History of Pakistan Online Test 01 Mcqs From 1947 to 2024

Pakistan History MCQs with Answers

This online examination takes you on a captivating journey through Pakistan’s rich historical tapestry. From its birth in 1947 to the year 2024, this History of Pakistan Online Test 01 Mcqs explores the various chapters that have molded Pakistan’s unique identity. By delving into pivotal moments, political transformations, socio-economic advancements, and cultural milestones, this quiz provides a comprehensive understanding of Pakistan’s evolution. As participants navigate through a series of multiple-choice questions, they will uncover both the triumphs and challenges that have shaped the nation’s trajectory, gaining valuable insights into the resilient spirit that defines Pakistan’s narrative. With its engaging and informative nature, this test serves as a virtual time capsule, unraveling the intricate threads that compose the fabric of Pakistan’s history.

History is an extremely important thing to know about as without knowing the past, no one can understand that how one thing has transformed into its current existence. So as a Pakistani, the same thing apply on you as you should definitely know about the history of your country. In case you think you already know enough, then attempt this History of Pakistan MCQs Online Test Quiz and evaluate your level of information.

History of Pakistan Online Test 01 Mcqs

The “History of Pakistan Online Test 01 MCQs” is an interactive quiz that has been specifically designed to evaluate and enhance one’s knowledge regarding the history of Pakistan. This quiz focuses on the period from Pakistan’s independence in 1947 up until the year 2024. It consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that cover a wide range of topics related to Pakistan’s historical journey, including political events, socio-economic developments, cultural milestones, and other significant occurrences.

By participating in this online quiz, users have the opportunity to test their understanding of Pakistan’s past by answering questions that span different time periods and themes.

The main objective of this test is to offer an informative and captivating platform for individuals who are interested in delving deeper into Pakistan’s rich and diverse history through an interactive online format.

History of Pakistan Online Test 01 Mcqs From 1947 to 2024 Quiz with Question Answer

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1. When created the Pakistan fund?

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2. According to which Act NWFP was given a status equal to other provinces?

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3. Benazir came back to Pakistan after 8 years in self exile

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4. President Musharraf and Prime Minister Wajpai had a 65-minutes meeting

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5. 12th Constitutional Assembly was dissolved after completed her term and caretaker government took the charge

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6. Quaid-e-Azam elected as the first President Constituent Assembly

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7. First meeting of constituent assembly of Pakistan

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8. The June 3rd plan is also known as:

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9. How many members were three in the Constituent Assembly when it was set up?

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10. Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan along with his brother Shahbaz Sharif and other family members

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11. How many members were later added to the Constituent Assembly?

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12. NWFP provincial Assembly was dissolved

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13. First Barohi TV Channel of Pakistan was launched

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14. Mian Muhammad Soomro took oath as 24th Prime Minister of Pakistan and became the head of caretaker goverment

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15. Lord Mountbatten replaced ________ as Viceroy of India in 1947.

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16. Shamsh-ul-Malik became the Caretaker Chief Minister of NWFP

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17. Pakistan membership of commonwaelth was suspended for second time on

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18. When did the British Parliament pass the Indian Independence bill?

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19. Division of India; India and Pakistan from separate Idependent-dominions

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20. Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan provincial assemblies were dissolved after completing their term

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Pakistan History MCQs with Answers

Pakistan History MCQs with Answers” presents a comprehensive and organized method for evaluating one’s knowledge of Pakistan’s historical events and progress. This resource consists of a series of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) accompanied by their respective answers, allowing users to actively assess their understanding of Pakistan’s past. Encompassing the period from the nation’s inception in 1947 to recent times, these MCQs encompass a wide range of subjects, including significant political milestones, cultural advancements, economic transformations, and notable social changes.

This compilation serves as a valuable resource for students, history enthusiasts, or anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of Pakistan’s rich and dynamic history through an engaging and interactive quiz format.

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