ISSB Intelligence Test 13 Computerized Initial Test Online Preparation

For Army, PAF and Navy Joining in Pakistan

The ISSB Inter Services Selection Board is the Commanding body to conduct the Intelligence test for the Military forces. Here, you can take computerized initial ISSB intelligence test foe PAK army, PAF and Navy Joining in Pakistan. This test is designed to assess your cognitive abilities and intelligence, helps you enhance your knowledge and preparation for the test. Strengthen your readiness, hone your skills, and step confidently towards realizing your aspirations of joining the Pak Army, PAF, or Navy.

ISSB Intelligence Test 13 Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

You can start your preparation here:

This quiz must be completed in 30 minutes.
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  1. please guide me about NAVY INITIAL test
    type of question
    distribution of marks
    is its written or computrzed test??
    please comment
    looking for your kind response

  2. Write with number of pair the words of which are unlike the others in the following?
    Bright and shining
    Tall and huge
    Slim and thin
    Intelligent and clever
    Straight and curve

    Correct answer is straight and curve

    Admin plz right the answer

      1. No ,I’m Applying for first time in Army .Sooo pLzz pRay for me .Is k iLawa mery pas koib option nhi h……

          1. i’ve applied for PAF but i want to apply for army too … can you tell me the initial test dates

          2. why not brother….as i got update i inform you..but you should also try for it
            these months aug or sep are one so be active

          3. kia initial test (test 15) ki tarha tough hoga.agr aisa hai to kmara bht tym aik hi question me lg jaye ga…Koi guide kro pLzzzz…

          1. 28 ko hai,Dua krNa meRy liYe pLzzz ,k initial test clear ho jaye .ap b apply kr rhy ho kia??

  3. blunt is the antonym of sharp.As adjectives;blunt refers to thick edge ,which cannot be cut easily,whereas sharp object can be cut easily.

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