YouTube Basic Info Quiz Online GK Test

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular website that is visited by millions of people from around the globe on daily basis. For all the followers of YouTube, we have compiled a free online quiz below about the founders, slogan, working method and history of the website.

YouTube Basic Info Quiz Online GK Test

Computer General

1. Which one of these was the slogan of YouTube?

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2. YouTube was co-founded by how many friends?

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3. Google bought YouTube in:

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4. Prior to founding YouTube, all of its founders used to work at:

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5. YouTube is a ___________ website.

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6. YouTube was founded in:

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7. YouTube is the ___________ most visited website in the world.

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8. The first ever video uploaded on YouTube is titled:

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9. Which of the following is one of the co-founders of YouTube?

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10. Google purchased YouTube for around:

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