50 General Knowledge MCQS Questions about the Life of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Delve into the profound teachings and life of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) with our compilation of 50 General Knowledge questions. These questions are crafted to deepen your understanding of the extraordinary life and principles of the Prophet. Reading through this large collection of questions and answers will help you understand Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Islam’s final and greatest messenger. Here is the “Top 50 Important Question On Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH Life Family History with Answers for GK”. This quiz asks fifty insightful questions on his birth, youth, family background, marriage, important events, and teachings.

50 General Knowledge Questions on Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH Life

The “50 General Knowledge MCQS Questions about the Life of Holy Prophet (PBUH ” covers key aspects of the Prophet’s life, family, and history. These questions seek to improve understanding of the Prophet’s life and teachings. The questions include the Prophet’s birth, family, key events, and teachings. Each question has a brief, insightful answer that illuminates Prophet Hazrat Muhammad’s life and legacy.

These questions can help people grasp the Prophet’s role as Islam’s last and last messenger and his historical background. Take this quiz to learn about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s life. Each question’s full response will reveal his life and ideas. For students, history buffs, and curious in Islamic history, this quiz is an interactive way to test and improve your knowledge.

Top 50 Important Question On Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH Life  with Answers for GK

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1. Allah bestowed Prophethood on Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) at the age of __________ ?

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2. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was born in __________ .

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3. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) lived for __________ years in Makkah.

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4. The meaning of MUHAMMAD (SAW) is ____________.

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5. Hadith is _______ ?

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6. The last Zoja-e-Motahara of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was ____________ ?

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7. Holy Prophet (SAW) was born in the month of __________ ?

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8. The age of Hazrat Khadija (RA) was ________ when she got married with the Holy Prophet (SAW).

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9. The mother of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) died when he (SAW) was ______ old.

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10. The meaning of Rasool is ________ ?

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11. The Holy Prophet (SAW) visited _________ during the event of Miraj.

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12. The attributive name of Holy Prophet (SAW), "AHMAD" means __________ ?

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13. How many months prior to the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e-Abdul Mutalib died?

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14. What is Sunnah?

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15. __________ is the first father-in-law of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

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16. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) tribe is ___________ ?

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17. The Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) surname is ________ ?

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18. In the Hujrah of ________ , the Holy Prophet (SAW) is buried.

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19. The Holy Prophet (SAW) married Hazrat Khadija (RA) in __________ .

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20. To whom the Holy Prophet (SAW) went after the revelation of the first Wahi?

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21. __________ is the title of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

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22. When did the Holy Prophet (SAW) perform "Hajjat-ul-Wada"?

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23. The Holy Prophet (SAW) observed seclusion in the cave of __________ .

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24. ________ was the animal on which the Holy Prophet (SAW) migrated to Madina.

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25. The Holy Prophet (SAW) preached Islam openly for the first time at ___________ .

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26. _________ was the grandfather of the Holy Prophet (SAW)

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27. The Holy Prophet (SAW) belonged to the _________ clan of Quraish.

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28. Who did accompany the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the migration to Madina?

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29. The Holy Prophet (SAW) preached Islam secretly for ________ years.

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30. _______ was the greatest role model of the teachings of the Quran.

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31. At the age of ________,  the Holy Prophet (SAW) Aqeeqa ceremony was held.

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32. The foster sister of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was ___________ .

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33. ________ is the name of camel on which the Holy Prophet (SAW) was riding in the migration to Madina.

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34. The Holy Prophet (SAW) was a direct descendant of _________ ?

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35. The Holy Prophet (SAW) met _________ at seventh spiritual sky.

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36. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) died at the age of ___________ .

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37. The date of birth of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is ________ .

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38. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) married Hazrat Khadija (RA) at the age of __________ ?

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39. ________ was the real mother of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

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40. Which was the first battle fought against Makkans?

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41. __________ is the greatest miracle of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

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42. The total number of sons of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was _________ ?

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43. In which month of Islamic calendar, the first revelation of Quran came to the Holy Prophet (SAW)?

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44. ___________ is the father of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

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45. There were __________ daughters of the Holy Prophet (SAW) from Hazrat Khadija (RA).

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46. "The Powerful" is the meaning of ___________attributive name of Holy Prophet (SAW).

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47. When did Holy Prophet (SAW) go to perform Hajj?

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48. Holy Prophet (PBUH) delivered his farewell sermon at Arafat on __________ ?

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49. The first Zoja-e-Motahara of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was ________ .

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50. One who does not believe in the Last Prophet (SAW) in known as ____________ ?

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Benefits of Learning about the Prophet’s life

The “Top 50 Important Questions On Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Life Family History with Answers for GK” is a valuable resource for learning about the Prophet’s life. Key benefits include:

Appreciation of the Prophet’s Legacy: The quiz helps people understand Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)’s global significance. Through his life, family, and teachings, participants get a greater understanding of his character, knowledge, and impact on millions of people worldwide.

Engaging with these concerns strengthens Muslim faith and belief. People can improve their spiritual journey by studying more about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and strengthening their connection with him.

Educational Tool: This quiz teaches Islamic history and the Prophet’s life to students, academics, and others. It supplements instructional resources and improves topic comprehension in classrooms, study groups, and self-study.

Cultural and Interfaith Understanding: The quiz discusses Prophet Muhammad’s life and teachings to develop cultural and interfaith understanding. This understanding promotes respect, tolerance, and conversation amongst diverse religions and backgrounds.

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