Battle of Uhud Info Quiz Online Ghazwa Mcqs Questions and Answers

Battle of Uhud was Fought in Which Hijri and Uhud MCQS

To help our visitors prepare for all Islamic information and general knowledge related to written exams and interviews, below on this page we have provided a free online test that includes questions related to the Battle of Uhud. Questions related to various Ghazwa are often asked in various exams which makes it extremely important to prepare for them in the best way possible.

The decisive Battle of Uhud in Islamic history bears witness to the faith, bravery, and tactical acumen of the early Muslim community. This battle was a turning point in the history of Islam. This ancient fight, which took place in the year 625 CE close to the city of Medina, contains invaluable teachings that continue to encourage and direct people in our times. An online quiz that is entirely devoted to the Battle of Uhud has been developed in order to assist people in gaining a more in-depth understanding of this pivotal phase of human history. This quiz provides a fun and interactive environment for you to learn about the conflict and the many facets of it, as well as test your knowledge of those topics.

Battle of Uhud Info Quiz Online Ghazwa Mcqs Questions and Answers


1. In the Battle of Ohad, _______ pagans of Makkah participated.

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2. ______ Muslims participated in the Battle of Ohad.

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3. Ghazwa-e-Ohad took place in ________

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4. _________ persons were accompained with Abdullah bin Ubai.

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5. In _____ Battle, Muslim ladies provided first aid to the Muslim fighters.

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6. In the Battle of Ohad, ________ was the commander in chief of infidels.

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7. Khalid bin Waleed belonged to _________ tribe.

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8. Ohad is located ________ miles away from Madina.

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9. Hazrat Hamza (RA) was martyred in the Battle of ________.

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10. _______ was the leader of " Teer Andaz Dasta" at Jabal-e-Yahene in the Battle of Ohad.

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11. The daughter of Utba was _______ who accompained the army of pagans in the Battle of Ohad.

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12. The leader of the enemy cavalry, in the Battle of Ohad was ________.

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13. Ohad is a ________.

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14. In ________ direction of Madina, Ohad is located.

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15. The teeth of the Holy Prophet (SAW) were martyred in the Battle of ________.

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16. ________ was the Battle in which Muslims suffered heavy losses.

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17. Umma-e-Hakam was ________.

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18. ________ Muslims were posted to protect the pass in the Ohad mountain.

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19. ________ Muslims were martyred in the Battle of Ohad.

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20. Abdullah Bin Ubai was __________.

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Battle of Uhud A Historical Overview

It was during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that the Battle of Uhud took place, while the Muslims were still working to establish a footing in Medina. The Quraish, a powerful Meccan tribe, had been the aggressor in this dispute, and it all started because of their actions. The Muslim army marched forth into the world under the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad in order to defend their community and maintain the teachings of Islam.

The Ghazwa Information Test Can Now Be Taken Online

The objective of the interactive and educational endeavor known as the event of Uhud Info Quiz is to familiarize people with the extensive history surrounding this event. The Battle of Uhud is the topic of the quiz, which includes a variety of questions, each of which is intended to test the participants’ comprehension of significant events, characters, and methods related with the conflict.

Quiz Highlights

The Battle of Uhud Info Quiz has been carefully put together to make sure it is true to history. Participants can use this tool to learn more and get a better idea of how the battle is going.

Different Types of Questions: The quiz is made up of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that cover a wide range of battle-related themes. Participants can look into different parts of this historical event, such as the order of events and the roles of different people.

Educational Engagement: The quiz is meant to be both useful and interesting. To find the answers, people are encouraged to read historical texts, do study, and talk with others. This helps people feel more connected to the subject and makes them want to learn more.

Flexible Learning: Since the quiz is online, users can take it whenever they want. This quiz is for a wide range of people, including history buffs, students, and people who want to learn more about Islamic past.

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