PAF Jobs 2023 Test Preparation Online with Past Sample Papers

Pakistan Air Force PAF All Subject wise and Intelligence Tests

PAF Jobs 2023 Test Preparation Online is now available for those applicants who wish to achieve success on the PAF’s first written examination. It is our pleasure to notify you of this development. Remember that if you want to join the Pakistan Air Force, you will need to pass the test in order to do so, and if you have prepared for the test, you will have no problem doing so. Therefore, in order to assist you, we have supplied a comprehensive collection of information on the PAF Jobs 2023 Test Preparation Online. You are able to attempt all of the tests that are provided online.

Pakistan Air Force PAF

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the air arm of the Pakistani armed forces. Its primary mission is to defend Pakistan from the air, and its secondary mission is to provide air support for the Pakistani ground forces and navy. The PAF plans to recruit the best and brightest young individuals it can find in an effort to broaden its base of human expertise and improve its own efficiency and effectiveness. The PAF as a whole is achieving hitherto unheard-of levels of serviceability and resource management efficiency. To “provide, in synergy with other inter-services, the most efficient, assured, and cost-effective aerial Defense of Pakistan Services’ operations and relief efforts,” as stated in the organization’s mandate and mission statement, is its major mandate and mission.

The PAF also has a tertiary role of providing strategic air transport and logistics capability to Pakistan. The PAF employed approximately 65,000 full-time personnel. Pakistan Air Force Jobs along with test preparation online in form of MCQs have been dispatched over here for all branches respectively.

PAF Jobs 2023 Test Preparation Online with Past Sample Papers

PAF Jobs 2023 Test Preparation Online

General Knowledge Tests

Ranks and Badges Order

Pakistan Forces GK Test 1

Pakistan Forces GK Test 2

Pakistan Forces GK Test 3

Armed Forces Abbreviations Test 1

Armed Forces Abbreviations Test 2

Islamic General Knowledge Test 1

Islamic General Knowledge Test 2

Islamic General Knowledge Test 3

Islamic General Knowledge Test 4

Islamic General Knowledge Test 5

Intelligence Tests

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 1

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 2

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 3

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 4

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 5

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 6

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 7

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 8

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 9

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 10

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 11

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 12

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 13

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 14

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 15

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 16

Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 1

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 2

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 3

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 4

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 5

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 6

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 7

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 8

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 9

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 10

Pattern Test 1

Pattern Test 2

Analogy Test 1

Analogy Test 2

Analogy Test 3

Analogy Test 4

Non-Verbal Classification

Completion of Series Test 1

Completion of Series Test 2

Completion of Series Test 3

Physics Tests

Physics Test 1

Physics Test 2

Physics Test 3

Physics Test 4

Physics Test 5

Physics Test 6

Chemistry Tests

Fundamental Concepts

States of Matter

Atomic Structure

Chemical Bonding

Chemical Energetics

Transition Elements


Alcohols & Phenols

Aldehydes & Ketones

Elements of Biological Importance






Chemical Equilibrium

Alkyl Halides

Reaction Kinetics

Fundamental Principles

Carboxylic Acid & Amino Acids

English Tests

Preposition Test 1

Preposition Test 2

Antonyms Test 1

Antonyms Test 2

Vocabulary Test 1

Vocabulary Test 2

Correct Use of Tenses

One Word Substitution Test 1

One Word Substitution Test 2

Correction of Sentences Test 1

Correction of Sentences Test 2

Active Passive Voice Test 1

Active Passive Voice Test 2

Fill in the Blanks Test 1

Fill in the Blanks Test 2

Analogy Test 1

Analogy Test 2

Grammar Test 1

Grammar Test 2

Synonyms Test 1

Synonyms Test 2

Use of Synonyms

Punctuation Test 1

Punctuation Test 2

Idioms and Phrases Test 1

Idioms and Phrases Test 2

English Words Spelling Test 1

English Words Spelling Test 2

Nearest in Meaning Test 1

Nearest in Meaning Test 2

Math Tests

Basic Math Test 1

Basic Math Test 2

Word Problems

Triangles Geometry

Ratio and Proportion

Square Root and Cube

Decimals and Fractions

Time, Distance, and Work





Simple Interest


Whole Numbers

Profit and Loss Math

Pakistan GK Tests

Missiles of Pakistan

Rivers of Pakistan

Desert of Pakistan

Area of Pakistan

Pakistani Flag and Emblem

National Anthem of Pakistan

Presidents of Pakistan

Prime Ministers of Pakistan

Largest in Pakistan

Highest in Pakistan

Pakistan Districts

Pakistan Geography

Pakistan Population

Nishan-e-Haider Holders

Languages of Pakistan

Pakistan Political Parties

Mountains/Ranges of Pakistan

History of Pakistan From 1947

Pakistan Military Awards

Dams in Pakistan

Pakistan Cities

Pakistan Atomic Power

Pakistan Power Resources

Agriculture in Pakistan

Famous People of Pakistan

National Assembly of Pakistan

Who is Who in Pakistan

Presidents of Pakistan

Prime Ministers of Pakistan

Chiefs of Army Staff

Chiefs of Naval Staff

Chiefs of Air Staff

Chief Ministers of Punjab

Chief Ministers of Sindh

Chief Ministers of KPK

Chief Ministers of Balochistan

Chief Justices of Pakistan

World GK Tests

World Continents

Countries Official Languages

Parliaments of Countries

World Largest Countries

World Records

Famous Inventors

Universe Basic Info

World Important Days

World General Knowledge

First in the World

Top Secret Agencies

Countries Military Awards

Internet Basic Info

Famous Discoveries and Inventions

Wonders of the World

Largest in the World

Religions of the World

Richest/Poorest Countries

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