HESCO Online Bill 2023 Download Online

Bills are the source to check our consumption of electricity. It is issued by the WAPDA office every month. If you lose your bill, online bill payment is available. To check your HESCO Online Bill, remember your 14 digits reference number. You can also download the print of your bill online. You can pay your HESCO Online Bill 2023 in two methods: The online method and the offline method. It is straightforward to check HESCO Bill online even if you are not home. Gotest.pk will provide you with all the HESCO Bill Payment System information. You may also visit the official website HESCO to check your bill.

HESCO Online Bill Check 2023

To check your bills online, follow the steps below.

  • Open your browser to open the HESCO website. Next, go to the HESCO billing webpage. To open the page, you can also type HESCO online billing check.
  • In the provided space, enter the 14-digit reference code. Please follow the instructions below if you don’t know how to locate the reference number.
  • Wait for the website to take you to your most recent electricity bill. You can also print the bill.
  • Industrial customers can also view their monthly, weekly, or daily bills.
  • You can use the form or visit the HESCO billing page.
  • Get the reference number of your previous invoice.
  • Paste the code into the box asking for your phone number.
  • Look at the “Electricity Bill (General & Industrial).”
  • After pressing the “Submit R 21; button, wait a few seconds.
  • You will see the month’s most recent digital WAPDA online bill HESCO.
  • You can then print it or pay your HESCO bill online.

Electricity Online Bill Check

You can access the internet to view your Hesco bills online. Open the official website for HESCO to check your bill. You can also duplicate your bill by using the same option.
You can check your FESCO, LESCO And HESCO bill to quickly see the current month’s bills and review the details of your account, such as how many units were consumed and how much you have paid.

HESCO Online Bill 2023 – Download Duplicate Copy

gotest.com.pk allows you to check the duplicate HESCO online bill. It is a free website that provides all information regarding your HESCO bill. The reference number is required to check your HESCO online billing. The reference number can be found in the upper left corner of your bill, above your name and address. Simply enter your reference number to view, download, and print your HESCO bills.

Check HESCO Bill

You can check your HESCO bill online even if you’re not home. It’s entirely free for the HESCO customers. Enter your reference number, which is on your name’s right side, to check your HESCO online bill. HESCO online bill is a site that allows you to print, download, save, and pay your HESCO online bill.

Instructions for printing your bill

  • Print bills on A4 paper only.
  • Before printing the bill, remove the header and footer.
  • Always choose portrait orientation
  • You can download the bill in pdf format.

Hesco Bill Reference No.

To pay your Wapda Bill, you will need a unique reference number. It is located on the left side of your Electricity Bill. You can now check your Hesco Online Bill Check Code to determine if your Electricity WAPDA is Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Power Connection.

HESCO Online Bill 2023 Download Online

HESCO online bill has been a great help during quarantine. The HESCO online bill checking made it easy to pay your electric bill. You don’t have to wait in long lines or worry if your paper invoice has gone missing. HESCO duplicate bills are available.

Consumers can access HESCO’s online bill checking service to check their residential, commercial, and industrial bills. You just need to enter your 14-digit reference number.

Area of Operations

HESCO supplies power to 12 districts of Sindh, Pakistan. HESCO has set up four operating circles, 15 operations divisions, 67 operation sub-divisions, six construction divisions, and 5 M&T divisions to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to 1,138.328 customers. The organization is available 24 hours a day to ensure electricity access for its customers.

Circle Divisions Sub-Divisions
Hyderabad 04 16
Laar 05 19
Nawabshah 03 21
Mirpurkhas 03 12

HESCO Online Bill Calculator

The Internet has made it possible to check many things online. You can check out the online bill calculator online, and you can even check which billing method was used.

It is easy. You will need to go to the official website for HESCO. From there, you can choose the option to calculate your bill online. You will need to enter the number of units that you consumed in a given month. Then, you will see a summary of your bill. All taxes are included in this bill. The unit rates can be different for specific units. For example, the unit rates to reach 100 units are the same, but they will increase if you consume more than 100 units.

How to Pay Any Electricity Bill In Pakistan

You can now pay your bill online in this Age of the Digital World. They will deliver your bill to the Nominated Bank Branches of the State Bank of Pakistan before the deadline. You will be charged an additional fee for the bill after the last date.

Mobilink Jazz Cash and Easypaisa received Any Electricity Bills.

 How do I pay HESCO Online Bill 2023 Through JazzCash?

  1. JazzCash accounts are required.
  2. Call *786# to select “Pay Bills.”
  3. Select “Electricity” as your bill type and “HESCO.”
  4. Enter the Reference Number from your bill.
  5. Once you confirm the transaction, your bill has been successfully paid.

Online bill payment for Hesco Bill

Let’s say you are at work or in another country and need to pay your Hesco bill. Customers can pay their bills using Hesco’s online bill payments service. This option was not available when I checked.

Only the Pakistan Post Office and the National Bank of Pakistan can accept payments. It has become easier to open all government bank accounts as time passes. These banks accept bill payments in person.

  • Bank of Punjab
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Muslim Commercial Bank(MCB)
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Meezan Bank

Hesco duplicate bill installment

  1. For RS 5000, there are 2 to 3 installments. These can be used for personal or business use. The Sub Divisional Officer Operation is the approved officer.
  2. You can get a domestic or commercial loan in 2 to 3 installments for RS 15000. However, only the Incharge customer support center is approved.
  3. The Executive Engineer (XEN) and the Duty Director commercial control the Industrial T-well, Domestic, and Commercial 2 to 3. RS 50000.
  4. T-well Industrial, Domestic, and Commercial 2 to 3 Installations at RS 200000 with Superintending engineer(SE) as the authorized individual.
  5. A payment plan is available. The cost criteria for severed and operational connections are identical. They distributed it to many officers based on its volume.
  6. The information above is only for disconnected connections. You will need the exact authorized person and installments if you want to run connections in installments.

Register for Hesco bill SMS alerts

Enter the 14-digit reference number in the input box, and you can view your HESCO online billing. If you don’t know where to find HESCO reference numbers, look at the image below. That is how you can get your electricity bill online. All you need are an internet connection and a phone or mobile computer. You can then download the digital copy of your invoice and print it if you have a printer.

HESCO Detection Bill Complaint

You can file a complaint if you have any issues, such as getting more bills according to your consuming units or if you wish to discuss other matters related to your bill. You can do this by going to the HESCO official website. There is an option called “name to contact us.” Clicking the opportunity will bring up two additional options. From there, click on the complaint section. You can now write your complaint to discuss the issue.

After you have submitted your complaint and waited for a response, the department will attempt to resolve your problem and provide an answer to your complaints as quickly as possible.

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