ISSB Intelligence Test 11 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

ISSB Intelligence Test Preparation, Stages of ISSB and Questions Answers

If you want to join the any Military Force of the Pakistan Army, Navy, PAF, or Rangers So you will clear the ISSB test which is called the Intelligence Test. Here you can check your preparations against the ISSB Test. So you must read it and Attempt Online Test. The whole ground area and any other structure painted red between the start line and the finish line, and their helping materials and loads are out of bounds to the candidates. There is punishment for any candidate or any object that touches the out-of-bounds area.

ISSB Intelligence Test 11 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test Below:

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The Role of ISSB Intelligence in Armed Forces

It is the responsibility of ISSB Intelligence to identify persons who have the cognitive talents necessary for effective leadership and decision-making within the armed services. This is an extremely important position. It makes certain that only the most intelligent people join the defense mechanism, which in turn helps to contribute to the safety of the nation.

Stages of ISSB Intelligence Evaluation

Initial Screening Test (IST)

The Initial Screening Test (IST) is the first step, and its purpose is to filter individuals based on their intellectual and academic qualities. It assesses the fundamental cognitive abilities that must be met before moving on to other aspects of evaluation.

Psychological Tests

The candidates are put through a battery of psychological tests in order to gain insight into their personalities. These tests look for characteristics such as perseverance, flexibility, and emotional stability.

Group Testing

Candidates’ abilities to work together, communicate effectively, and take the initiative within a group setting are evaluated through the use of group exercises. These activities shed light on social dynamics and demonstrate the potential to collaborate successfully with other participants.


During the interview phase, a candidate’s goals, experiences, and reasons for wanting the job are discussed in depth. It gives us a glimpse into their personality, how determined they are, and how well they connect with military principles.

Final Words

To become a member of the armed services, one must possess a strong sense of purpose, a lot of dedication, and adequate preparation before beginning the process. You will not only be tested during your time with the ISSB Intelligence program, but you will also be developed into a more resilient and capable individual who is prepared to serve your country.

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  4. I got 83% in my first attempt.My all answers were right my low percentage is due to not answering some questions

  5. i Got 90% Alhmdulillah..
    ALLAH ji Plzzzz keep on helping me, in these test, and in final test on Oct 19, 2017…. plzzz ALLAH ji PLLLlZZZZZ

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