Important World General Knowledge Mcq’s Questions Quiz Online with Answers

All the individuals who want to test and also improve their general knowledge about the world we live in, can attempt the following quiz to do so with ease. This test includes 100 important mcq’s questions answers related to different topics which will help you improve your information level within a short time period.

Important World General Knowledge Mcq’s Questions Quiz Online with Answers

General Knowledge

1. What does your heart pump?

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2. The Great Barrier Reef is located in which country?

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3. Who is the father of English poetry?

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4. Saba si the news agency of _______.

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5. The world's highest mountain is in ______.

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6. Which singer usually signs rap music Mariah Carey or Eminem?

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7. How many legs does a butterfly have?

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8. What sport is played at Wimbledon?

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9. Emirates is an airline of _____.

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10. The headquarter of NATO is located in _______.

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11. Who is the firs Governor General of Pakistan?

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12. What is the biggest state in the USA?

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13. How many sides does a triangle have?

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14. Which countries men use the most deodorant?

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15. Who invented the computer mouse?

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16. The first Nobel Prize was awarded in ________.

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17. The permanent Secretariat of SAARC is located in ________.

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18. What pop group is Howie D. in?

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19. There are _________ members of SAARC.

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20. Which is the nearest star?

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21. The atomic Bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima on?

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22. Which river passes through the most countries in the world?

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23. Etihads Airways is an airline of ________.

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24. What was the name of Atomic Bomb that dropped on the city of Nagasaki?

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25. 22 April is observed Internationally as ________.

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26. The biggest Island of the World is ________.

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27. KLM is an airline of _______.

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28. The hottest desert of the world is _______.

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29. On which national flag is there an eagle and a snake?

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30. Who wrote "War and Peace"?

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31. The motto of UNO is ________.

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32. Which among following is called "Gift of the Nile"?

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33. Which is the most popular indoor sport in the USA?

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34. In which ocean is Hawaii?

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35. The currency of Indonesia is ________.

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36. SANA is the news agency of _______.

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37. Which country is called the "Land of Golden Fibre"?

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38. The highest part of the Earth is _______.

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39. The smallest sea of the World is ________.

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40. Which day is observed as World Food Day?

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41. The currency of Qatar is ______.

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42. The social network site "Twitter" was launched on _______.

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43. The headquarter of Red Cross is in ________.

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44. AFP is the news agency of _________.

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45. The United Nations has _____ principal organs.

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46. The largest gulf in the world is ________.

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47. The deepest part of the Earth is _________.

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48. In which country will the 2008 Olympic Games be held?

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49. The Earth's Oceanic water is divided in _____ oceans.

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50. Mount Logan - Yukon is in which country?

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51. The oldest news agency in the world is _______.

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52. The largest continent (by area) of the world is _________.

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53. 22 March is observed internationally as?

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54. What is the national currency of South Africa?

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55. The world's largest lake is _______.

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56. Victoria Falls is located between which two countries?

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57. What was the name of Atomic Bomb that dropped on the city of Hiroshima?

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58. The National Areonautics and Space Administration (NASA) was formed in?

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59. Which is bigger, a lake or an ocean?

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60. Which country is called "Land of thousand Island"?

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61. The capital of Saudi Arabia is ________?

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62. How many strings does a violin have?

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63. Who invented the telephone?

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64. The lowest part of the Earth is ________.

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65. The Earth surface is divided in ______ Continents.

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66. The Delaware river is in ________.

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67. Table Mountain is in which country?

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68. In which sport was Muhammad Ali the world champion?

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69. 3 May is observed internationally as _________.

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70. The capital of Czech Republic is?

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71. Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in which country?

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72. Vienna is the capital of ______.

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73. The currency of Israel is ________.

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74. The Earth's smallest ocean is _______.

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75. How many countries are members to the United Nations?

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76. What is the capital city of Norway?

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77. The first Secretary General of United Nation was ________.

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78. The capital of Canada is _________.

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79. What martial arts name means gentle way?

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80. What is the national currency of Austria?

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81. 8 March is observed internationally as?

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82. ANTARA is the news agency of _________.

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83. Who invented the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)?

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84. Which country is called the "Land of thousand Lakes"?

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85. World Trade Organization was established in _________.

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86. Suez Canal is between _________.

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87. Qantas is an airline of ______.

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88. What is the national currency of Cambodia?

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89. The OIC was founded in _______.

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90. What is H2O?

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91. 7 April is observed internationally as?

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92. Which country, on the map of world, appears as "Long Shoe"?

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93. Th height of Eiffel Tower is _______ feet.

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94. World's famous bridge "Golden Gate" is in ______.

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95. Which is heavier, Gold or Silver?

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96. Which is the national flower of Pakistan?

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97. Dead Sea is located in which two countries?

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98. What country does the football player Romario come from?

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99. Which of the following countries is not a member of European Union?

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100. Which company is owned by Bill Gates?

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