12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 14 Short Question Answer

1.How did Chips feel when he rejoined Brookfield?
He felt very happy. For the first time in his life he felt himself necessary to Brookfield. He had sublime feelings.
2.What is rissole? What joke did Chips make about it?
Rissole is a small fried cake of minced meat, often mixed with breadcrumbs. Chips called it abhorrendum meat to be abhorred.
3.What was meant by Chips latest?
Chips latest was his fresh joke.
4.When did Chips become the Acting head of Brookfield?
Chatteris fell ill during the winter of 1917 for the second time in his life. Chips became the Acting Head of Brookfield.
5.When/how did Chips perform his duties as the Head of Brookfield?
He worked as Head in 1917 and 1918. HE handled problems efficiently. He became very kind gentle and confident.
6.What did Chips say about the bayonet-practice?
He said that it was a very vulgar way of killing people.
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