Apply Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan 2024 [New Fee Revised]

New Fee and Documents Required For Renewal Driving License DLIMS Smart Card

Govt of Pakistan increased all Driving License and its renewal fee from 1st January 2024.and almost all Vehicle driving fee will be increased. Here we have revised new Fee for Driving license and also new required documents here.

Punjab New Driving License Fee and Renewal Fee Revised 2024

All New Learner and renewal driving license fees increased. Now, instead of every 5 years, the license fee must be paid annually.

  • The new learner license fee is now 500 rupees per year.
  • Motorcycle license’s 5-year fee will be 500 rupees annually.
  • Motorcycle rickshaw license‘s 5-year fee increased from 550 to 500 rupees but annually now.
  • Motor car and jeep’s 5-year fee increased from 950 to 1800 rupees annually.
  • Driving holders of motor cars and jeeps will pay 1800 rupees annually.
  • LTV Light transport’s 5-year fee was 950, now it’s 2000 rupees annually.
  • HTV Heavy transport’s 5-year fee was 450, now it’s 2000 rupees annually.
  • Tractor license’s 5-year fee increased from 450 to 1000 rupees annually.
  • Commercial tractor’s 5-year fee increased from 450 to 1500 rupees annually.
  • Disabled persons’ 5-year fee, which was 20 rupees, has been abolished.
  • Public service vehicle’s 5-year fee increased from 450 to 1500 rupees annually.
  • Fees for other vehicle categories increased from 100 to 1000 rupees annually.

online Driving license system in punjab

If you want a complete guide about Apply Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan 2024, follow the rules offered by PITB ( Pakistan Information Technology Board). Now you can easily apply for renewal of your license at any time. For this purpose, you can use the DLIMS system. Although it is a bit difficult to renew a license in Pakistan, the Pakistan license issuance and management system provided a new feature for the easiness of people with the help of PITB. There is an online system for Apply Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan 2024. One must remember that for the renewal of a license, there is no need to provide theoretical and driving tests. You have to provide documents online to the license center. The licenses are renewed for five years.

Apply Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan 2024 and online verification of driving license step by step. Those candidates who want to renew their license and searching guide they are at the right place. Those applicants who are willing to apply for the renewal of the driving license must check all the information here. There is no need for the theoretical and driving test for the renewal of the license. Candidates just take their required documents along with them to submit in the licensing center.

What is Driving License?

As far as Driving License is the dire and present need of time. So in this regard, We are going to provide complete information about LTV & HTV verification process on this page accordingly. Key Benefits against keeping Driving License encompass the legal protection or remedy is given to you against any accident caused by you unintentionally.  In Pakistan, the driving License is the official document which authorize its holder to operate various types of motor vehicle on roads to which the public have access. Driving licenses can be obtained by applying to any traffic police office/licensing authority in applicant’s district.

Driving License Fee in Pakistan 2024 Renewal and Late Fee

All New and Revised Driving license fee is below for all Motorcycle, Car and Rikshaw,LTV and HTV in below table

License Category Old Fee (5 Years) New Annual Fee
Learner Driving License 60 rupees 500 rupees
Motorcycle License 550 rupees 500 rupees
Motorcycle Rickshaw License 550 rupees 500 rupees
Motor Car & Jeep License 950 rupees 1800 rupees
Motor Car & Jeep Driving Holder 1800 rupees
Light Transport Vehicle License 950 rupees 2000 rupees
Heavy Transport Vehicle License 450 rupees 2000 rupees
Tractor License 450 rupees 1000 rupees
Commercial Tractor License 450 rupees 1500 rupees
Disabled Persons’ License 20 rupees Abolished
Public Service Vehicle License 450 rupees 1500 rupees
Other Vehicle Categories 100 rupees 1000 rupees

Note: The fee structure has been revised, and the new fees are effective from January 1, 2024, across Punjab.

Apply Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan 2024
Apply Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan 2024 [New Fee Revised]
New Fee and Documents Required

Punjab Driving License Online Apply Pakistan

It is so difficult for citizen of Pakistan for Punjab driving license online apply in Pakistan. For the easiness of the people the Driving License Issuance and Management System has introduced a new feature with the help of Pakistan Information Technology Board. Now the applicants can apply for the Driving license through online by following our given below instructions. Here we have provided complete procedure for the online applying for the driving license.

For the Online applying for the driving license candidates should follow the below given steps carefully.

  1. Open the DLIMS Website.
  2. Download the Form in the download section.
  3. Fill up the application form completely.
  4. After this submit all the documents to licensing center.

Check Apply Procedure Online

Required Documents for Renewal of Driving License

  • The application form
  • 2 Passport-sized Photos
  • 2 copies of your CNIC Card
  • Your original driving license(Old)
  • Fee ticket as mentioned in License Document
  • Medical reports
  • Ticket of the relevant license

Apply Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan 2024 [New Fee Revised]

Apply Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan 2024

DLIMS Online Apply Renewal

Apply Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan 2024 Form

New Fee and Documents Required For Renewal Driving License [DLIMS Smart Card]

DLIMS Verification System
Driving License confirmation is essential when to make sure whether it is real or fake. You can get whole information about receiving Driving License in Pakistan being dispatched here on this page. Get Pre-requisites about Driving License, license fee and addresses, contact of Driving License Offices Karachi Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and all over Pakistan respectively.

Categories of Driving License For Verification Process

  • Motorcar/Jeep : Motorcar/Jeep driving license is valid for non-commercial cars.
  • LTV : Light transport vehicle driving license is valid for commercial car-taxi, motorcycle, jeep, Mini bus and lightweight transport.
  • HTV : heavy transport vehicle driving license is valid for buses, trucks, trailers, cranes, and any type of heavy transport.
  • Tractor Agriculture
  • Motor Cycle Rickshaw but Not valid for car
  • PSV : Public Service Vehicle
  • International Driver Permits.

FAQs About Driving License Renewal Online Pakistan

How to apply for renew your driving license in online Pakistan?

  • Login to the DLIMS Website.
  • Download the necessary form from the download section.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Send the necessary documents to the nearest center for licensing. Take the first theoretical test following a licensing period that is 42 consecutive days.
  • Learn to drive

Can I renew my Pakistani driving license online?

With the assistance of the Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) created by the Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB), You can quickly apply for and renew your driving license online.

When can you renew your driver’s license?

Under the LTO the LTO, you can renew your driver’s license 60 days before the actual date of expiration. You can also continue it one year before, provided you demonstrate that you will leave the country by the expiration date.

How much is it to renew your license in 2024?

New Rates revised for all Driving License which are applicable from 1st January 2024. Each Vehicle Driving fee will be increased and also renewal will be every year.

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