Contact Prime Minister of Pakistan Office Phone No Email Address

Effectively engaging with government officials requires skillful navigation of communication channels, and obtaining precise contact information is of utmost importance. In this informative article, we explore the fundamental details necessary for reaching out to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. From the official office phone number to the designated email address, this comprehensive guide regarding Contact Prime Minister of Pakistan aims to equip individuals with the essential information needed to establish effective communication. Recognizing the significance of communication in promoting transparency and citizen involvement, knowing how to contact the Prime Minister’s office establishes a direct avenue for inquiries, concerns, or expressions of civic interest.

In recent tenure PM complaint cell is most active way to contact with PM of Pakistan Imran Khan for any problem query and other related information, if you want to Contact Prime Minister of Pakistan Office Phone No Email Address, then you must follow below mentioned details. It includes office address numbers, phone number, email ID, fax number, social profiles ID’s etc. with reference of the official website of the company etc.

Prime Minister Contact Number Pakistan

Contact Prime Minister of Pakistan by taking reliable source of info from here. We are pleased to inform you that on this page you can get official numbers and mailing Id of Prime Minister House as well as PM office. Through getting such contact info you can meet your grievance and complaints against any institutional body of Pakistan. Email address and contact through PTCL both are reliable communication ways for accessing PM Pakistan. Its sublime initiative taken by the federal govt to publicize such info in order to accommodate the complaints and suggestions of general public on daily basis.

The Prime Minister Secretariat is the official residence and principle workplace of the Prime Minister of Pakistan located in 44000 Constitution Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan. It has been an official residence of every Prime Minister. Just Follow the given below contact info in order to get speedy remedy against any mischief or wrong doing of the Govt department.

Prime Minister Complaint Cell Contact Number

For any feedback, queries and suggestions to below given cell number Prime Minister’s Office Islamabad.

  • Phone Number: 051-9206111, +92-51-9222666, 9225404

Prime Minister Complaint Cell Contact NumberContact Prime Minister of Pakistan Office Phone No Email Address

PM office

Prime Minister Office Address Islamabad

  • PM office Address:- Constitution Ave, Islamabad.
  • Phone Number:051-9206111, +92-51-9222666, 9225404
  • PABX : +92-51-9202759, 9206111, 9222666, 9222667, 9222668, 9222669, 9222670
  • Email Address:- [email protected]
  • Prime Minister’s Official Website
  • PM Residential Address: House # 20-H,Street#10,F-8/3 Islamabad.

Prime Minister Complaint Cell Citizen Portal

Library of prime minister is called for any feed back. Ministry of citizens. Provincial office and solve your complaint cell phone numbers, citizen.

Prime Minister Complaint Cell Whatsapp Number

Direct Whatsapp Number contact speak to Prime minister Imran khan is for just Ministers for publicly PM office given their landline numbers.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Online Complaint Cell

Now you can register all your complaints with the government through Pakistan Citizens Portal. Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the portal on Sunday with the promise of connecting people with the government.

Register as New Member

Register Complaint Pakistan Citizen Portal App

If you have any complaint regarding any issue and want your complaint to get heard quickly then Pakistan Citizen Portal app is the one for you. Through this app, you can register any complaints, and give feedback and suggestions to the government authorities. Pakistan Citizen Portal is an integrated citizens grievance redressed system connecting all government organizations both at federal and provincial levels. Just download the app on your smart device and register a complaint if you have one.

Install App Pakistan Citizen Portal

Prime Minister of Pakistan Complaint Cell Address

Citizens can also telephonically inquire about status of their letters sent to the Prime Minister Imran Khan by dialing the facilitation number 011-23386447. 4. The redressed of grievance in such cases is under the purview of the appropriate authority to which the grievance is forwarded. President of PTI and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Complaint Cell Postal Address below

  • PM office Address:- Constitution Ave, Islamabad.
  • PM Residential Address: House # 20-H,Street#10,F-8/3 Islamabad.

Prime Minister Office Islamabad Pakistan Email Address

Please send your feedback, queries and suggestions to below given Prime Minister’s Office Islamabad email address.

Focal Person of IT Cell and Prime Minister Portal, Mr. Muhammad Qaddafi DPO, ADCG, AC, MS, GPO, GM Railway, CEO Education, Health, Xian Highway, Public Health Department, Excise and Taxation Officer, deputy Director Live Stock, Agriculture, Chief Officer Municipal Committee, Chief Officer District Council Dist. Officer Rescue will be brief about PM Imran Khan Citizen Portal Uses.


Above mentioned information are most trust worthy and confidential information which have been provided over here as well as on the PM official website too. For getting more updates regarding Federal as well provincial Govt bodies info keep in touch with us.

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  1. Dear Imran khan
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    Imran Aijaz
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  2. Sir bhout tang ho kr apko msg kr rha hoon plz sir i need a job plz help me ap meri govt job lagwa deen main 10th pass hn my contect no 03413974480 plz sir

  3. Dear my Prime minister Imran khan. I never thought that I will be able to contact you in my ever life but now I’m doing it. I’m a simple house wife who have daughter she is about 2 years. Dear Imran Khan I am homeless now I have no home don’t know where to take my daughter safely. I was living in my parents house with my husband. They had a demand that if your husband gave 70 thousand salary in every month you can live with us. we told how we can gave you my husband is a teacher his salary is not enough. because he is also studying he is doing preparation of CSS. So we requested to our parents please let his preparation done but they took our stuff and started to throwing.first they hit my husband and then I’m homeless we have no money to rent a house we have no shelter please help us. waiting for your help

  4. Sorry money No poor very support DEAF blind eye all friend deaf blind poor money No Zubair come send soon thanks

  5. As-Salam Alykum

    I am currently visiting Mirpur AJK and would like to discuss a development project that will bring fertility to all types of soil. Including water retention and management system to increase soil stability.

