Punjab Election 2024 Results Online PP Halqa Wise

Punjab Assembly Results 2024 - Live updates

The Punjab Assembly elections in Pakistan have captured the attention of political enthusiasts and citizens as the vote count for the 297 provincial seats is currently underway. With a significant number of registered voters, diverse constituencies, and reserved seats for women and minority communities, the Punjab Assembly plays a crucial role in shaping the political landscape of the province. As the unofficial results begin to emerge, the anticipation and excitement among the public are palpable, highlighting the importance of this democratic process. You can find all the details of the Punjab Election 2024 Result PP Halqa Wise here.

Punjab Assembly Pakistan 

The Punjab Assembly is a key institution in Pakistan’s political framework, overseeing the governance and legislative affairs of the populous Punjab province. With a total of 371 seats, the assembly consists of 297 general seats, 66 seats reserved for women, and 8 designated for minority communities. This distribution ensures fair representation and diversity within the assembly. The Punjab Assembly also contributes 173 seats to the National Assembly, further amplifying its significance in national politics. Through direct voting in single-member territorial constituencies, candidates from various political parties compete for the general seats, while reserved seats are allocated based on party performance. The Punjab Assembly serves as a platform for lawmakers to address issues, debate policies, and enact legislation that impacts the lives of millions of people in the province.

PP Halqa Wise Election Results 2024

Constituency Winner (Party) Votes Obtained Runner-up (Party) Votes Obtained
PP-1 Independent (Qazi Ahmed Akbar) 49257 PML-N (Jahangir Khanzada) 36443
PP-2 Independent (Sardar Muhammad Ali Khan) 36093 PML-N (Ifthikhar Ahmed) 35891
PP-3 Independent (Syed Ejaz Hussain Bakhtiar) 36897 PML-N (Hameed Akbar Gujjar) 31857
PP-4 PML-N (Sher Ali Khan) 48593 TLP (Malik Amanat Ali Khan) 43685
PP-5 PML-N (Malik Atebar) 46665 Independent (Malik Jamshed Altaf) 43620
PP-6 PML-N (Bilal Yameen) 65056 Independent 33475
PP-7 Independent (Shabir Awan) 72898 PML-N (Raja Saghir Ahmed) 66338
PP-8 Independent (Javed Kauser) 37526 PPP (Khuram Pervez)
PP-9 PML-N (Shaukat Aziz Raja) 50560 PPP (Ch Sarfraz Ahmed Khan) 43528
PP-10 Independent (Javed Kausar) 47526 PPP (Khurram Pervez) 40603
PP-11 PML-N (Imran Illyas Ch) 27657 Ch Muhammad Nazir 16594
PP-12 PML-N (Mohsin Ayub) 41338 Independent (Saad Ali) 35108
PP-13 PML-N (Fahad Masood) 56723 PML-N (Umar Farooq) 24087
PP-14 Pending
PP-15 Pending
PP-16 PML-N (Ziaullah Shah) 45478 Independent (Ejaz Khan) 36402
PP-17 Pending
PP-18 Independent (Asad Abbas) 46295 PML-N (Sajjad Khan) 30640
PP-19 Independent (Muhammad Tanveer Aslam) 43987 PML-N (Haji Pervez Khan) 16768
