12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 10 Short Question Answer

1.Who succeeded Wetherby as a Headmaster? OR When did Meldrum die? OR When did Chips become the Acting Head of Brookfield? OR From which disease did Meldrum die?
Meldrum had succeeded Wetherby as Head and held the office for thirty years. In 1900 he died suddenly from Pneumonia and Chips became the Acting Head of Brookfield.
2.How did Ralston Look?
He was a young man of thirty-seven. He was glittering with First and Blues. He could silence the Big hall by the mere lifting of an eyebrow.
3.What did Ralston announce on a May morning when everyone was summoned in the Big Hall?
He announced the death of the king Edward VII. He said that there would be no school that afternoon but a service would be held in the Chapel at four-thirty.
4.What duty was assigned to the boys of Brookfield when the railway men were on strike?
The railway men were on strike stones were being thrown at trains. The boys of Brookfield were asked to guard the railway line.
5.Who was Mr. Jones and what was his duty?
Mr. Jones was a striker. He was a servant in the railway department. He had the charge of the signal-box.
6.What did Chips remember about the Diamond Jubilee of England?
Chips remembered that he had taken Kathie to London to see the procession of Diamond jubilee of England(1897). There they saw Queen Victoria.
7.How was Queen Victoria sitting in the carriage? OR Who was the legendary lady sitting in the carriage and how did she look?
Chips saw Queen Victoria the old legendary lady. She was sitting in her carriage. She looked like a crumbling wooden doll.
8.How and for how much time did Edward VII rule England?
The king Edward VII ruled England for ten years (1901-1910). It was a period of unrest. It was a period of strikes and many other problems.
9.What news about Grayson’s father came finally?
Grayson’s father had sailed on the Titanic. The ship sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Finally the news came that Grayson’s father had been among those who were saved.
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