    I would like to discuss this in greater detail with you at your earliest convenience.

    Kind regards

  6. Dear sir prime minister Imran khan
    My name is Mehwish Jabeen I Live in London resident of
    Pakistan but since 2011 I m out of country.I m very glad to see u as our prime minister and we proud of u sir.I want to join your party PTI.Bcz I m your big fan and I feel save now in London and other countries.I want to support pti bcz we don’t want to lose u. I use social madia and lost of people support pti on social media now a days Tiktok. We feel proud when someone ask me where r u from then my answer is From lovely Pakistan then they Imran khan is a good leader. We always pray for u sir Allah will protect u from evil eyes. I will w8 sir if u give me reply . I have lots of things to tell u how I want my Pakistan and others but I have just only source to talk with u on this way I will try to call if anybody give me chance to talk with u sir
    (Sada khan a Sadi Jan a )
    Thnk you so much
    Kind regards
    Mehwish Jabeen

  7. A slam o alaikum .myre imran Khan PMO Pakistan sy request ha k myre help ki jay loo bnda myre pics r videos share krta ha r mujy black mail krta hA.I am very helpless.khuda k leay myre help ki jay ab to geena b mushkil ha

  8. i only wish to say Hello at this time. i look forward to speaking with more in the future. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Dear Imran Khan PM Pakistan,

    State of Madinah and “Riba”system?
    Imran Khan takes immediate steps to get rid of “Riba” system!
    Put an end to the war with Allah and His Messenger!
    Abrar Chishti
    The great legislation in the history of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which came into being in the name of Allah Almighty and His Messenger, was passed in a joint sitting of the Parliament on November 17, 2024. These include the Electoral Reform Bill, Electronic Voting Bill, Right to Vote for Pakistanis Abroad, Census Bill, Muslim Family Law (Amendment) Bill, Hyderabad Institute for Technical Management Science Establishment Bill and International Court of Justice (Review) Bill etc. The people are well aware that political necessities were hidden in all these legislations. There were vote banks (Pakistanis abroad), election planning and political interests of the allies. All this legislation can be said to be for political purposes, but it has nothing to do with the country’s economy, Islamic identity and loud claims of the Medina state.
    PTI’s agenda envisions a true Islamic republic and the rule of law but justice has become vulnerable and disrespectful during the PTI regime. The country has a separate law for aristocracy “Sharif or Zardari Ashrafia” and a separate law for the people. The Prime Minister and his media team who chanted the slogan of the state of Medina forgot that the “Dajjaly system of usury “Riba” in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has become more oppressive than the pre-Islamic era and the economy, business, general transactions and life of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. All sectors of the economy, even the judiciary and the legislature, are mortgaged to this antichrist interest system. Interest-seeking artisans are always working for the survival of this system.
    Prime Minister Imran Khan will continue to take credit for these 33 bills and the Opposition Leaders will continue to criticize them. Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will make it a source of media presence for themselves until another topic becomes available for TV talk shows and fruitless discussions.
    These issues will also have their importance in the politics and will be imperative. But the most important and crucial issue, which is the basis of the country’s economic growth and Islamic identity, is the end of the “Riba” or usury system. Imran Khan and his team are well aware that the prevailing usurious financial system in the country is “war with Allah and His Messenger”. In the Qur’an, Allah Says “O you who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for Riba (usury), if you are indeed believers, and if you do not, then be ready to fight Allah and His Messenger (translation of Sura Baqarah verses 275-279). These verses are very concise and comprehensive. Imran Khan and his government and even entire parliament are complicit in this sin.
    It will also be part of the record that Prime Minister Imran Khan, who dreamed of the state of Medina for the people of Pakistan, had filed a petition before the Federal Shariat Court in the case of abolition of “Riba”. It was requested that the issue of abolishing the “Riba” system may be left to the people’s elected parliament. It is also part of the court record that before this petition, Imran Khan’s government had also challenged the jurisdiction of the court in the Federal Shariat Court. Doesn’t this show that Imran Khan’s government is reluctant to get rid of the interest system? However, before that in 1991 the Federal Shariah Court had given a complete and detailed decision on “Riba” in the light of Quran and Hadith. Earlier, an appeal was filed by the banker community in the Supreme Court against the decision for their own vested interests. The Supreme Court heard the appeal on February 22, 1999 and ruled on December 30, 1999 declaring “Riba” to be against the teachings and injunctions of the Qur’an. These decisions of the Federal Shariat Court and the Supreme Court were valued all over the Islamic world. These decisions were appreciated as a major step towards Islamic economic reforms and Muslim way of life. Leading scholars of the Islamic world have termed these decisions as true manifestation of the spirit of Qur’an and Hadith. But it was difficult for Pakistan’s ruling elite and business community to digest these decisions. Theirs is more than obedience to Allah and His Messenger? Business interests are dear or are they agents of the usurpers antichrist system? Among the political elite who have obstructed the realization of this decision are the names of three-time PM Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf. These people who always take the name of Islam were obstructing the implementation of these decisions and are at the forefront of the “war with Allah and His Messenger”! Imran Khan is also creating a drama of leaving it to the parliament to continue the system of usury?
    There can be no second opinion that in an Islamic State the head of state will be accountable to Allah Almighty for this “Riba” system. Here I would like to mention his views on interest attributed to the famous scholar Mr. Burhan Ahmad Farooqi. During the rule of Field Marshal Ayub Khan in the 1960’s, the country’s economy was on the path of development. Mr. Ijaz Chishti (founder of Jamia Chishtia High School Faisalabad which was later taken into government custody by Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto and now known as Government Jamia Chishtia School) had a wide circle of associates. Maulana Maududi, Chaudhary Muhammad Ali (former PM of Pakistan), Maulvi Farid (East Pakistan), Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, Aqa Bidar Bakht and Burhan Ahmad Farooqi continued to benefit from the company of such eminents. He had a special devotion to Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari and it was customary to attend and address meetings with Hassamuddin Sheikh and Shorash Kashmiri in connection with the Khatm-i-Nabovit movement. Mr. Ijaz told that one day he was sitting in the seat of Burhan Ahmad Farooqi when a man stated his problem and asked him for guidance. It may be recalled that Burhan Farooqi rendered valuable services in the field of education. He was associated with Muslim Aligarh University, Islamia College Jalandhar and Punjab University Lahore. His name has a distinct identity in academic and social circles. The questioner belonged to a business family in Lahore. He mentioned his financial difficulties and said, “I am very worried. I am burdened with debt. I’m in financial trouble because of me. Please tell, if I get bank loan on interest (Riba) and clear my debt? I am very compelled and in compulsion it will be permissible for me? Mr. Farooqi listened to everything with patience and said to use any other means to repay the loan which is free from interest. But if you are compelled and there is no other way, then the biggest culprit is Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, the President of Pakistan. And then he mentioned Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz and Hazrat Umar Farooq bin Khattab and said that if a dog died of hunger and thirst on the banks of River of Frat then the caliph would have to answer to Allah Almighty for that. PM Imran Khan usually starts his speech withایاک نعبد و ایاک نستعین” “Ayak Nabbad wa Ayak Nasta’een” but unfortunately government hasn’t made any progress about winding up “Riba” system. How much better it would have been if the bill to abolish the interest system had been tabled in the joint sitting of Parliament first and then other bills had been tabled for approval! In this way, the real objectives of the Pakistan Resolution and the Constitution of Pakistan would have been fulfilled and the ongoing war against Allah Almighty and His Messenger would have come to an end. Of course, this is the source of our country’s economy and social welfare and success in the hereafter.
    Is Imran Khan trying to save democracy or is he trying to perpetuate his government? And in this endeavor, the state is not paying attention to the basic welfare and collective measures of Medina! Or is the state of Medina limited to mere words or is it a political slogan? I am sure Imran Khan sincerely wants the development of the Islamic way of life. Khan Sahib “your journey to power and rosary (tesbhee) in hand” was a difficult and long journey. As you reach the seat of power, the shadows of life seem to be fading. Therefore, seize this time and immediately prepare a bill to be tabled in Parliament for the elimination of the antichrist and ugly system of usury for the sake of the Hereafter and convene a joint sitting of Parliament and pass the bill for the abolition of usury. Matters can be settled with the guidance of leading scholars and scholars of the country through “Ijtihad” and any suitable solution can be found for foreign and international agreements/liabilities etc. You and your team held dozens of meetings and dozens of media talks for 33 bills to get these bills passed by Parliament. What is the impediment to the efforts to end the usury system? Go ahead and take immediate steps to get rid of the usury system and finalize it as soon as possible and convene a meeting of Parliament and make a historic decision to end this usury system. This will put an end to the war with Allah and His Messenger and will end many economic problems and corruption. We will be entitled to Allah’s mercy and blessings along with the success of this worldly life.

