Punjab Insaf Academy Online Registration for Students Learning Website and mobile application

Punjab School Education Department, also called SED, has been working to announce a portal for developing the education field. It’s an online learning portal called Insaf Academy. So the SED department opened Punjab Insaf Academy Online Registration for matric and intermediate students. This academy launched on 14 September 2023 Wednesday. Punjab Insaf Academy Online Registration aims to provide equal education opportunities to youth across all Pakistan educational institutes. It also aims to upgrade the primary and middle schools to a high level. Almost 577 schools in 22 districts are ongoing, according to this program.

Punjab SED Insaf Academy Program for Online Learning

Murad Raas, Minister of Punjab School Education Department, has tweeted the official launch of the Insaf Academy Website for Online Learning. On Wednesday, the Punjab SED launched an online learning platform known as “Insaf Academy” for intermediate and matric students on September 14. The department hopes to attract millions of intermediate and inter students.

The provincial minister of Schools Education, Murad Ras, had been working on the project for quite a while. The goal was to make it easier for students of classes 9, 10, 11, and 12 when students in these classes sit for board examinations. There is a pivotal moment in their lives where they decide what to pursue next. Murad Ras explained that if a student cannot comprehend the concept, he can create the question online and receive answers within the morning. You can ask the question as numerous times as he would like. The series of questions and answers can be offered in Urdu and English.

Punjab Insaf Academy Online Registration for Students Learning Website and mobile application

Punjab Insaf Academy Online Registration

Hopes and Planning for Insaf Academy Registration

As Sarah Rehman, Communication and Public Relations Specialist from the School Education Department:

  • Insaaf Academy will be a massive online learning platform.
  • It will be accessible as an online portal or mobile app and offer free educational courses throughout the nation for students and teachers.
  • The department hopes to attract millions of intermediate and inter students.
  •  It will offer educational courses for free throughout the nation for teachers and students.
  • Murad said the initiative would provide an equal playing field to students from different socio-economic backgrounds. Students can access online content in both English as well as Urdu languages. The apps are accessible through the Apple as well as Google Play Store.
  • The Academy will provide a level playing field for students from different social and economic backgrounds. Earlier in February, the Punjab government announced opening 100 schools for Insaf in Lahore this year.

He stated that if the portal for e-learning is successful in its launch, live lectures will begin on it within the coming three to four months. The children will stay at home and listen to the lecture. During this time, if any thought arises in their minds, they will be able to press the button and raise their hands to ask the question. He stated that this platform could be a wonderful opportunity for kids unable to attend school during the daytime to earn money. They can pass the test by learning online and paying the exam fee.

 “Education should be possible for every child , whether the child attends the school, or does not go to it. or if parents have money or don’t.

”Education is free for all children right at the door”.

Aims of Insaaf Afternoon School Program

Insaf Afternoon School Program aims to provide equal education opportunities for children living in regions where access to Education remains a major issue, along with the low retention rate and high drop-out rates. It is intended to “upgrade the elementary or middle schools to the middle or high school levels to allow students to move up levels within the same space. This facilitates access for the students and leads to increased retention. This progra led to an extremely cost-effective solution and is currently being implemented in 577 schools in 22 districts of Punjab, which has so far enrolled more than 20,000 students.

Based on the success of this initiative gaining momentum, it is expected that the Government of Punjab plans to expand the program to all 14 districts. It is a first-of-its-kind initiative by the Govt. of Punjab, the School Education Department, and the Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board.

The goal was to make it easier for students in classes 9,10, 11, and 12, as students from these classes take examinations for board exams. It is also a pivotal stage in their lives when they determine what they want to do in the future.

Insaf Academy for matric and intermediate students

In a groundbreaking, revolutionary move, the Punjab School Education Minister Murad Raas launched Insaf Academy, an online portal for students of intermediate and matric. It is a brand new e-learning platform can help students prepare for the tests of intermediate and matric by taking more than 7700 online classes along with mock test questions.

In this context, an event was held in the Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development. Secretary of the School Education Department Waqas Ali Mehmood, MD PCTB Dr. Farooq Manzoor Secretary PCTB Muhammad Razak, Chairperson Danish Schools Samira Ahmed, the CEO of Danish Schools Ahmar Malik, Director General Quaid Additional Secretary Education also attended the event.

The Provincial Minister of Education, Punjab Murad Ras, while addressing the ceremony for the opening at the Insaf Academy, said that an online learning platform was created with the help of Insaf Academy which has no precedent in the past. In this modern age, students can receive assistance to receive a top-quality education at home, with assistance from Insaaf Academy.

Murad Ras said that in the beginning, ninth to 12th-grade students could benefit from this Academy. The platform will be made available to students from other classes in stages. He also stated that Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) has been working very to create the Academy.

Beifits of Punjab SED Insaf Academy

  • Insaf Academy portal has great educational content for children, and, with the help of this portal online, youngsters across Pakistan can study for their exams.
  • He added that children could learn and test under supervision by their parents.
  • The establishment of this portal will sabotage the school and tuition culture in a significant way.
  • In establishing Insaf Academy, flood-affected children can also benefit from staying in their homes.

The Ministry of Education stated that more than 1,000 schools in the state had been affected across Punjab because of recent flooding. About 500 schools have been restored to their original condition.

The idea is for the Punjab School Education Department to roll out Insaf Academy to provide students with free access to education resources. Punjab Minister of Schools Education Murad Raas announced the opening of a completely free online academy for students to access extra instruction without any fees.

SED Offers  Online Academy for Matric/Inter Free

The Punjab School Education Department (SED) has started a free online academy for students at intermediate and matriculation levels to fight the tuition-based practice prevalent in Punjab.

On Tuesday, Punjab Minister of School Education Minister Murad Raas announced the opening Of Insaf Academy to give students free access to educational tools. The materials include more than 7,000 lectures and mock MCQ tests to assist students in preparing for their annual tests without the expense of tuition centers.

Insaf Academy As App Store

Insaf Academy consists of content for grades 9-10, 11, and 12. The content for enrollment would be available in English and Urdu languages. The Mobile version of Insaf Academy will also be available through the Apple Store, App Store, and Google Play Store.

Mr. Raas said that recorded lectures would be provided to students who enroll at Insaf Academy. Insaf Academy, while adding the students, can self-assess their knowledge by taking online tests that will be posted on the website.

The minister said that the government intended to increase the use of Education in the English education system. the master trainers of 1,000 got training to meet the goals. The district education authority set up 100 schools of the Insaf system in Lahore before the beginning of the academic session.

Contact Information of Insaf Academy

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