Important Islamic Events in Ramadan Online Quiz GK Mcqs Test

Welcome to the GK MCQs Test on Important Islamic Events in Ramadan .The purpose of this quiz is to assess your knowledge and comprehension of key occurrences that have taken place during Ramadan throughout Islamic history. This quiz attempts to showcase some of the significant moments that have impacted the Islamic religion by highlighting the great spiritual and historical significance that Ramadan holds for Muslims all around the world. Important Islamic Events in Ramadan Online Quiz  are avaiable here to check online .This quiz will test your knowledge of notable events in Islamic history throughout the holy month of Ramadan, including significant wars, conquests, revelations, and historical milestones. Prepare to put your knowledge to the test, discover some new information, and get a deeper appreciation for the rich Islamic tradition that Ramadan represents.

A general knowledge quiz on some of the most significant Islamic events that took place during the Holy Month of Ramadan is presented in the following passages. Everyone who visits our site is welcome to give this quiz a shot in order to boost their general knowledge on the subject in question.

Important Dates and Events of Ramadan

1st Ramadan: Birth of Abdul Qadir Gillani (RA).
2nd Ramadan: Torah was revealed to Musa AS.
10th Ramadan: First wife of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (RA) died.
12th Ramadan: Injil was revealed onto Isa (AS).
15th Ramadan: Birth of Hasan Ibn Ali (RA).
17th Ramadan: Death of Ayesha Bint Abu Bakar (Wife of Prophet PBUH).
17th Ramadan: Muslims won the Battle of Badr.
18th Ramadan: Zabur (Psalms) was revealed on Dawood (AS).
19th Ramadan: Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) was attacked by the sword.
20th Ramadan: Conquest of Makkah by Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
21st Ramadan: Death of Ali Ibn Ibi Talib (RA) after he stumbled to injuries he sustained by sword attack.

Important Islamic Events in Ramadan Online Quiz GK Mcqs Test

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1. Towrat was bestowed on Hazrat Musa (A.S) on ___________ Ramadan.

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2. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was established on 14 August 1947 which was ___________ .

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3. Injil was bestowed on Hazrat Isa (A.S) on:

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4. The first wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Khadīja al-Kubra died on __________ .

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5. The Battle of Badr was won by the Muslims on _____________ .

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6. Mecca was conquered by Muslims on:

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7. Zabur was bestowed on Hazrat Dawud (A.S) on:

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8. Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib died on:

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9. The third wife of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), Aisha bint Abu Bakr (R.A) died on ___________ .

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10. Imam Hassan ibn Ali (A.S) was born on:

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Important Islamic Events in Ramadan Online Quiz

During Ramadan, There Are Important Islamic Events People may test their knowledge and learn about important occasions that happened in Islamic history during the holy month of Ramadan by taking an online quiz, which provides an entertaining platform for doing both. With the help of this quiz, you may learn more about the rich history and significant events connected to Ramadan. Participants might anticipate facing questions on significant conflicts, conquests, revelations, and other significant occasions that have influenced Islam. Individuals may deepen their connection to the spiritual meaning of Ramadan by participating in this online quiz, which will also help them learn more about Islamic history. This quiz offers an educational and fun learning experience, whether you’re a student, a history buff, or simply want to deepen your knowledge of Islamic events.

Here are some possible questions about of Important Islamic Events in Ramadan

What are the five pillars of Islam?
What is the fourth pillar of Islam?
During which month of the Islamic calendar does Ramadan occur?
What is the significance of moon sighting in determining the start of Ramadan?
What are the benefits of fasting in Ramadan?
What is the name of the festival that marks the end of Ramadan?
What is the name of the lantern traditionally used during Ramadan?
Are Muslims allowed to chew gum during Ramadan?
What significant event took place in the last 10 days of Ramadan according to Islam?

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