  10. PM sahib, I disclose before you this fact, that you have put your hand in the hole of snake with the intent to eradicate corruption. The mode and manner means method adopted by your good self was not a good step for reason, this task was ought to be carried out quickly within the framework. No framework was made for eradication of corruption neither it was understood before taking any action in this regard. If you really wants to make recovery in order to clear outstanding due against Pakistan, then appoint me as a Cabinet Minister with the delegation of powers so as to enable me to complete such task within next six months through unique & miracles performance.

  11. Dear Prime Minister
    I been US since 1981 after my Father passed away my Older brother took all property
    this a Big issue

  12. Aslam o Alakum
    Respectable Sir
    I request to I am Educated Boy Have not Job but i entrety you sir Give me a job at larkana
    the above prayer is the intrest of prime minister pakistan

  13. The Honb’le Prime Minister,
    Islamic Republic Of Pakistan,
    Dear Sir,
    Most humbly request you,To Kindly look into the matter of under signed, that i am retired govt-servant w.e.f Sept-2017 from the directorate of haj,karachi as deputy assistant director Bps-16. was applied for ”THALIAN PROJECT”Scheem of “FGEHF” in May-2016 alongwith an amount of Rs.387,000/-(refunded now in few month ago,NOT SINGLY REPLY RECEIVED
    STILL not a single word was informed me and adjusted some persons in THALIAN PROJECT
    Sir it is therefore, request to take care of necessary measures on account of allotment of my PLOT alongwith other adjusted member in G-11 AND G-12 Islamabad.
    Sir, Your cooperation in this regard will highly be appreciated.
    Thanking You


    sir it may be pointed out here that after

  14. Aslam o alaikom dear sir
    Dear sir main apse Kuch bat krna Chahta hu dear sir ap mujy is number pr call kry

  15. I like PM Imran Khan as he striving hard to uplift economy of Pakistan and up-grade common people by doing a number of steps.
    I want to mention one more problem in Pakistan, Many hackers and many persons fraudulently taking out money from banks.
    I am also victim and from my account a huge amount Rs. 1200000.00 has been taken which I was saved from my pension. Still no action has been taken from the bank. I am retired teacher and very old man. I have very weak health. I saved this money to proceed wedding of my daughter. I am very helpless. Kindly help me in this matter. My account is UBL 169510000642, I was operating this account in UBL Muslim Town Branch, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.

