or manipulation.

IBCC Attestation Appointment Online

How to Apply for Document Attestation on IBCC Attestation Portal?

Once you’ve signed up for IBCC’s IBCC Attestation Portal, you can apply for attestation of documents by using these procedures:

  • Visit the IBCC Attestation Portal and login to your account with your email address and password.
  • Click “Apply for Attestation” button and complete the application form, including your information about yourself, your educational qualifications, as well as the documents you’d like to have attested.
  • Upload the scans of your required documents such as your education certificate, CNIC, and passport.
  • Pay for the attestation online with your credit or debit card, or via online banking.
  • After completing the application and paying the application fee and submitting your application, you can submit it to IBCC’s Attestation Portal. IBCC Attestation Portal.

Requirements for Attestation of SSC/HSSC Certificate(s).

  • Clean off plastic coating prior to placing certificates of attestation.
  • Verify first certificates issued by the boards that issue them.
  • Complete online Application Form to be Attested.
  • The deposit fee is a prescribed attestation in National Bank of Pakistan.
  • B-Form or CNIC of the Applicant


The IBCC Attestation fee for 2023 varies based on the type and quantity of educational certificates that require to be certified. Candidates can pay for this fee via the internet or in person at the designated banks. 1200dollars is charged for the attestation of the original document or certificate.

IBCC Online Attestation Challan Form Download

IBCC Attestation Form Download IBCC Attestation Formula Download can be accessible at the IBCC website. It is crucial for applicants to ensure they fill in the form precisely and in full. The form asks applicants to fill in personal information including their address, name, and contact information along with information regarding their education qualifications.

How to Track Status of Application On IBCC Attestation Portal?

You can monitor what is happening with your application via the portal for attestation from the IBCC taking these steps:

Step 1: Login to Your Account

Visit the IBCC Attestation Portal and login to your account with your email address and password.

Step 2: Click on the “Track Application” Button

On the home page of the official IBCC Portal you can click to “Track Applications” or click on “Track Application” button.

Step 3: Enter Your Application Number

Enter the application code that you received when you submitted your application via the IBCC Attestation Portal.

Step 4: Check the Status of Your Application

After entering the application code You can then check whether your request is in the process via the IBCC Attestation Portal. The status could vary from “Under Process,” “Approved,” or “Rejected.”

Download IBCC Attestation form pdf


What is the IBCC Attestation Portal?

IBCC Attestation Portal is an online platform which facilitates the process of attestation of educational papers in Pakistan.

Why use the IBCC Attestation Portal?

The IBCC Attestation Portal offers a quick and easy process to have your education documents certified.

How do I register on the IBCC Attestation Portal?

To sign up to the IBCC Attestation Portal, visit the official website at www.ibcc.edu.pk and click “Register” and then click on the “Register” button.

How do I apply for document attestation on the IBCC Attestation Portal?

To apply for document attestation through the IBCC Attestation Portal Log in into your user account. complete the form for application and upload the necessary documents and pay the application fee and then submit the form.

How do I track the status of my application on the IBCC Attestation Portal?

To monitor what your applications status is through the IBCC Attestation Portal, login to your account, click the “Track Application” button, enter the application number, and then verify the status.

IBCC Contact Number

Phone: (051) 9106631, (051)111114222, (051) 8735969

Fax: (051) 9106361

Address: Plot No. 25,Street 38, G10/4, Near Federal Govt. Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA), Islamabad
Email: [email protected]

Website: www.ibcc.edu.pk

IBCC Login


In the end I would say that IBCC Attestation Portal is a practical and effective way to have your education documents authenticated in Pakistan. Following the steps laid out within this post, you’ll be able to effortlessly log into the portal, make an application for an attestation for your document, keep track of the progress for your applications, and get your documents attested online. If you have any additional concerns, you can check out the FAQs below.

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