ISSB Intelligence Test 2 Online Preparation

Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

With the help of our ISSB Intelligence Test 2 Online Preparation, get ready for your entry into the Pakistan Army, PAF, or Navy. This tool provides a computerized introductory exam meant to gauge your aptitude and intellect. The test offers a platform to practice and become accustomed to the test format and is specifically designed for people looking to join these famous forces. Engage in a variety of cognitively demanding questions to improve your preparation for the selection process. Whether you want to join the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, or Pakistan Navy, our online training will provide you the abilities you need to do well on the initial intelligence assessment.

The Inter Services Selection Board ISSB is a selection committee to conduct the Test for candidates for officer commissions in the armed forces of Pakistan, the Army, Navy. Air Force jobs opportunity. If you are interested in joining any Military Force, you should require preparation for online ISSB test. So here you can attempt the ISSB intelligence test online.

ISSB Intelligence Test

In ISSB, Intelligence Tests have significant weight. In the selection center, Intelligence Tests will be on computers, while the ISSB Intelligence Tests will print on paper. For the Verbal ISSB Intelligence Test, you must solve 105 mixed verbal’s (no pictures) within 30 minutes. The test will consist of Non-Verbal Intelligence Test (photos) with 70 questions that will answer in 30 minutes. In the ISSB Mechanical Aptitude Test, 50 questions in just 15 minutes.

ISSB Intelligence Test 2 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

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ISSB Intelligence Test Online Preparation

For those looking to join the Pakistan Army, PAF, or Navy, the ISSB Intelligence Test Online Preparation is a helpful tool. This online resource is made with the express purpose of assisting applicants in getting ready for the selection process’s intelligence exam. In order to help applicants improve their cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities, it provides a selection of practice questions and resources that closely match the structure and substance of the actual test.

Candidates who actively use this preparation tool will have the self-assurance and readiness needed to ace the intelligence exam and improve their chances of getting accepted into the armed forces of their choice.

You Can Learn and Gain more Knowledge through our Online Quiz and Testing system Just Search your desired Preparation subject at Gotest.


  1. i got 90 percent marks..
    mgr mai ny paf ka test diya h.
    wjan itna b easy nhe tha jitnq ye h
    mshkil tha wo test

  2. Please any one solve this problem for me.

    A tells B that the old man is the father of the lady by his side. The lady is the wife of A and the old man is grandfather of B, What is the relation between A and Uncle of B?

  3. these questions are very easy to solve, I already have tried to solve it within 10 minutes, and got 100% marks as well as Point – 40

  4. This Is My Test Result Card
    Test Name : ISSB Intelligence Test 2
    Total Questions : 20
    Your Right Answers : 17
    Percentage : 85 %
    Grade :

    Rating : Very Good
    Points : 34

    1. forgott 11 , start from 8 , double of 8 is 16 and add 1 .
      next is 14 and doube of 14 is 28 and add 1 and you will get 29 … and so on ..

    2. its something like this,
      (11-3=8×2=16+1=17) did you see the pattern ? first subtract 3 from the number then multiply the resulted number with 2 and then add one to the resulted number .

      remember , sub 3, multiply 2 and add 1

    3. answer is 29

      minus 3
      then double or add the same number in it.
      Add one
      Again minus 3
      Add 1

    4. First we subtract 3
      Now add 1 in 16
      Now again subtract 3 form 17
      Now add 1 in 28
      28 +1=29
      (29) is a correct answer .

    5. Ys dear
      When we double 8 it becomes 16
      When we add 6 in 11 it becomes 17
      When we double 14 it becomes 28
      So next one is
      23 because
      1st when we add 6 in 11 it becomes 17
      Now we add 6 in 17 so it becomes 23

    6. 11-3= 8
      similarly 17-3=14
      14 *2=28 and 28 +1 = 29
      so its a sequence of number – 3, then * with 2 and then add 1 to the result. simple

    7. First you subtract 3 from 11 then it made 8 then 8×2 form 16 and 16 + 1 =17
      Now subtract 3 from 17 made 14 then 14×2 form 28 and 28 + 1=29
      This method is use in this series.

    1. Sir please help me what is this following series
      2, 90, 80, 60 _&_ ?
      One more bwcpxmlnop?_&_?
      What Will next in this series

    1. . Which one Does not belong to the list ?
      Necktie correct

      Plzzzzz is ki samjh ni aii koi bata sakta hy..

  5. i have a serious confusion guys.. i have applied in PAK NAVY but i dont know how and what to prepare for the test so anyone can help me for the test i will be very thankful to his or her

  6. I have completed my olevels i’m currently doing my alevels! But my question is that an alevel student can make his equivalency after completing alevels so do i need to submit my olevel equivalency along with a hope certificate or apply after completing alevels for PN cadet?Pls help ASAP

  7. yar mujy series waly questions bohat confuse kr rhy hain baki mujy blood relation analogies non verbal test 100% ata ha

  8. i dot 85% Alhumdullilah……?guyz plz pray for my AFNS test…..Cuz.I didn’t have anyother option except army……


  10. Sir I love pak army . And I join pak army . Sir I got 75% marke in materic . Now I am waiting for ist year results . Anshallah I got same results just like in materic . Sir I got 75% marke in intelligence test. Sir really I love pak army .

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  12. Sir,it’s humbly request to u,to convert ur site into adroid app that we can directly accessible to ur site anytime bcoz it’s very knwldble.

  13. there is one mistake. a snake does not crawl, it creeps. it does not have any limbs to crawl through.

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    1. Kia Navy kay initial tests main yahi question again gay kia main unhay perh ker pak navy sailor technical branch A2023 pass ho gao ga guys tell me

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