  16. Aslam-e-Alikum
    Sir i need rozgar loan to start my bussiness
    I apply it but there is no responce please i help personly please help me

  17. Most Respactable Prime Minister Sir Imran Khan Sir my Father Worked in Sui Northern Gas Company Lahore Pakistan Sir I have a Blood Relation cota job 19 years old Company Sui Northern Gas Company Lahore not provide job to me. Sir my name is Sardar Muhammad khalid khan I Working Sui Northern Gas Company Lahore My Father (Late) Yar Muhammad Company SN No 1566-7 Senior Welder Supervisor Job is Sui Northern Gas Company Lahore. Sir Company not provide Blood Relation cota job. Sir I send application send to MD sui Northern Gas Company Lahore but not provide job. Most Respactable Prime Minister Sir Imran Khan Sir please Consider my original ligale job problem please Consider my original problem Thanks a Lot,s Respectable Sir I Pray for every Namaz. Cell No 03232464935

  18. Most Respactable Prime Minister Sir Imran Khan Sir I compliane for you my Father Worked Sui Northern Gas Company Lahore area he is a Top Class Senior Welder Supervisor Company SN NO 1566-7.My Name is Sardar Muhammad khalid khan.My Blood Relation cota job not provide to me. I Working Sui gas company in Lahore 19 years old I stragle provide Permanent job but not provide me I have any more Reqest Sui Northern Gas Company MD Application reqest but not any Application action Most Respactable Prime Minister Sir Imran Khan Sir his my original ligale case I have no Sorace only Allah Pak Sorace. Respactable Sir Serieaslley take a action and provide Bool Relation gob in Sui Northern Gas Company Lahore. I Hope Considering my original case Thanks a Lot,s Most Respactable Sir Imran Khan Sir. My Cell no 03232464935.

    1. Most Respactable Prime Minister Sir Imran Khan Sir I compliane for you Sui Northern Gas Company Lahore. Sir my Father Worked in Sui Northern Gas Company Company SN No 1566-7 Senior Welder Supervisor. Sir iam Working with Company Sir I have a Blood Relation cota job. 19 years I Stragle job SN permanent job but Sui nothten Gas company Lahore not provide a job. I Reqest MD Application Blood Relation cota job but not provide my job. Sir his my Cota job oraginal ligale but Company not provide Blood Relation cota job. Sir I Have a any more time MD application to send TCS But not provide job. Most Respactable Sir Imran Khan Sir my provide my Blood Relation cota job in Lahore Sui Northern Gas company. I hope Considering my job Problem and provide job. Thanks a Most Respactable Prime Minister Sir Imran

  19. Most Respactable Prime Minister Sir Imran Khan Sir I compliane for you my Father Worked Sui Northern Gas Company Lahore area he is a Top Class Senior Welder Supervisor Company SN NO 1566-7.My Name is Sardar Muhammad khalid khan.My Blood Relation cota job not provide to me. I Working Sui gas company in Lahore 19 years old I strangle provide Permanent job but not provide me I have any more Reqest Sui Northern Gas Company MD Application reqest but not any Application action Most Respactable Prime Minister Sir Imran Khan Sir his my original ligale case I have no Sorace only Allah Pak Sorace. Respactable Sir Serieaslley take a action and provide Bool Relation gob in Sui Northern Gas Company Lahore. I Hope Considering my original case Thanks a Lot,s Most Respactable Sir Imran Khan Sir. My Cell no 03232464935.

  20. Sir aslam alkum. Meara taluk sindh distrik kambar sy hy sir me pakistan coast guards me job karta ho koch month phly hamrey thseal warah sindh me hatyar bando ny 1 police wala shead kiya jis k shak k bonyad par police ny Buledi cast k goth par karwaey kar kshak k bonyad par koch bandey aur maveshey ly gy jis me koch maveshey hamara be adhey par un k pass tha jab meara walid sb sho thsel warah k paas gaya aur bola is me koch hamra maveshey be hy jo k adhey par tha mhrbaney kar k wapas kar do sho ny rishwat manga na deney par bhans waps kiya aur kata nahy diya bola zabh kar liya hum ny plz sir insaaf dilwao

  21. Dear prime Minister Imran Khan sahab,
    Mery bhai ne mujh se mery haq mehr k paisy thory thory kr k khara raha
    Mera zewar bhi chori kr lia
    Mera mobile chori kr lia
    Mujhy mara pira aur ghr se niksl dia
    Mn apni walda k kehny p wapis ght chli gyi
    28 July ko phir mery bhai ne apni bv aur sali k kehny mn ak mujhy mara pita
    Mn 29 July 2024 ko apni behn k ghr agyi

    Us ne mery jaheez ka saea saman bech dia hy
    Aur mujhy jaan se marny ki dhmkiyan din hn
    Mujhy Atif ahi
    Mujhy mery bhai Atif Tahir sur bhsbi saima Kashif se jaan ka khtara hy mujhy security farham ki jaye
    Mn ne apny ilagy k mutalqa thany mn complain krwai thee jo k police waly k kehny p Meri walda ne wapis krwa di
    Ab meri waldah mery sath reh rhi hn

  22. Sr
    Aslam o Aleikum
    Dear Prime minister khan
    I’m involved in PTI party for a long time
    But I didn’t get any duty from it. I am a very poor man. I live in Ghotki district of Dharki. There are two factories around my house
    Sir, my education is graduation and I have a clear electrical diploma and I have two diplomas in computer. I hope you will give me a reply. Sir, you help the poor a lot Give us a duty according to your education me & my parents will continue to pray for your family so that I may have the opportunity to give thanks Thanks.???

