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As polling stations closed across the vast and diverse terrain of Balochistan, the vote count for the province’s elections has commenced, bringing anticipation and excitement among its residents. Balochistan, the largest province in terms of area, is home to a population of 14.89 million, and within this populace, 5,371,947 registered voters exercised their democratic rights. With a total of 51 seats in the Balochistan Assembly and a significant contribution of 20 seats to the National Assembly, the electoral process in Balochistan holds immense importance in shaping the province’s political landscape. Find all the details about Balochistan Election Results 2024 PB Halqa Wise here.

Balochistan Assembly

The Balochistan Assembly serves as the legislative body governing the affairs of Balochistan, a province known for its diverse cultural heritage and strategic significance. With 51 seats in total, including 11 reserved for women and 3 allocated for non-Muslims, the assembly ensures representation from various sections of society. Additionally, Balochistan contributes 20 seats to the National Assembly, comprising 16 general seats and 4 reserved for women. The assembly plays a crucial role in addressing the concerns and aspirations of the people of Balochistan, shaping policies, and enacting legislation that impacts the province’s development and welfare.

Halqa Wise PB Election Results 2024

PB Candidate Party Votes
1 Muhammad Nawaz JUI 14,183
2 Fazal Qadir JUI 11,453
3 Noor Ullah Independent 24,408
4 Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran PML-N 24,172
5 Muhammad Khan PML-N 14,424
6 Masood Ali Khan PML(N) 10,377
7 Khalil Ur Rehman JUI 25,256
8 Sarfraz Chakar Domki PPP 27,677
9 Mir Nasibullah Khan PPP 5,888
10 Sarfraz Bugti PPP 52,485
11 Nawabzada Tariq Magsi BAP 44,556
13 Mir Muhammad Sadiq Umrani PPP 14,856
14 Muhammad Khan PML(N) 22,639
15 Salim Ahmed PML-N 24,619
16 Abdul Majeed JI 15,248
17 Faisal Khan Jamali PPP 28,333
18 Sardar Sanaullah Zehri PPP 20,014
19 Mir Younus Aziz Zehri JUI 19,137
20 Muhammad Akhtar Mengal BNP 28,097
21 Muhammad Saleh Bhutani BNP 30,910
22 Jam Kamal Khan PML(N) 38,562
23 Kher Jan NP 15,635
24 Hidayatur Rehman Haq Do Tehreek 20,925
25 Zahoor Ahmed Baledi PPP 9,099
26 Abdul Malik NA 14,004
27 Barkat Ali PML(N) 15,552
28 Muhammad Asghar Rind PPP 7,090
29 Asadullah BNP 7,263
30 Rehmat Ali NP 9,690
32 Amanullah BAP 17,178
33 Shoaib Nushairwani PML-N 11,207
34 Mir Ghulam Dastagir Badini JUI 16,771
35 Mir Zafarullah Khan Zehri JUI’s 16,579
37 Nawab Aslam Raisani JUI-F 13,668
38 Malik Naeem Khan Bazai ANP 7,792
39 Bakht Muhammad Independent 6,618
40 Samad Khan PPP 9,225
41 Wali Muhammad Independent 9,318
42 Zarak Khan PML(N) 10,423
43 Liaquat Ali Independent 7,277
44 Ubaid Ullah PPP 7,125
45 Ali Madad PPP 5,671
46 Prince Ahmed Omar Ahmedzai BAP 4,638
47 Asfandyar Khan Kakar Independent 21,714
48 Asghar Ali Tareen JUI’s 17,944
49 Syed Zafar Ali Agha JUI 13,811
50 Zamrak Khan ANP 44,712
51 Abdul Khaliq Khan Independent 20,390

Balochistan’s unique features, such as its diverse population and large area, make the election process important. In the 2018 elections, the Balochistan Awami Party came to power, with participation from independent candidates, women, and non-Muslims. While we wait for the official results of the current elections, the Balochistan Assembly is ready to shape the province’s political direction and work on addressing the needs and hopes of its people. The results will significantly influence how Balochistan is governed and developed, setting the path for its future.

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