AGPR Salary Slip Download 2023 Online By CNIC |

Are you a government worker seeking to download your pay slip for 2023? There’s no reason to worry because you can complete this task online making use of the CNIC number. In this post, we’ll walk you through the procedure for AGPR Salary Slip Download 2023 . We will also go over all you must be aware of concerning your access to theAGPR Salary Slip Download 2023 and portal.

You can download pay slips from this site each month. It is necessary to sign-up your account at to obtain an AGPR pay slips online. Users who log into their AGPR account will be able to access the pay slips Soon. The salary slips online are offered through the Federal government every month. Government of Pakistan offers online salary slips for employees and workers. You can download AGPR salary slips through this site at the end of the month.

What is AGPR?

It is the AGPR (Accountant General Pakistan Revenue) is accountable for keeping books of financial transactions of the government of Pakistan. The AGPR is an administrative organization that is responsible for the completeness and transparency of financial transactions in the government. The AGPR offers services to both the federal and provincial governments. These include accounting for financials, payment to employees, as well as the issue of pension payouts.

Download Your AGPR Salary Slip

It is essential to save your AGPR salary slip since it provides detailed information on your pay, deductions and allowances. It serves as evidence of your employment and is useful for a variety of purposes, such as making applications for loans or for making tax returns. Furthermore the ability to view your pay slip online means you can check it out at any time and from anywhere, which makes it easier to access it.

AGPR Salary Slip Download 2023

The employees can download the Accountant the General Government of Pakistan AGPR Pay Slip Online download along with CNIC number and name on Visit the official website via the link www.agor, to sign in to your AGPR account. Log into the account using your Email Address and password. Employees will are required to use their CNIC number and name to access an AGPR Salary Slip for this month. You can download the AGPR salary slip from this site.

AGPR Salary Slip Download 2023 Online By CNIC |

AGPR Salary Slip Download 2023

How to Download AGPR Salary Slip 2023 by CNIC & Name

Here’s a step-by step guide to download the AGPR salary slip by CNIC and name:

  1. Go to the AGPR website at
  2. Select”The “Employee Corner” option from the main menu.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Download Pay Slip.”
  4. Choose either the “CNIC” or “Name” option to download your pay slip.
  5. Input the CNIC number or your name in the appropriate field.
  6. Choose the month and the year you wish to download your pay slip.
  7. Select”Submit” or click on the “Submit” button.
  8. The pay slip for you will appear on the screen.
  9. Click”Download” to save the pay slip “Download” button to save the pay slip on your device. Pay Slips 2023

In order to streamline the reporting and financial aspects for federal transactions within one system, it was established in the year that the Accountant General Pakistan Revenue (AGPR) was created. The AGPR is accountable for coordinating the financial summary data that is provided by the federal self-reporting agencies. Receiving accounts and reports from AGPR DAOs, PAOs, Federal Treasury, and SBP/NBP for the purpose of giving annual accounts as well as monthly aggregated accounts are the primary objectives for the AGPR (to and from and from the Federal Finance Division).

Each province has their own sub-office of AGPR that is responsible to act as the DAO for federal government transactions that affect provincial headquarters. The controller general for Accounts is accountable for the accounts of the General Pakistan Revenue (AGPR). to access PIFRA the Salary Slip for 2023. click here

AGPR Salary Slip Download 2023 provides complete details about the salary slips available here. The easiest way to locate your AGPR pay slip is to type in your personnel number and click the search button. People who have created their AGPR account through via the email system, AGPR provides salary slips for free at the end of each month. The Federal government manages the business transactions in addition, the Accountant General Pakistan Revenue manages central accounts.

Download AGPR Monthly Salary Slip

You can type in your CNIC number into the box to download an AGPR pay slips from this webpage. After the end of the month, employees have registered on the official site receive an email containing their AGPR salary Slip. If you are interested in downloading an AGPR Salary Slip click on the link below. Check this site regularly to download an AGPR Salary Slip.

SR Description Action
1. Download Slip Click Here
2. Check Status Click Here
3. Web Portal Click Here
4. Email Process Click Here
5. Online Registration Click Here

AGPR Salary Slip 2023 Online Download By Name

Employees can download the AGPR Salary Slip Online by name and CNIC number at It is possible to find AGPR pay slips with all the information within this post. Find here AGPR Slip Online Download is available. Slip Online Download is easy and without difficulties. AGPR Login process read in this article.

AGPR Employee Salary Slip

The salary slip is the main requirement of each employee at the month’s close. Salary slips for employees are extremely essential because, through their Slip All employees know about their basic pay, allowances and increments, deductions bonuses and other allowances. If an employee discovers a error on the slip, they rectify it by contacting the district’s account office.

Govt Servants Salary Slip Online by Email

The Government of Pakistan has a General Accountant Office which manages the accounting and auditing needs of accountants. There are numerous local offices as well as employees. AGPR is completing its paperwork for electronic pay slips. We advise that all temporary and federal government employees sign up for their accounts via AGPR’s official website. AGPR. Each month AGPR employees who have signed up are issued pay slips through their inboxes via email.

Accountant General Pakistan Revenue Salary Slip

Pay slips are an all-inclusive report of an employee’s pay details. Federal government employees are required to sign-up for their accounts right away. AGPR has launched a the free online registration for employees. Many employees wish to pay their salary on the internet. AGPR Online registration provides the best choice for those employees.

AGPR Pay Slip Login Tips

  • The following tips can help ensure that you have a successful login.
  • To prevent problems with logins, ensure that your Internet service is. reliable.
  • Log in with the correct login information in each of the areas.
  • If you’re having difficulty accessing your account, simply click the “Forgot Password” link or select “Forgot Password.” Login portal

Visit and sign in on to account AGPR account. This Accountant General Pakistan Revenue department gives online AGPR pay slips through emails to employees who are registered. You must enter an email and username on to create an account. You will then be able to access all AGPR pay slip details.

Download AGPR Pay Slip Online 2023

You can download AGPR The Salary Slip 2023 online Name here The entire information about AGPR are available in this web page. By visiting this page you’ll be capable of downloading AGPR Salary Slip 2023. You can download the AGPR Pay Slip Online 2023 on It is possible to download the online AGPR pay slip from this page. Pay slips by name and address here. You can also download your AGPR login.

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