Lahore City General Knowledge Mcqs Online Info Quiz

The capital city of Punjab province, Lahore is widely famous not only within the country but also around the world for its history, culture, tourist places and people. Through the following quiz, you can test your general knowledge about various aspects of the city like area, population, dialing code, famous places, popular personalities and other basic information.

Lahore City General Knowledge Mcqs Online Info Quiz


1. What is the Postal Code of Lahore?

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2. What is the dialing code of Lahore?

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3. Name the place shown in the picture below.

Pic 3

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4. Name the place shown in the picture below.

Pic 4

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5. Name the place shown in the picture below.

Pic 5

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6. The total area of Lahore is:

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7. The estimated population of Lahore is:

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8. Name the place shown in picture below.

Pic 2

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9. Lahore is the ________ most populated city of Pakistan.

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10. Name the place shown in the Picture below.

Pic 1

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