  23. False/Baseless FIRs # 125/21 & 144/21 of PS Bolani (Gujrat) have been got registered against us by DSP Sara-e-Alamgir with malafide intentions and due to bias attitude of DSP/SHO/IO we have no hope of justice in circle Sara-e-Alamgir. We appeared before Board detailed for Change of Investigation headed by SP/INV Gujrat twice(03 & 17 Jul 21) but we are still waiting change of investigation of aforesaid FIRs from Sara-e-Alamgir Circle to an Honest Officer. My son(age 15 years) studying in matric has also been nominated falsely in FIR # 144/21. We have expended huge amounts on our defence against these false FIRs. DPO Gujrat is requested to plz look into the matter personally & play his role for change of investigation to avoid us from “Injustice”.

  24. On 16-8-21 during inquiry of False FIRs No.125/21 & 144/21 SHO/IO PS Bolani(Gujrat) got fingure prints/snaps of my younger brother & son showing them as “Criminal Record Holder” despite clear direction of Lahore High Court regarding fair trial(copy attached). It is pertinent to mention that age of my son is only 15 years & he is student of matric. This attitude of SHO/IO shows that they have been paid heavy bribe by our rich opponents to damage our family members. We have already sent many complaints to higher authorities about bias/corrupt behaviour of local police but “NO ACTION” was “EVER” seen. Rather our complaints are managed/dropped by officials dealing th PM Citizen Portal to cover up the “STATUS QUO”. I request PM Imran Khan to release us from “CORRUPT POLICE CULTURE” as he promised in his MENIFESTO at the time of Raising of PTI through action against Responsibles U/S 155C.

  25. In my opinion DSP is very Lower (Majboor) rank as compared to influential powers of politicians(MNAs, MPAs & Advisors etc) as he expressed through registeration of false FIRs No.125/21 & 144/21 against us so my complaint may please be heared/considered in a broader context at a larger plateform(at least Federal Ministry Of Law/Interior or IG Punjab).

  26. Dear PM! Due to illegal verbal order of DSP Sara-e-Alamgir Gujrat we have not ploughed our agricultral land since 8-6-21. During this period ten rain spells irrigated lands of other people of the area but our lands were deprived of these blessings of Almighty. It is pertinent to mention that our area is totally dependant on rains. Now our lands are full of grass & other natural plants(Jarri Booties) whereas our neighbouring farmers have planted Bajra Crop. Being further aggressive DSP got registered two false FIRs against us which we have challenged at appropriate forum. It is requested that DSP may be directed not to interfere into rights of our ownership of land & legal/disciplinary action be taken against him for not using his seat as per law. The loss conveyed to us may be re-couped after recovery from DSP. Raja Khalid

  27. Tabdeeli(Change of Police Culture). SHO PS Bolani(Gujrat) SI Riaz Topa was earlier caught red-handedly by Anti Corruption while taking bribe. The attached picture is enclosed as ready reference. Now he has registered a false FIR # 144 against us. Are such like SHOs/IOs suitable as per vision of PM Imran Khan? In my opinion our PS is part of Interior Sindh(Kacha Area). Raja Khalid Mahmood

  28. On 08 Jun 21 on demand of our opponents DSP Sarae Alamgir Gujrat unlawfully ordered me not to cultivate our land. Till 16 Jul 21 he did not decide the matter. When we ploughed a small plot of our land, he ordered SHO Bolani to register a false FIR # 144/21 against us with the blame to damage the crop whereas no crop was ever sown by the applicant. Earlier DSP ordered registeration of false FIR # 125/21 U/S 379 against us. Both these false & baseless FIRs were registered against us because our opponents can pay bribe & a “Political Dera” is backing them. Our opponents want to grab our land with the illegal help of Police which is being provided to them by DSP/SHO/IO. Plz order RPO Gujranwala to take personal notice of the matter & take disciplinary action against DSP/SHO/IO for using their posts as Election Cell of a Political Dera.

  29. Only registeration of FIR will not be sufficient cause for arrest of any nominated person unless proved guilty during investigation. We welcome & appreciate this decision of PP’s Govt of Sindh. This step was to be taken by PTI who got votes for change of Police Culture. Will PTI’s Govts of Pakistan, Punjab & KPK follow this “Examplory Decision” so that violation of “Human Rights” through arrest of “Noble & Innocent Citizens” under “False FIRs” can be stopped?

