Hazrat Amina (RA) Bio Life History Quiz Online Mcq’s Test

Hazrat Amina (RA) is the mother of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). As she has a lot of importance in the history of Islam that’s why it is really important to have general knowledge information about her life history.

Hazrat Amina (RA) Bio Life History Quiz Online Mcq’s Test


1. Hazrat Amina (RA) was married to:

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2. Hazrat Amina (RA) father's name was:

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3. Hazrat Amina (RA) died when Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was __________ years old.

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4. Hazrat Amina (RA) mother's name was:

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5. Hazrat Amina (RA) was born in which clan of the tribe of Quraysh?

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6. Hazrat Amina (RA) died at the age of:

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7. Hazrat Amina (RA) was buried in:

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8. How many children did Hazrat Amina (RA) had?

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