PP-20 PML-N (Sultan Haider Khan) 52450 Independent 43250
PP-21 Independent (Tariq Afzal) 2925 PMLN (Tanveer Aslam Malik) 83055
PP-22 PML-N (Sardar Ghulam Abbas) 61714 Independent 54077
PP-23 PML-N (Shehryar Malik) 86102 Independent (Sultan Surushu Awan) 75036
PP-24 Independent (Syed Rfat Mehmood) 55029 IPP (Raja Yawar Zaman) 49781
PP-25 PML-N (Ch Nadeem Khalid) 40560 TLP (Muhammad Zubair) 11319
PP-26 TLP (Imran Haider) 17817 PML (Muhammad Afzal) 2036
PP-27 PML (Raja Muhammad Aslam Khan) 34754 Independent (Nauman Ashraf Ch) 30306
PP-28 Pending
PP-29 PML (Khalid Javed Asghar Garal) 46795 PMLN (Nawabzada Haider Mehdi) 34981
PP-30 PML-Q (Muhammad Abdullah Warraich) 39514 Independent (Tanveer Ahmed) 28368
PP-31 PML (Shafay Hussain) 64132
PP-32 PML (Chaudhry Salik Hussain) 55615 PTI (Chaudhry Parvez Elahi) 44713
PP-33 PML-Q (Syed Madad Ali Shah) 35351 TLP (Hafeez Hussain) 10163
PP-34 PML (Ch Ejaz Ahmed) 46774 Independent (Sumaira Elahi Chohan) 33690
PP-35 TLP (Khurram Mutkhar Cheema) 14384 PPP (Ejaz Ahmed Sama) 2946
PP-36 PML-N (Adnan Afzal Chatha) 49228 PPP (Tahir Iqbal Cheema) 3224
PP-37 PMLN (Mian Shahid Hussain Khan) 59853 Independent (Ch Muhammad Asadullah) 41800
PP-38 Independent (Zabeer ul Hassan Bhatti) 52213 PMLN (Gulzar Ahmed) 50838
PP-39 PMLN (Muhammad Aun Jahangir) 41866 Independent (Qamar Javed) 37024
PP-40 Independent (Zarnab Sher) 74460 PMLN (Hameedah Mian) 406043
PP-41 Independent (Bisma Riaz) 70159 PMLN (Tariq Yaqoob) 25481
PP-42 PMLN (Khalid Mehmood Ranjha) 39767 Independent (Sajid Ahmed Khan) 35945
PP-43 PMLN (Ch Akhter Abbas Bosal) 45566 Independent (Ch Muhammad Nawaz) 37887
PP-44 PMLN (Arif Iqbal) 46308 Independent (Syed Ahmed Bhatti) 40425
PP-45 PMLN (Tariq Subhani) 63659 Independent (Umar Javed Ghuman) 52859
PP-46 PMLN (Faisal Ikram) 55258 Independent (Ruba Umar) 47924
PP-47 PMLN (Ch Muhammad Masha Ullah Butt) 50602 Independent (Muhammad Kashif) 44850
PP-48 Independent (Khurram Khan Virk) 47340 PMLN (Liaquat Ali) 41657
PP-49 Independent (Muhammad Faiaz) 48219 PMLN (Rana Muhammad Afzal) 40525
PP-50 PMLN (Ch Naveed Ashraf) 45627 Independent (Amanullah) 43971
PP-51 PMLN (Zeshan Rafique) 49538 Waqas Ifthikhar (Independent) 46905
PP-52 PMLN (Ch Arshad Javed Warraich) 58385 PPP (Zain Hassan) 1889
PP-53 PMLN (Rana Abdul Sattar) 59307 Independent (Malik Jamshed Fayyaz) 58351
PP-54 Independent (Awais Qasim) 31060 Independent (Syed ul Hassan) 24950
PP-55 TLP (Mehmood Ahmed) 33793 Independent (Arslan Hafeez) 24091
PP-56 PMLN (Manan Khan) 48889 Independent (Aleem Tariq) 35617
PP-57 PML-N (Khawaja Muhammad Waseem) 52272 Independent (Rana Lal Badshah) 26486
PP-58 PMLN (Bilal Akbar Khan) 55396 TLP (Rana AManullah Khan) 18010
PP-59 Independent (Muhammad Nasir Cheema) 37478 PMLN (Bilal Farooq Tarar) 32570
PP-60 Independent (Kaleem ullah Khan) 36746 PMLN (Muazzam Rauf Muughal) 29923