  30. Respected Sir! On 17-7-21 During hearing of my application about change of investigation of False FIR # 125 PS Bolani Gujrat, DSP Legal used the word “Foji” in insulting manner & SP/INVESTIGATION said “TUM GENERAL MUSHARRAF KI TARAH HAT DHARM HO”. These remarks were passed in presence of our opponents civilians. Being an Ex-Serviceman such language for Pak Army & our Ex-COAS is unbearable & questionable. Plz hold JIT to inquire into circumstances under which senior police officers are trying to spread hattered against Defenders of Pakistan. Raja Khalid Mahmood Ex Hav/Clk Pak Rangers(Punjab)

  31. On 24-6-21 SHO PS Bolani (Gujrat) SI Shabbir registered a baseless/false FIR # 125/21 under section 379 against me & my brother & investigation of the case was handed over to ASI Naser Khan. The attitude & behaviour of the IO is bias since the day of registeration of FIR. Despite intimating him manytimes that we are owners/legal occupants of the land, he is trying to declare us guilty on will/farmaesh of applicant of the FIR. He is defending the false contention of the liar applicant on every forum/before every officer. He says MPA & DSP have directed me to challan you & your brother. Despite manytime requests he is not accepting documents showing our ownership & innocence. It is requested that the matter may please be investigated by the DPO Gujrat himself to save us from injustice.

  32. Dear PM! Despite knowing well that we are owners/legal occupants of the land mentioned in FIR # 125/21 of PS Bolani Gujrat, DSP Sara e Alamgir is denieng to ensure justice either due to political pressure or some hidden facts. He refused to consider proof of our ownership & previous decisions of the matter. On the other hand applicant of FIR has no legal rights of the land. DSP through his verbal & unlawful order has stopped us from cultivation of our heired/purchased land since 8-6-21 due to which we fear to miss our Crop of Khareef. To keep us silent on this injustice, on 14-7-21 he threatened me to arrest under 107/151 which is equal to encourage our opponents. On the other hand he very tactfully denies to take action on my applications. Plz instruct RPO Gujranwala to take personal notice of the matter to ensure justice

  33. On 24-6-21 SHO PS Bolani(Gujrat) SI Shabbir registered a baseless/false FIR # 125/21 under section 379 against me & my brother. It is pointed out that the matter purely pertains to our own(purchased) land & the applicant has no rights on this land. The matter was earlier dealt by the Civil Judge/ex SDPO Sara e Alamgir in Dec 20. Now again the matter raised by the applicant of FIR was under investigation by the present SDPO who on the same day ordered the SHO to visit the land & to report after two days but the SHO without visit/face to face inquiry, registered the FIR through deal. SHO Shabbir earlier registered FIR #156/20 under section 365 against us which he discharged after getting bribe worth Rs.30000/- from us through his middle man. It is requested that the matter may please be investigated by the RPO Gujranwala himself after suspension of SHO forthwith.

  34. The Worthy Prime Minister ,
    Govt Of Punjab Pakistan

    Subject :Appointment under rule 17a of Punjab Civil Servant Rule

    Dear Sir,

    My Father Mr, Zafar Ullah Seyal was a senior medical officer BS -18 in the health department and his died 2007 while serving the govt of Punjab (Death certificate is attached ) Since his death ,nobody in the family including my mother has ever applied for the appointment under the subject rule .

    Hence ,keeping in view my unemployed status, I request you to recruit me in Govt Of Punjab in place of my late father ,as per the rule and my qualification . to support my nomination for the employment
    The succession certificate and my family members affidavits detaling no claim on the said appointment are attached herewith.

    Now status of my application In January 2024 I submitted my application in primery and secondery health department.But I did not get any response from the department so, last week I went there and meet deputy sectry general he forword my application to north department and Then north department section officer forwredmy application CEO ( District health AuthoryLahore)

    Now CEO Lahore staff said your father his on a deputation in home department kot lakh path jail Lahore .Now They said according to under rule 17a I will get my job for the same department where my father serving before death .

    I request you for your sympathetic consideration in this matter . I have attached the attested copies of my educational credentials and last letter to heatlh department along with this application.

    Your faithfully
    Husnain zafar seyal
    House no 9 street no 9 nursery street shah kamalcolony Lhr

  35. I HV sent many emails to the prime minister office to find justice but no reply .the citizens portal is not giving me verification code I am complaint but no response .how and where do u get justice ?

  36. Assalamualaikum.
    Sir, maen aik ghreeb admi hoon.meri 5 betian aor aik bhorri walidah hean.maen boht mushkilaat ka shikaar hoon.mali halaat ki wajah sy 6 lack ka maqrooz Hoon.meri zindgi bohet kathan ban chuki hy.ap hi Mera akhri Sahara hean.meri mad Karen taaky maen ye qarz Ada kr sakoon.maen monthly 10000 return kar sakta mad no.03215166547,03005176664

  37. Dear P M Khan,
    Thana Garh Tehsil Tandlianwala distt Faiaalabad k SHO Kashif Imran ne Hmary ghr pe hmla kia or Darwazy Tor kr chadr or chardewari ko pamal kia,
    Hm DSP, SP SSP CPO DPO RPO sb ko complaint ki Lkn Insaf nh ml ska,
    Hmn Insaf dia jay or police k khilaf FIR ki jay,

  38. Assalam u Allekum dear sir I am a Pakistani married woman ,have 3 School going children ,my husband lost his job in 2019 ,He is educated , experienced and hard working man ,he had applied for More than 80 jobs but without sifarish no one can get job in our country sir please do something , Thank you

  39. Dear Prime Minister Khan,

    Working in Sife Trainings has been great experience and here in (Sife Trainings) we have conducted interviews with media celebrities, sports men, educationalist, leaders, businessmen and professors from different universities Harvard, University of Manitoba, Lums and Nust. ib addition from different countries i.e. Pakistan, Uk, Canada, Nigeria and China.

    As your government takes charge, we write to you about the discussion on Educational situation in Pakistan and urge that you take some key steps to help address current and longstanding problems in education of Pakistan.

    We are writing to urge you to take decisive action on the problem of education in our country and figure out the issues and take steps for the betterment in education.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to a constructive relationship with your government and would be pleased to discuss these and other matters of mutual concern with you at any time.

