12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 9 Short Question Answer

1.What did Chips recount about Naylor?
When Chips was over eighty he used remember Naylor who called him old when he was fifty. Now Naylor was a lawyer who was about fifty. Chips thought that he should ask him if a man at fifty becomes old.
2.What did Chips remember about Halsbury?
Chips remembered that halsbury was Chancellor at eighty-two and died at ninety-nine.
3.What sort of gown did Chips wear?
He wore his gown till it was almost too tattered to be held together.
4.What did Chips think about the Boers?
He was not against the Boers. Neither did he favor them. But still he believed that they had a similarity with some English heroes.
5.What did chips say to Lloyd George?
Chips said Mr. Lloyd George, I am nearly old enough to remember you as a young man and I confess that you seem to me to have improved a great deal L.G. laughed and talked to Chips freely.
6.What eccentricities did Chips acquire in old age?
In old age he acquired some gentle eccentricities of teachers and parsons. He wore his gown till it was almost too tattered to hold together. He wore glasses slipping down the nose. His eyebrows were lifted one a higher than the other. He cast a glance that was half pensive and half inspecting. This glance of Chips became a popular subject of mimicry.
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