Best Schools in Lahore Govt and Private

The school education plays a very vital role in the development of an individual because school education is like a base of a building. If the base is strong then the whole building will stay strong but if the base is weak, the whole building will collapse no matter how good material was used in the construction of upper portions.  We have provided Best Schools in Lahore Govt and Private in Lahore for studenst.

That’s why, all parents want to make sure that their child gets the best early education possible so that they get equipped with all the skills necessary for their survival in the future studies and professional career. With a literacy rate of 74%, Lahore is widely famous for having the best education system in Pakistan. This can be proved from the fact that the city of Lahore has the highest number of colleges and universities as compared to any other city in the country.

Best Schools in Lahore Govt and Private


Best Schools in Lahore Govt and Private

There are plenty of government and private sector schools in the city but most parents are inclined towards private institutions due to the quality and modern ways of teaching. Although some of them are quite expensive but still it doesn’t matters, as parents always want the best for their child.

Out of these so many educational institutes in the city, here we have compiled the list of some of the very best schools in Lahore that you must consider for your child’s admission before making a final decision.

List of Top 20 Best Schools in Lahore

  1. Aitchison College Lahore:

Aitchison College Lahore

Kid’s Campus Lahore:

Kid’s Campus Lahore

Lahore Grammar School:

Lahore Grammar School

Beacon house School:

Beacon house School

Bloomfield Hall:

Bloomfield Hall

Garrison Army School:

Garrison Army School

Lahore College of Arts and Sciences:

Lahore College of Arts and Sciences

The City School Lahore:

The City School Lahore

The Lahore Lyceum:

The Lahore Lyceum



Lahore Learning Campus:

Lahore Learning Campus

The school of south Asia:

The school of south Asia

Bahria Town School:

Bahria Town School

Novaquest International School:

Novaquest International School

American Lyceum:

American Lyceum

Defense Public School:

Defense Public School

American National School:

American National School

International School of Choueifat:

International School of Choueifat

Allied Schools Lahore:

Allied Schools Lahore

For the Further details about the schools or any Educational top you must keep visit here on this portal and if you have any question in your mind So you must ask from us here in below comment section.


Which school is best for boys in Lahore?

Garrison Boys High School , Lahore

Which School is best for girls in Lahore?

Some well reputed private schools for girls in Lahore are:

  • Lahore Grammar School.
  • Beaconhouse School System.
  • The City School.
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary.
  • Esena Foundation School Lahore.
  • Farooqi Girls High School

How many best private schools in Lahore?

5,436 private schools

Which is the largest school in Lahore?

Divisional Public School

Is Lahore Grammar School a Good School?

Lahore Grammar School has an overall score of 4.0, based on more than 48 anonymous reviews written by employees. Eighty-two per cent of workers would refer Lahore Grammar School to a friend, and 74% have an optimistic outlook on the business.

How many Best Schools in Lahore Govt and Private?

Lahore is home to thousands of registered public schools, semi-government schools, charities schools and private schools. The schools offer the education of thousands of pupils in Lahore, and you can look up the list of schools in Lahore.

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