    For further details please visit:

    Looking forward for your kind response.
    Fatima Niamat
    Sife Trainings

  40. A salmalikum sir ma Naveedullah peshawar sa sir me 13 sal sa nokri ka liye aply karta araha ho sir mujy ab tak nokri nahi me sir kese be jaga per shefares ka bagair nokri nahi mel rahi ha sir ma over age ho raha ho sir ap mujy nokri delwa dy thank you sir

  41. A salamalikim sir ma Naveed ullah peshawar sa sir me 13 sal sa nokri k talsh me aply karta araha ho sir mujy kesi b jaga srkari nokri nahi meli sir ma over age ho raha ho sir ap mujy nokri delwa dy thank you sir

  42. My name is Manzoor Ahmad I belongs to Charsadda and I have been doing job in Wapda in the directorate of Seismology Tarbela Dam Project And has been performing services for almost nine years. Sir I am a sincere and true person. Sir The head was stolen here in Tarbela And I had nothing to do with theft.sir The Chief Engineer Civil Tarbela Dam Project He had sent a show cause notice and also submitted a reply to his message.sir chief eng civil(TDP)was called of inquiry. Sir he have been told that I was involved in theft I said I was not involved in theft that I have stolen then how can I acknowledge .sir Then they said to me, “You have stolen, or else I will exchange you for all of you.”sir then he told to me Why did you leave your duty? I said i left the place of my duty due to severe pain in my leg.We will deduct money from your salary,” he said. Sir The head will make baseless accusations against me.I beg you sympathetically I would not have been involved in this.I have been treated unfairly sir I don’t want to be unfair to others.sir I beg your sympathy Take action against it as soon as possible. Sir I pray to Allah to save you from all kinds of diseases and troubles and May Allah keep your faith safe. ????????Amen. Our Prime Minister of Pakistan Highness Imran Khan There is no one like now I pray for you in the five daily prayers Sir May Allah give you more courage and encouragement Amen. Manzoor Ahmad. Wapda employed Tarbela Dam Project. Sir this is my Cell no.03325166233. I look forward to your positive response.may Allah protect you with The entire Muslim Ummah Amen.

  43. Aslam.u.alikum PM Sab mera name Shamshad h me Gujranwala ki rehnay wali hn mera mobile number 03077246566 h mera I’d card number 34101-1125149-4 h meri ap sy guzarish h k mera beta 5 saal sy Turkey me rehash pazeer tha 7 month ho gy han h us sy hmra koi rabta ni h agent ny 12 Dec 2020 ko call kr k btya h k wo nehar me doob h agent ka name Turkey me sufyan aur Pakistan me uska name shakeel h mere betay ka name Muhammad jameel h sufyan ny mere betay k sath passo ki wja sy sb kuch ki h is ny mere betay ko goli Mari h aur meri ap sy guzarish h k meri help ki jay please.
    Address in pakistan
    Neher upper chanab sultan Mehmood manzil postoffice anwer industry pipliwala gujranwala.

  44. I live in greece i have problem I for passport I want a name of this i don’t living in your eyes open flashlight living in Thailand What can go there are not call a call many time I have put your Child looking for 3D greek lady I have problem there with my wife Family complete my. Please

  45. Sir g plz plz help kar dn mare job waps dalny ma .03414769578 ‘ya mara number ha .mara tluq azadkashmir zilla kotli teshil nakl sa ha r ma woman vocational training institute nakyl ma job karti thi .noonleeg walo na apny badly kii hatr mujy nakl daya,3sall sa insaaaf ka intzar ma ho koi allah ka wasty mare help kr do .Ma jis post pr 5sall sa kam kar rahi thi us post pr ak matric pass larki ko jis ki age kattm ho chuki ha .usay laga daya .Sir ma m.a pass ho r mary pass experience ha .Us ka pass sirf taqqqt ha noonleeg ki .agr ap tak mare baat pounch jaya to plz allah ka wasty ap koi help zaror kr dana mare

  46. Aslamualekum sar me Nooral khan sahito from kharipoor meerus Sindh Pakistan
    Mera apna karobar hy me us me maqrooz ho ghya hun meri madad kare khud k or us k rasool k waste 8/se 10/ milian me pls pls pls madad kare 03033584706 mere pass or koie rasita nahi siwa app k

  47. Sir me is on rent house and my wife is suffering from cyct and infaction pain iam working in factory on daily vages am father of 1 daughter and we are lives in crisis so plz help me am worried about my wife and for my dauter future and for my own house so plz plz help me

  48. Salam Sir,

    with due respect, it is stated that this is irfan zai, i have been trying to get Goverment Job since 2010 but still no response, even i did not get any call or message. i have done B.A in Arabic but having 10 Years of Experience of Teaching:
    Now i am in need of Job, i got married and living on rent House

    i hereby request you kindly make me employee in Educational or Medical Department of Government.

    i shall remain thankful to you.

    my resumes and application attached hereby’

    your obediently


  49. dear prime manister imran khan sahab
    i am in big trouble here my family is locked me by chains and locks and they wanted my property to sign them please help me out after ALLAH you are only the hope for me my address is 3609/5a jalilabad colony railway road multan i am very near to amir dogar but he is in also my father and family favour please help me out thanks my contact no is 0332 0654441-3 but they snatch my mobile please help me

  50. Dear sir. Government gives facility to youth in different ways.but our department and digital systems blocked facility in different stages due to which youth is in pressure and they feels bad for government & pm.polices please sir make a cell or one window service for certified there self.THANKS
    Note.mostly youth or youth loan was blocked by Ecib department of state bank of Pakistan.

