ISSB Intelligence Test 4 Online Preparation

Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

ISSB Intelligence Test 4 Online Preparation is essential for PAF, Pak Army forces. To determine your suitability for commission in Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force, your tests and interviews will be held at ISSB, So ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board) test is conducted to ensure that a suitable man select for a job in Pakistani Armed forces (Army, Navy and Air force, Rangers).

We have offered exams on various subjects that can help students prepare for the ISSB Intelligence Test 4 Online Preparation on the internet. Preparation (Inter Service Selection Board) is the body that selects the officers commissioned for all the military forces of Pakistan.

We have put together the most helpful information for preparing for any ISSB Test. we suggest every one of you complete all tests to ensure that you succeed in all tests related to ISSB Intelligence Test 4 Online Exam Preparation. MCQs Practice is the top website to prepare for ISSB, Pakistan Navy Initial, Pakistan Army Initial, Pakistan Air Force Initial, MCAT, ECAT, General Knowledge, and Intelligence Test.

ISSB Intelligence Test 4 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

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ISSB Intelligence Test Online

Prepare for the ISSB Intelligence Test online and immerse yourself in the world of online study. This platform is intended to assist you in performing exceptionally well on the ISSB test, which is an important part of the process to join the armed forces. The Intelligence Test is designed to evaluate your cognitive capacities, as well as your problem-solving and analytical thinking capabilities. Our resources, which include practice questions, study materials, and helpful hints, have been designed specifically to assist you in navigating this test. You will be able to improve your mental agility by working with these resources, and as a result, you will be more prepared for the challenges that will be given on the ISSB Intelligence Test.

Online ISSB Test Practice

Improve your readiness for the ISSB with the help of our online exam simulations. Using this interactive resource, you will be able to become used to the structure of the actual ISSB test as well as the sorts of questions that will be asked. Your verbal, non-verbal, and analytical thinking abilities will be put to the test on the practice exams, which span a wide variety of subject areas. Problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and effective management of time may all be honed via consistent practice; these are all skills that are crucial for performing well on the ISSB Intelligence Test. Your level of preparedness for the difficult selection process can be significantly improved by making use of this online practice resource.

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  1. q 1 and q 6 is not correct sir…in q1 we are adding 2 numbers in series first we added 5 then 7 then 9 and the 11 and answer is 32 but you have marked 33 how ?
    and in q 6 great….big…fat …great…small….the answer is small …bcz it is different from all of them..other all are showing a giant thing thats why

  2. Kindly explain it how it possible that 4 is correct?

    Continue the Following Series ? 2 4 16 256 12 __?__

  3. fat, small, big, high, all are physical quantities, that can be measured in their repective uits. but Great is an Abstract noun/ idea. and ideas or thoughts can not be measured in numbers.

      1. i dont think there is any main logic behind this ans.
        we just have to end the sequence thats why the ans is 4.
        i already attempted number of questions like that in which ans is 2nd number of the sequence.
        well it does`t make any sense but it is correct.

    1. it is wrong bcz this series is increasing by multiplying by its number so answer and options are also wrong

    1. H – I – J – K
      D – E – F – G
      L – M – N – O
      A – B – C

      Every options have 2 letters between their key points regardless “AC”.

    2. In every digit the word gap between the word is to like h i j than k

  4. Sir I love pak army . And I got 60% in this test . Sir It is my first and can I join pak army ?. And sir can I made captain?

  5. It’s logical.. We can take it as a AC air condintr or lyk that…
    By logically we cn say there is 1 letter between A & C..
    And two lettrz between h & K

  6. after d 2 chars are missing same after a and after L but not after h after h one char is missing hence HK is different from rest

    1. In every digit the word gap between the word is to like h i j than k

  7. some one explain me PAF intelligence test anyone give is this r the exact type of same question come in exam

    1. relationship ,relatives
      kinship. brother sister
      as well frienship dosti
      but spaceship is different so answer is spaceship

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