12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 8 Short Question Answer

1.How and when did Katherine die?
She died while giving birth to a baby on the 1st April 1898.
2.Why did Chips not want to receive condolences?
He did not want to get condolences. He wanted to get used to things. He did not want to talk to anyone.
3.What was the April foolery Chips faced?
On 1st April 1898 he received a few letters. He opened them one by one. All the letters contained blank sheets of paper.
4.What was the effect of Katherine’s death on Chips?
At the death of his wife Chips was horrified. He was lost in his sad thoughts. He fell into a trance.
5.Describe Katherine’s tragic death?
Katherine and her new-born child died on 1st April 1898. It was a deep shock for Chips. He fell into a trance.
6. What did Chips receive on the 1st April 1898?
On 1st April 1898 Chips received some letters. He opened them one by one. Each letter contained a blank sheet of paper.
7.Why did Chips take class on the day his wife died? How did Chips try to forget the grief of his wife’s death?
His wife died with new-born baby. On that day even. Chips took his class as ususal. He did not get any condolences. In this way he wanted to forget the grief of his wife’s death.


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