  51. please help me with my father”s property in pakistan st 35 house 35 F6/1 islambad my sister did not want to give me and my brother our share the case is in court since 2013 my phone number is 301 785 8147 i live in maryland U S A

  52. Mera Bhai aghwa hua 3 month ho gaiay Abhishek tk fir nhi Hui rishwat li sab ny ask crores day k reha hua sab prove Hain phir bhi fir nhi kaat rhy hmein insaf chehy

  53. Sir i need some financial help because I have backbone problem i belongs to machnical field but now i am not able to do this kind of job just want to start my own business so that to get hinour in socity plz help me me also wants to meet you plz Reply me brother my number 03045506104 I am Disable

  54. Sir Gujrat main bebas log ap ki umeed ka light pakry khary hai is umeed s kab in ka Luck ap ki umeed s or ap ka wasila s Inhy in ki property wapis mily gi 65 year ho gye supreem court main pending case h in k nasil khtm o rahi slow slow lykin government n kabi in ka nahi socha wo log ap ko Dua s dil s yaad krty hamra leadr hamy insaf da ga kuch ehsa kry Dua milna shuru ho ap n wo channel shuru kia ap ka ham team shahjhan please

  55. Assalam Alikum….I am Faheem Abbas …i dont know where i am typing this i saw that apperence in PM Resedintial page where there is write a comment….so i just need to know Can i get an appointment of Mr prime minister Imran khan…

  56. to the honerable pm khan sahab salam … subject ,please abolish the ordinance 2000 againstr govt servents ……………………………………………………………………………i am aman ullah jakhro ex,ja 39856 removed from duties 2009 ppp govt changed some clause but they didnt abolish the whole ord2000 so please save us ana restore all those they are victim of this ordinance. i was working in cna karachi.pmad . aman ullah jakhro ex ja 39856cna karachi i llthankful to u.

  57. Dear prime minister Imran Khan shab my name is Muhammad Ikram I live in Islamabad I am working with govt org for last nine year. Dear sir my request is that before you came prime minister you promised withus that you give jobs, but sir know when i am doing job for last nine years and my age passed over 40 yrs and I feel this will be my last job sir know in my office down sizeing is in progress and may after one yr I will be kick out from my job and I will be on road FOR another job sir humbly request kindly doing some thing for us I will pray for you.

  58. Mere bhai ka qatal howa hai please mera madad kren please please mera madad karen main museebat
    pe ho ap kaha milege apse main gareeb milna chata ho 03168492768 whatsapp numer mera koi nahi iam a alone alone by alone hai to adalat apke pass hai ap mera insaf karen apko prime minster allah wasta hai mere gareeb ka koi madad nahi karta ap madad karen

  59. Dear Prime Manister of Pakistan
    i am khalid afghan refugees from KPK nowshera. thanks alot for your good idea for our afghan national when i see your video about afghanistan i am very happy after that i pray for you .wish i have man like you in afghanistan now afghanistan not in this situation.
    this is my request from your please now help to my afghanistan plzzzzzz

  60. Aoa respected sir mai district charsadda se mera taluq hai. Mera chacha ka beta hai wo ak government job bi karta hai waziristan ki technical college (shah khalid s/o miraj khan) mai aw 2nd job Peshawar IRC (shah khalid s/ o miraj khan) ki sat karta hai pechle 4 saal se double salary le raha hai ye Imran khan sab ka kisa insaf hai ki kise ki paas koi ak be job nahe or tu or bive bi 16 gerd mai teacher hai wo bi reshwat se kar waya hai plz hme be ak acha sa job dy gahr mai koi be kamane wala nahe.

  61. honourable sir pm imran khan sahab i ghulam hussain s/o abdul karim village haji ghulam mohd kandhro i request you sir i appear in the test in board of revnue in disstt sujawal march 2015 and 76 candidates passed in the test my serial no is 28 and my name is appearing in the waiting list zubair chana was dc sir iam very poor sir please appoint me in revnue dep in distt sujawal ipay for you long life

  62. Asslam-O-Alikum.

    sir g main Lahore say hoon hamaray haan pani li line bout purani hai takreeban 10-12 feet gehri hai
    Pani bout ganda ata hai.

    Ap say request hai pls. pipe line change kerwa dain.

    Allah Pak ap ko jizay khar ata fermay.


  63. how much Kashmir PM PAKISTAN want to make its part, whole or some part: PM open yours mouth we will put whole Kashmir in it, but you won,t be able to digest it, there is no need of crying for Kashmir, no one will hear yours cry.

    1. boss subha ba kher khan sahab nain apka aik sacha jahadi hun or apko bachpan se dil se chahta hun khan sahab apka dil khol k nam pi lrta hun khan sahab app hamara mustaqbil hai…main wasim nawaz ghallu bahawal pur se khan sahab mujhe apse milna hai prsnal khan sahab apka ye sacha sipahi apk liye jahad krna chahta hun or pura distric bahawalpur or baqi adhe panjab k aisw aise mere pass details hai khan sahab awam ko ye jin kamzori se ye gum raha kr rahi hai mere pass boss dawe k sth app ko haqitat sir mujhe 6month chaiye khan sahab or sirf allah ki raza pi mere dushmani ban gai hai bwp k wite house walo se bass apki sport chaiye kun k main dawe se khi saka hun agar pandra din mein panjab mein balle balle na krwa do to sir main pti ka sipahe nhi

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