Education Department Declares Educational Emergency for Exam

Education Department Declares Educational Emergency in the government schools because of the low marks of thousands of students taking board examinations. The emergency is being enforced within South Punjab to prepare for the matriculation and inter-annual exams. It is reported that the Department of Schools South Punjab issued a notice to all CEOs making an emergency declaration in state schools for the test in December, following the rules set by the board’s regulations. Education Department Declares Educational Emergency is a favorable decision for the education department. It is generally assumed the private school is the only one to make efforts to ensure that students are ready to take board exams. A condition of emergency is in place to help students prepare for studying for board exams 2024. The state of emergency will last through April.

In the past board exams, most students failed the tests, and many received lower scores for specific areas. Assessment experts will be assembled for the district level to develop subject-specific item banks that will be tested according to the board’s pattern within the month.

Education Department Declares Educational Emergency

Because of the poor results of thousands of pupils taking board exams, The South Punjab Schools Department has declared an emergency for Education. The trouble is being enforced throughout South Punjab to prepare students for the intermediate and annual matric exams. It is an admirable decision by the government since it is generally believed that private schools are the only ones making an effort to guarantee that students are prepared for exams. Examinations. A condition of urgent concern is declared for the preparation of students who will be taking examinations for board exams in 2024 that will run until April. The previous board exams have shown that many students failed and scored below-average marks in crucial areas. At the District level, a group of assessment experts will be put together to develop items banks covering all subjects, which will be evaluated in the format of a board over a month.

Education Department Declares Educational Emergency for Exam

Education Department Declares Educational Emergency


Focuses of Educational Emergency

An emergency for Education across the country will not solely focus on improving the quality of Education for all students but also on research in industry and development through linkages between universities and industries and on the creation of new start-ups via the development of innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Purposes Behind Education Department Declares Educational Emergency

President of the Punjab Scholars Union, Akram Sial, said that implementing an emergency in Education is a crucial, urgent need. The decision by the school education department to institute an emergency for Education will be an excellent sign for the education sector. The reason for the emergency for exams in most South Punjab Schools is to increase students’ performance and find out the reasons for the lower scores in the recent announcement of annual results in 2024.

Schools Education Department South Punjab issued an announcement regarding emergency exams for higher and secondary students at every South Punjab School. The Department of Education of South Punjab is concerned about the problematic result of the grade 9 exam in 2024. The Department of Education conducted a thorough study of the root causes of poor scores by experts in the area of Education. To make up for the previous year’s deficit and improve enrollment results, the intermediate department was pleased to introduce an exam emergency starting 5 December to the date of exams between April 2024 and May 2024 at every South Punjab School.

In the event of an emergency exam, All CEOs from DEA South Punjab are directed to follow the instructions below and strategies.

  • CEO/ DEA must devise plans for conducting the December test and supervise the December test.
  • Conduct a subject-specific Strength/Weakness analysis of the students who took the December test.
  • The winter vacation chores are assigned following diagnostic tests carried out in December.
  • A continuous test schedule for the follow-up between January and March is notified before the winter break.
  • Teachers should make profiles of students to track progress and keep records.
  • Head Teachers will develop feedback mechanisms to report the progress of students and parents frequently.
  • Subject-specific mock exams twice following the BISE exam pattern before the beginning of Board exams in mind.
  • The CEO will inform April for Matric students and the middle of May for Intermediate students at regular intervals.
  • Furthermore, it is notifying all CEOs that BISE has altered the pattern policies for MCQs and long Questions from textual materials to SLOs that focus on conceptual learning. In 2024, the weightage of knowledge-based questions will be 50 percent, Understanding Questions 35 percent, and application 15 percent and 15 % respectively.
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