PP-61 PMLN (Imran Khalid Butt) 34639 Independent (Rizwanullah Butt) 30111
PP-62 PMLN (Muhammad Nawaz Cohahn) 30596 Independent (Rizwan Mustafa Sayan) 26087
PP-63 Independent (Tariq Gujar) 51315 PML-N (Tufiq Butt) 44027
PP-64 PML-N (Umar Farooq Dar) 37115 Independent (Ch Muhammad ALi) 33373
PP-65 Independent (Hassan Ali) 36499 Independent (Ch Waqar Ahmed Cheema) 29042
PP-66 PMLN (Qaisar Iqbal) 49931 Independent (Rizwan Zafar Cheema) 44870
PP-67 PMLN (Akhter Ali Khan) 39320 Independent (Ch Ali Waqeel Khan) 32751
PP-68 Independent (Muhammad Aqram Khan) 43615 PMLN (Ch Muhammad Iqbal) 4311
PP-69 PMLN (Irfan Bashir) 47902 Independent (Omar Javed Virk) 43165
PP-70 Independent (Tashkal Abbas Warraich) 37709 PMLN (Amanullah Warraich) 28874
PP-71 PMLN (Suhail Ahmed Malik) 55050 Independent (Naeem Haider) 49076
PP-72 PMLN (Mansoor Azam) 50408 Independent (Ch Sohail Akhter) 40363
PP-73 Independent (Muhammad Ansar Iqbal) 58178 TLP (Rab Nawaz) 9369
PP-74 PMLN (Ikramu Haq) 51650 Independent (Muhammad Shehbaz) 21583
PP-75 Independent (Ali Asif) 56570 PMLN (Abdul Razzaq) 42922
PP-76 Independent (Zulfiqar Ali) 36978 PMLN (Ghulam Dastaghir Lak) 32461
PP-77 PMLN (Safdar Hussain Sahi) 49638 Independent (Abdul Wahab Mumtaz Kahlu) 46637
PP-78 PMLN (Rana Munawar Hussain) 60560 Independent (Waqar Anwar) 57573
PP-79 PML-N (Taimur Baloch) 270 Independent (Ali Asgar) 255
PP-80 PMLN (Sardar Muhammad Asif Maikan) 38332 Independent (Ch Ifthikhar) 35397
PP-81 Independent (Hassan Malik) 46983 IPP (Amir Haider Sangha) 32293
PP-82 PML-N (Muhammad Asif Malik) 41575 Malik Masood Anwar 39529
PP-83 Independent (Amjad Raza) 39087 IPP (Ali Muhammad Ehsan Ul Haq Tiwana) 30074
PP-84 Independent (Fateh Khaliq) 49820 PMLN (Karam Elahi Bandial) 35005
PP-85 Independent (Muhammad Iqbal Khattak) 92407 PMLN (Amantullah Khan) 23501
PP-86 Independent (Ameenullah Khan) 85318 Independent (Adil Abdullah Khan) 19794
PP-87 Independent (Ahmed Khan Niazi) 107202 Independent (Sajjad Ahmed Malik) 15691
PP-88 Independent (Mumtaz Ahmed) 66056 PMLN (Malik Muhammad Ferz Joyea) 57898
PP-89 Independent (Ameen Muhammad Khan) 61745 PMLN (Abdul Majeed Khan) 37265
PP-90 Independent (Irfanullah Khan Niazi) 43957 Independent (Ahmed Nawaz Khan) 43692
PP-91 Independent (Gazanfar Abbas) 62027 Independent (Akhter Qasim) 12464
PP-92 Independent (Muhmmad Amir Inayat Sahani) 41084 IPP (Rafiqullah Khan Naizi) 32941
PP-93 Independent (Muhmmad Amir Inayat Sahani) 50425 Independent (Muhammad Ziaullah Khan) 45580
PP-94 Independent (Taimur Ali Lali) 47879 Imtiaz Ahmed Lali 47080
PP-95 PMLN (Muhammad Illyas) 36717 Independent (Shaukat Ali) 29588
PP-96 Independent (Zulfiqar Ali Shah) 52721 PPP (Syed Hassan Murtaza) 43181
PP-97 Independent (Muhammad Saqib Khan) 42959 PMLN (Muhammad Saqlain Anwar) 37561
PP-98 Independent (Junaid Afzal Sahi) 73536 IPP (Muhammad Ajmal) 47828
PP-99 Independent (Ahmed Mujtaba) 55991 PMLN (Muhammad Sohaib Adrees) 42765
