Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) Bio Life History Info Quiz Online Mcq’s Test

Improve your general knowledge about the life history of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) by attempting the following quiz which contains all the important questions and answers about this topic for various Islamic general knowledge related examinations.

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) Bio Life History Info Quiz Online Mcq’s Test


1. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) intended to sacrifice Hazrat Ismaeel (AS) in the name of Allah at ____________.

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2. On the order of Nimrod, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was put into:

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3. Who were the 2 sons of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.)?

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4. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) broke idols with an ___________.

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5. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was the first person to:

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6. Who helped Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) in building Ka'aba?

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7. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was buried in:

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8. What was the name of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) father?

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9. What did Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) sacrificed instead of his son?

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10. What was the name of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) first wife?

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