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Ramadan Quiz Questions and Answers For the Students

Ramadan is one of the five Pillars of Islam which clearly defines the level of importance it has in our religion. Having knowledge about at least the basic aspects of this Holy Month is really important and every Muslim must learn about them. So in order to help you in checking and also increase your information about this topic, given below is a free online general knowledge quiz about the month of Ramadan. As Ramadan comes, Muslims worldwide prepare for spiritual introspection, self-discipline, and devotion. Ramadan is a significant Islamic holiday with many ceremonies. Want to know more about this holy month? The Ramadan Basic Info Quiz Online may help you comprehend this important Islamic holiday.

Ramadan Basic Info Quiz Online Mcqs GK Questions with Answers


1. Name one virtue of Ramadan:

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The holy month of Ramadan marks what occasion:

Question 2 of 10

3. What is Ramadan?

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4. Seclusion in the Mosque in the last ten days of Ramadan is called

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5. Following Ramadan is?

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6. Taraweeh (Night Prayer) is Fard?

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7. During Ramadan, which of the following are not required to fast?

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8. Ramadan officially begins with:

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9. What was revealed during the month of Ramadan?

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10. What is Iftar?

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Ramadan: A Brief Overview

The ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar is Ramadan, which is observed by Muslims as a time for abstaining from food and drink, praying, contemplating life, and coming together with other believers. The visibility of the moon determines the precise beginning date of Ramadan each year, hence the date can be different from year to year. From sunrise till sunset, participants in the Ramadan fast by denying themselves food, drink, smoking, and any other activities that fulfil a physical need. The purpose of this practise is to help one develop greater self-discipline, compassion for others who are less fortunate, and a more profound connection to their own faith.

Ramadan Quiz Questions and Answers

Ready to explore Ramadan’s rich customs and meaning? Explore Ramadan with our fascinating Ramadan Quiz Questions and Answers. This quiz is a fun way to learn about Ramadan’s customs. Our meticulously created questions challenge your knowledge and provide insightful answers that illustrate the subtleties of Ramadan, from its historical origins to its spiritual practises and deeds of charity. Our quiz encapsulates the heart of Ramadan, whether you’re taking it to test your knowledge or increase your cultural awareness.

Ramadan Quiz for Students

As the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan draws near, there is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for both students and teachers to investigate and comprehend the customs and rituals associated with this pivotal period in the Islamic calendar. The purpose of the Ramadan Quiz for Students is not just to test the students’ knowledge, but also to cultivate cultural understanding and an appreciation for the many different practises that exist. This interactive quiz includes a range of questions that have been carefully created to touch upon various aspects of Ramadan. It is designed to appeal to students of varying ages and from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

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