PP-100 Independent (Umair Wasay Ch) 48298 PMLN (Khan Bahadur) 44433
PP-101 Independent (Muhammad Akram Ch) 73094 PML-N (Muhammad Ashraf Ch) 49850
PP-102 PMLN (Jaffar Ali Hocha) 30558 Independent (Shaheed Dawood) 29994
PP-103 PMLN (Muhammad Safdar Shakir) 26894 Independent (Syed Ghulam Abdul Rasool) 15949
PP-104 PPP (Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed Khan) 17637 TLP (Ch Mudasir) 11958
PP-105 PMLN (Irfan Mehmood Gull) 53866 Independent (Muhammad Farooq Arshad) 46514
PP-106 Independent (Ahsan Raza) 51892 IPP (Ali AKhter) 25625
PP-107 Independent (Javed Niaz Manj) 27609 PMLN (Khalid Parvez) 26354
PP-108 Independent (Aftab Ahmed Khan) 60677 PMLN (Muhammad Ajamal) 56843
PP-109 PMLN (Ch Zafar Iqbal Nagra) 54581 Independent (Hafiz Attaullah) 54228
PP-110 Independent (Hassan Zaka) 46819 PMLN (Hamid Rasheed) 32028
PP-111 Independent (Basharat Ali) 47575 PMLN (Faqeer Hussain) 36349
PP-112 Independent (Asad Mehmood) 75538 PMLN (Asrar Ahmed Khan) 47857
PP-113 Independent (Nadeem Sadiq Dogar) 53677 PMLN (Ali Abbas Khan) 38446
PP-114 Independent (Muihammad Latif Nazar) 58542 PML (Muhammad Yousaf) 38800
PP-115 Independent (Shahid Javed) 53244 PMLN (Muhammad Tahir Pervez) 39365
PP-116 Independent (Muhammad Ismail) 67016 PML-N (Ahmed Shehryar) 52496
PP-117 Independent (Abdul Razzaq Khan) 54170 PMLN (Muhammad Rizwan Butt) 40070
PP-118 Independent (Khayal Ahmed Kastro) 79303 PMLN (Muhammad Razzaq Malik) 40135
PP-119 Independent (Asad Zaman) 78105 PMLN (Uqbah Ali) 52731
PP-120 Independent (Muhammad Ahsan Ehsan) 56490 Independent (Fauzia Khalid Ch) 24547
PP-121 PMLN (Amjad Ali) 58432 Independent (Saeed Ahmed) 58383
PP-122 Independent (Khawar Ahmed Khan) 71414 PML-N (Muhammad Ayub Khan) 69687
PP-123 Independent (Asfha Riaz) 51219 Independent (Shahid Iqbal) 33024
PP-124 Independent (Sonia Ali) 62062 PML-N (Qutab Ali) 55930
PP-125 Independent (Ghulam Ahmed Khan Gaddi) 57734 PML-N (Faisal Saleh Hayat) 38461
PP-126 Independent (Mehar Muhammad Nawaz) 45400 PMLN (Mehar Muhammad Aslam) 42796
PP-127 Independent (Sheikh Muhammad Akram) 50232 Independent (Masroor Nawaz) 39907
PP-128 Independent (Ghazanfar Abbas Shah) 62356 PMLN (Khalid Mehmood Sargana) 59941
PP-129 Independent (Mian Muhammad Asif) 37235 PML-N (Khalid Ghani) 28522
PP-130 Independent (Shehbaz Ahmed) 67618 PMLN (Ameen Abbas Sial) 59649
PP-131 Independent (Mian Muhmmad Azam) 73201 PMLN (Faisal Saleh Hayat) 59649
PP-132 Independent (Sultan Bajwa) 47743 PMLN (Ejaz Hussain Bhatti) 38248
PP-133 Independent (Muhammad Atif) 45637 PMLN (Rana Arshad) 42080
PP-134 PMLN (Muhammad Kashif) 39503 Independent (Sohail Manzoor) 35683
PP-135 PMLN (Agha Ali Haider) 56798 Independent (Jamil Hassan Khan) 43707
PP-136 PMLN (Muhammad Hasan Riaz) 52682 Independent (Umar Aftab) 39021
PP-137 Independent (Khurram Ejaz) 58171 PMLN (Muhammad Arshad) 38545
