National Anthem of Pakistan General Knowledge Quiz Online Mcqs Test

Welcome to the General Knowledge Quiz about the National Anthem of Pakistan! This quiz is meant to see how much you know about the Pakistani national song, which is a sign of pride and unity for the people of Pakistan. Get ready to learn more about the background, lyrics, and meaning of this song that represents the nation’s spirit and goals. Answer multiple-choice questions and test yourself with interesting facts about the anthem’s music, lyrics, and societal significance. Let’s take this interesting game to learn more about Pakistan’s rich history.

A free online quiz about the National Anthem of Pakistan that includes questions about the song’s writer, music composer, and vocalists has been made available by our company in order to facilitate the visitors’ preparation for any general knowledge-related written examinations or interviews that may take place in a short amount of time and with relative ease.

National Anthem of Pakistan General Knowledge Quiz Online Mcqs Test

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National Anthem of Pakistan overview

The Pakistani National Anthem is a sign of pride and unity for the whole country. It shows the energy and hopes of the people of Pakistan. The powerful Urdu lyrics of the song, which were written by Hafeez Jullundhri and composed by Ahmad G. Chagla, make you feel patriotic and devoted to your country. Its beautiful tune and touching words serve as a reflection of the sacrifices made by Pakistan’s founding fathers and the work that is still being done to make Pakistan a better place.

General Knowledge Quiz Online Mcqs Test for National Anthem of Pakistan

A multiple-choice quiz that assesses knowledge of the Pakistani national anthem is called the National Anthem of Pakistan General Knowledge Quiz Online MCQs Test. There are 10 questions in the quiz, and there are four possible answers for each. The national anthem’s lyrics, background, and significance are all covered in the quiz questions. Both English and Urdu versions of the test are offered.

The quiz is a useful tool for learning more about the national anthem’s background and meaning while also testing your understanding of it. Additionally, it is an effective approach to get ready for tests that call for familiarity with the national anthem, such the Pakistan Civil Service exam.

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  1. According to the questions, the lyrics of the national anthem were written in 1954, and the music was composed in 1949?

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