Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Online 2 Mcqs Questions and Answers

Islamic History MCQs Online Test

Discover a path to enlightenment through our latest Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Online 2 MCQs Questions and Answers.” This quiz is designed to promote understanding and appreciation for Islamic culture and history by delving into a wide range of thought-provoking questions. From the fundamental pillars of Islam to significant historical events and cultural intricacies, this quiz encompasses the vastness of Islamic general knowledge. Whether you wish to assess your own understanding or expand your awareness, this interactive online quiz guarantees an engaging and educational journey. Join us in celebrating the profound depth and diverse nature of Islamic knowledge through this captivating experience.

Given on this page is a free online quiz which can be used by our visitors to assess their level of general knowledge about Islam and also to improve it with ease. Questions like these are often part of various written exams and interviews which makes preparing for them in best possible way extremely important and now you can do so by using our online tests as a guide.

Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Online 2

Exploring the Depths of Islamic Wisdom:

Discover the depths of Islamic wisdom through our captivating “Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Online 2.” This interactive quiz serves as a guiding light for individuals who are keen on delving deeper into the realms of Islamic culture, history, and principles. With a wide range of stimulating questions, participants can assess their knowledge on diverse topics, including the core tenets of Islam, significant historical events, and intricate cultural nuances.

Whether you are a student of Islamic studies or simply someone eager to expand your understanding, this quiz offers a captivating and enlightening journey into the world of Islamic general knowledge in the digital sphere.

Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Online 2 Mcqs Questions and Answers

Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Online 2

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1. The month of Ramazan is known as _____________.

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2. One Twaf of Kaba is known as ___________.

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3. Deen-e-Hanif is an old name of _________.

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4. Namaz-e-Qasoof is offered for __________ eclipse.

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5. Yom-e-Arfa is called __________ today.

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6. The first Wahi was revealed in the month of ___________.

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7. Tahleel means __________.

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8. Waqoof-e-Arafat is the Rukn-e-Azam of ___________.

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9. Zakat is mentioned along with Namaz in the Quran ________ times.

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10. Five Salat made compulsory in ____________.

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11. Surah Al-Baqarah and __________ are known as Zuhraveen.

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12. Zaid bin Thabit collected the ____________ in form of book.

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13. New Testament is ___________.

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14. Tarawih means to __________.

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15. Qibla means _____________.

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16. Hazrat Jibrael is mentioned in the Quran for _________ times.

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17. ___________ built Ka'aba firstly in the universe.

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18. __________ arranged the Namaz-e-Tarawih.

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19. There are __________ schools of thoughts of Islamic laws.

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20. The first and foremost farz of Hajj and Umrah is ___________.

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21. The Holy Prophet (SAW) sacrified ____________ camels during Hajj.

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22. One Khutba is recited during __________.

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23. Hazrat Jibrael is referred in the Quran as __________.

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24. ___________ mosques are mentioned in the Holy Quran.

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25. Old Testament is the __________.

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Islamic Studies MCQs Online Test with Questions and Answers

A Digital Gateway to Islamic Wisdom

With the help of our “Islamic Studies MCQs Online Test with Questions and Answers,” venture into the digital world of knowledge. This extensive exam is designed to provide those who are keen to explore the wide field of Islamic studies with a lively starting point. Participants can navigate through the various dimensions of Islamic teachings, historical events, and cultural subtleties through a sequence of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs).

The provision of comprehensive solutions guarantees a learning experience in addition to a knowledge assessment platform. Come along on this virtual adventure with us as we explore the breadth and depth of Islamic knowledge that is right at your fingertips.

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