PP-138 PMLN (Ashraf Rasool) 38604 Independent (Abuzar Maqsood Chaddar) 33073
PP-139 PMLN (Rana Tanveer Hussain) 35659 Independent (Ejaz Hussain) 33685
PP-140 Independent (Muahmamd Owasi) 51372 PMLN (Mina Abdul Raud) 44832
PP-141 Independent (Tayyab Rashid) 61409 PMLN (Amjad Latif) 38612
PP-142 Independent (Waqas Mehmood Man) 49492 PMLN (Mehmood ul Haq) 43060
PP-143 Independent (Sher Akbar Khan) 52415 PML-N (Ishtiak Ahmed) 43152
PP-144 Independent (Muhammad Sarfraz Doggar) 58413 PMLN (Sajjad Haider Nadeem) 34239
PP-145 PML-N (Samiullah Khan) 42578 Independent (Muhammad Yasir) 38262
PP-146 PML-N (Gazali Saleem Butt) 30587 Independent (Junaid Razzaq) 28515
PP-147 PML-N (Hamza Shehbaz) 51838 Independent (Muhammad Khan MAdni) 46494
PP-148 PML-N (Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman) 37998 Independent (Saba Devan) 31560
PP-149 IPP (Abdul Aleem Khan) 51756 Opponent (Hafiz Zeshan Rasheed) 47998
PP-150 PML-N (Khawaja Imran Nazeer) 34956 Independent (Abdul Karim Khan) 30314
PP-151 PML-N (Sohail Shaukat Butt) 34436 Independent (Hamad Ali)
PP-152 PMLN (Malik Muhammad Waheed) 34664
PP-153 PMLN (Khawaja Salman Rafique) 35232
PP-154 PML-N (Malik Ghulam Habib Awan) 26014
PP-155 Independent (Imtiaz Ahmed) 36717
PP-156 Independent (Ali Imtiaz) 54031 PMLN (Taseen Sohal) 35114
PP-157 Independent (Hafiz Farhat Abbas) 45036
PP-158 PML-N (Shehbaz Sharif) 38642 Ch Yusaf Ali 23847
PP-159 PML-N (Maryam Nawaz Sharif) 23598
PP-160 PMLN (Malik Asad Ali) 26781
PP-161 Independent (Farrukh Javed) 46947
PP-162 PMLN (Shehbaz Ali Khokhar) 43422
PP-163 PMLN (Imran Javed) 23120
PP-164 PMLN (Shehbaz Sharif) 27099
PP-165 Independent (Ahmer Bhatti) 29390
PP-166 PMLN (Muhammad Anas Mehmood) 32270
PP-167 PMLN (Irfan Shafiq Kokhar) 23248
PP-168 PMLN (Faisal Ayub) 32727
PP-169 PML-N (Khalid Pervez Khokhar) 85018 Independent (Mehmood-ur-Rasheed) 62805
PP-170 Independent (Mian Muhammad Haroon Akbar) 64143
PP-171 Independent (Mian Aslam Iqbal) 61847
PP-172 Independent (Misbah Javed) 31378
PP-173 PMLN (Margoob Ahmed) 63236
PP-174 PMLN (Bilal Yasin) 36265
PP-175 Independent (Rashid Tufail) 44932
PP-176 PMLN (Muhammad Illyas Khan) 48328
PP-177 PMLN (Muhammad Naeem Safdar) 45633
PP-178 PMLN (Malik Ahmed Saeed Khan) 53090
PP-179 PMLN (Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan) 65617
PP-180 Independent (Ahsan Raza Khan) 34806
PP-181 Independent (Hambal Karim) 49551
PP-182 PMLN (Mehmood Anwar) 32326
PP-183 PMLN (Rana Sikandar Hayat) 51422
PP-184 PMLN (Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan) 44365
PP-185 PMLN (Javed Allauddin Sajjad) 52106
PP-186 PMLN (Syed Muhammad Ashiq Hussain Shah) 43236
PP-187 PMLN (Ch Ifthikhar Hussain Cachar) 60657
PP-188 PMLN (Noorul Ameen Watto) 56596
PP-189 PMLN (Ali Abbas) 40467
PP-190 PMLN (Mian Yawar Zaman) 63899
PP-191 PMLN (Mian Muhammad Munir) 45719
PP-192 PMLN (Ghulam Raza) 64174
PP-193 PMLN (Farooq Ahmed Khan Maneeka) 40172
