How To Share Jazz Balance with Sharing Code – Complete Guide

Do you understand How To Share Jazz Balance prior to asking your friend? This article can assist you in sharing the balance of Jazz. Jazz Share is a convenient flexible, easy, and simple service that allows users to share balances in any amount from Rs.15 up to Rs.500. The service will ensure that you’re always in touch and connected to your beloved ones. When you make use of Jazz Share you will be required to confirm the message you receive. For each transaction, Rs 7.50 (incl. tax) will be charged on the balance share for the prepaid subscribers. This article will give you an extensive guidelines on How To Share Jazz Balance with an additional Jazz user.

Jazz provides a wide range of thrilling internet call and SMS packages to its valued customers. Additionally, Jazz 4G also offers various other benefits. For instance, you can get a Jazz loan in the event that you are out of funds at any given moment. There are times when you’ve taken out a loan but are unable to pay for it. It is possible that you are contacting your friend to Share Jazz Balance.

دوستوں اور خاندان والوں کو کریڈٹ بھیجنا روزمرہ کا معاملہ ہے جسے جاز نے آسان بنا دیا ہے۔ Jazz Share اور Jazz World ایپ کریڈٹ ٹرانسفر کو کیک کا ایک ٹکڑا بناتی ہے تاکہ آپ جب بھی ضرورت ہو مدد بھیج سکیں۔

Service Name: Jazz Balance Share Code
Code: *100*03XXXXX*amount#
Charges: PKR 5.49+Tax
Maximum Transaction PKR 500
Minimum Transaction PKR 15
Eligibility: Prepaid Only
Helpline 111

How To Share Jazz Balance?

Jazz lets its customers with prepaid customers transfer credit with relatives and friends in times of crisis. It is important to note that sharing of credit is only permitted and valid to 2 Jazz customers. This feature can come in useful in situations of emergency. Jazz Share is a handy and user-friendly service that allows users to share their credit in any amount that ranges between Rs.15 through Rs.500. It ensures you are always connected to your loved family members. The complete Jazz Balance Share Karne Ka Tarika is given below.

  • The first step is to ensure that you have your Jazz pre-paid SIM card is active.
  • If you’re making an offer, the person sending the request must also be able to meet the requirements
  • Then, tap to open the dial pad on your device.
  • Perform the steps according to the format given.
  • *100* *amount#
  • For example: *100*0301XXXXX56*300#
  • Jazz Share will send a message asking you to confirm the transaction
  • Select “1” to proceed further

Make Jazz Share Request

The Jazz share requests are the other way around. This means that users aren’t only allowed to share balance with Jazz and can also submit requests as well in the event of need. It is now possible to request Jazz balance at any time, via Party-B, or as the company refers to it. This includes family members as well as your friends and acquaintances. This amazing service lets you benefit from your close and dear loved ones.

  • First, ensure that you have your Jazz pre-paid SIM card is active.
  • Tap to open the dial pad within your device.
  • Dial *107#
  • A prompt for a USSD menu will be displayed on your screen.
  • Enter the Party-B MSISDN to continue
  • It is important to note it is free to you. Consider it a Jazz Yaari Load. Because the costs for the service will be deducted from payees of the payment. We call it Party-B.

How To Share Jazz Balance with Sharing Code – Complete Guide

How To Share Jazz Balance

How to Share Balance Via Jazz World APP

Technology has advanced to the point that sharing balance has always been a challenge. We’ve covered how to share balance using your Jazz app or the website or text message or the Jazz Cash application. If you’re looking to transfer credits for another Jazz user while on the go and you don’t have the time to download the app, it is a fantastic idea. The app allows you to send between PKR 15 and PKR750 of credit which is higher than the amount you can send via using the Jazz Share service. Follow these steps for using this app:

  • Open the Jazz World App
  • Select the “More” option
  • There is a “Balance Share” option on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter the sender’s and mobile number.
  • Add the amount that will be sent
  • Click to confirm
  • You are done!

How To Send Jazz Balance Via Text Message

Texting “7000” is another easy method of sharing your Jazz balance with others. Here’s how you can share the balance of jazz to jazz:

  • Write a message of the text in the format “Share .” For instance, “Share 50 03041234567”.
  • Send your email”7000″ with the subject line “7000”.
  • The transaction will be confirmed with an email that asks for confirmation of the purchase. respond by entering “1” to proceed further.
  • Check for a confirmation email for confirmation that your balance share was successful.

General Instructions for Users

  1. Party-A and Party B must be prepaid customers.
  2. Parties A and B should be permitted to be used in relevant service classes but should not include Dongle, Data SIM, etc.
  3. Party B may receive requests for Jazz and share it only 5 times per day
  4. You are only able to transfer Jazz credit when the recipient has the Jazz number. The credit cannot be shared with any mobile provider such as Zong, Ufone, or Telenor.
  5. This coupon is valid only for Jazz customers who are prepaid.
  6. Only Prepaid Jazz customers can share the balance by using the Jazz balance code.
  7. The fees and codes for Jazz balance sharing can change by Jazz.
  8. For more details, go to Jazz’s Official website.


How can I transfer my jazz balance to another number?

To share balances on Jazz, dial *100*(Jazz number that is the balance you’re sharing)*amount#.

What is the Jazz balance share code?

To share balances on Jazz to share balance, dial *100*

How do I transfer balance from one SIM to another?

Type *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount# and press the send button. Then confirm that the balance is transferred by hitting 1. After the balance has been transferred both the sender and receiver receive an email with a confirmation of the transfer.

What is Jazz balance save code?

You can join Jazz balance saver by entering the Jazz Balance Saver Code *275# in order to activate the offer and stop the deduction of balances that are not needed on your mobile.

How Can I Jazz balance share to Jazz cash account?

Through the Jazz Cash Mobile Account, you can transfer funds to any other Jazz Cash Mobile Account or another operator’s Mobile Account in a matter of minutes.

What is the limit for the Minimum balance share Jazz?

Jazz Share is a convenient flexible, easy, and simple service that allows users to share a balance of any amount that ranges from 15 to Rs. 500.

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