Tawheed in Islam Basic Info Quiz Online GK Questions and Answers

The basic information test about various aspects of Tawheed in Islam is given below on this page through which you can check your level of knowledge about it. Questions related to this are often part of different general knowledge related exams which makes it pretty important to prepare for them and now you can do so with ease by attempting free online quizzes available over our website.

Tawheed in Islam Basic Info Quiz Online GK Questions and Answers


1. Except ______, there is no God.

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2. A Muslim believes in ________.

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3. ______ is against all sorts of shirk.

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4. Polytheism is also known as _________.

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5. Hindus believes in _______ gods.

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6. One who does not believe in Tauheed is called _________.

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7. Islam is __________ religion in the world.

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8. ___________ is known as the Lord of Creations.

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9. _______ means to consider someone's partnership in the powers of Allah.

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10. In Islam, the greatest of all the sins is __________.

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11. The meaning of Mushrik is ______.

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12. _________ is the creator of everything.

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13. ________ is called the oneness of Allah.

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14. Tauheed means ________.

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15. What does the word "Allah" mean?

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