PP-194 PML-N (Chaudhry Javed Ahmed) 38584
PP-195 Independent (Imran Akram Jutt) 51083 PMLN (Khashif Chisti)
PP-196 PMLN (Farrukh Javed) 55470
PP-197 PMLN (Mansab Ali Dogar) 48713 Independent (Pir Tariq Qayyum Shah) 46257
PP-198 PMLN (Willayat Shah) 46091
PP-199 Independent (Qasim Nadeem) 46255
PP-200 PML-N (Muhammad Arshad Malik) 48871
PP-201 PMLN (Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi) 40885
PP-202 Independent (Rana Riaz Ahmed) 40477
PP-203 PTI (Rai Murtaza) 55874 PML-N (Hanif Jutt)
PP-204 Muhammad Ghulam Sarwar 60438
PP-205 Independent (Muhammad Akbar Hayat Hiraaj) 63128
PP-206 Independent (Osama Fazl) 46789
PP-207 PML-N (Amir Hayat Haraj) 58733 Independent (Pir Abbas Ali Shah) 56653
PP-208 PML-N (Babar Hussain Abid) 48494
PP-209 PML-N (Ch Ziaur Rehman) 55579
PP-210 Independent (Khalid Javed) 54456
PP-211 PMLN (Rana Muhammad Saleem) 53727
PP-212 Independent (Muhammad Asghar Hayat Haraj) 40305
PP-213 PPP (Syed Haider Ali Gillani) 40404
PP-214 Independent (Nawazzada Waseem Khan Badozai) 44943
PP-215 Independent (Muhammad Moinuddin Riaz) 67023
PP-216 Independent (Muhammad Adnand Dogar) 59280
PP-217 Independent (Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi) 62204
PP-218 PML-N (Salman Naeem) 45914 Independent (Zahoor Ahmed) 41627
PP-219 PPP (Malik Wasif Azhar) 43157
PP-220 PPP (Muhammad Iqbal) 42433 PMLN (Rai Mansab Ali) 33272
PP-251 PMLN (Malik Khalid Mehmood Babar) 43551
PP-252 PML-N (Mian Muhammad Sohaib Owesi) 41290
PP-253 PML-N (Zaheer Iqbal) 45607 Muhammad Asghar (Opponent) 27586
PP-254 PML-N (Rana Muhammad Tariq Kha) 55467 Independent (Malik Usman Nawaz) 23724
PP-255 PPPP (Ghazanfar Ali Langah) 42996 PMLN (Makhdoom Masood Alam) 37613
PP-256 PPPP (Qazi Ahmed Saeed) 41082 Independent (Muhammad Amir Nawaz Khan)
PP-257 PML-N (Mehmood Ahmed) 41082 PPP (Muhammad Aslam Islam) 28378
PP-258 Independent (Muhammad Shafeh) 65932 PMLN (Muhammad Arshad) 31787
PP-259 Independent (Faisal Jameel) 53018 Independent (Mian Shafeh Muhaammad) 20842
PP-260 Independent (Saima Kawal) 54960 Independent (Hashim Jawan Bakht) 20824
PP-261 Independent (Jam Amanullah) 42429 PPP (Makhdoom Muhammad Irtaza) 23637
PP-262 Independent (Asif Majeed) 54786 PMLN (Muhammad Umer Jaffer) 25200
PP-263 Independent (Muhammad Naeem) 61401 PMLN (Mehmood ul Hassan) 46220
PP-264 PPP (Habibur Rehman Khan) 44288 Independent (Abdul Momin) 31920
PP-265 Independent (Sajjad Ahmed Warraich) 52817 PML-N (Ch Muhammad Shafiq Anwar) 42017
PP-266 Pending
PP-267 PPP (Raees Baeel Ahmed) 46483 Independent (Raees Muhammad Hamza Mehboob) 26785
PP-268 PMLN (Muhammad Ajmal Khan) 27747 Independent PPP (Abdul Hasnain Taragar) 21848
PP-269 PPP (Mian Alamdar Abbas) 38528 Independent (Iqbal Khan Patafi) 33082
PP-270 Independent (Zahid Ismael Bhutta) 28258 PML-N (Mian Imtiaz Aleem Qureshi) 24531
PP-271 PML-N (Aun Hameed Dogar) 29200 Independent (Mian Imran Dhanotar) 27426
PP-272 Independent (Rana Abdul Manan Sajid) 33453 PMLN (Makhdoom Syed Basit Ahmed Sultan) 29934
PP-273 Independent (Muhammad Dawood Khan) 54664 PML-N (Allah Wasaya) 38387
PP-274 PML-N (Sbtain Raza) 44560 Independent (Shehzad Rasool Khan) 37670
PP-275 PML-N (Muhammad Nawab Khan Bopang) 57930 Independent (Amna Qaim) 45961
PP-276 Independent (Rana Aurenzeb) 47164 PMLN (Amjad Pervez) 37710
PP-277 JUI-P (Taj Muhammad) 3896 Barabari PAarty Pakistan (Rukaiya Bibi) 521
PP-278 Independent (Muhammad Ahsan Ali) 60500 PML-N (Ahmed Yar) 53083
PP-279 Independent (Muhammad Athar Maqbool) 54423 Independent (Ghulam Rasool) 8513
PP-280 Independent (Sahabbudin Khan) 39057 PML-N (Abdul Shakoor) 26942
PP-281 Independent (Shoaib Ameer) 38353 Independent (Qaisar Abbas Khan) 28055
PP-282 Independent candidate (Osama Asghar Ali Gujar) 53887 IPP (Syed Rafaqat Ali Gillani) 23897
PP-283 Independent (Ghulam Asghar Khan) 56,958 PMLN (Mehar Ejaz Ahmed Achlana) 52161
PP-284 Independent (Muhammad Tahir) 52574 PML-N (Mir Badshah) 48633
PP-285 Independent (Khawaja Salauddin Akbar) 31817 PPP (Sardar Muhammad Akram Khan) 25811
PP-286 PMLN (Salahuddin Khan) 37513 Independent (FAzl Abbas Baloch) 35699
PP-287 PMLN (Osamam Laghari) 60033 Independent (Ikhlaq Ahmed) 59090
PP-288 Independent (Muhammad Haneed) 21657 Independent (Muhammad Iqbal Saqib) 39751
PP-289 Independent (Mehmood Qadir Khan) 32657 SArdar Ahmed Ali Dareshak 30481
PP-290 PMLN (Sardar Owais Ahmed Khan Laghari) 43277 Sardar Muhammad Muhauddin Khan Khoosa 41892
PP-291 PMLN (Muhammad Ahmed Khan Laghari) 38102 Faheem Saeed Changwani 36577
PP-292 PMLN (Sardar Sher Afgan Gorchani) 38596 Independent (Ahmed Nawaz) 24342
PP-293 PML-N (Sher Ali Gorchani) 37784 Independent (Mirza Muhammad Shehzad Hammayun) 35137
PP-294 PMLN (Sardar Parvez Iqbal Gorchani) 43648 Independent (Muhammad Atif Ali Dareshak) 30528
PP-295 PMLN (Abdul Aziz Khan) 37,884 Independent (Sardar Farooq Aman) 31644
PP-296 Independent candidate (Sardar Muhammad Owais Khan Dareshak) 42613 PML-N candidate (Sardar Yousaf Dreshak) 41402
PP-297 Independent candidate (Khizar Khan Mazari) 39206 PMLN (Dost Muhammad Mazari) 30933

As the vote count progresses and the unofficial results of the Punjab Election 2024 Results Online PP Halqa Wise begin to surface, the democratic journey of Punjab takes a significant stride forward. The province’s large population, diverse constituencies, and reserved seats for women and minority communities contribute to a vibrant and inclusive political landscape. The Punjab Assembly holds the power to shape policies, address concerns, and represent the will of the people. The official announcement by the Election Commission of Pakistan will provide the verified and final results, determining the composition of the assembly and setting the course for Punjab’s political future.

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