Computer MS PowerPoint Shortcuts Keys Information Quiz Online

Here we provided the online quiz about computer MS PowerPoint shortcuts keys .Your understanding of the many keyboard shortcuts available in Microsoft PowerPoint will be put to the test in this exam. With the use of keyboard shortcuts, it’s simple to move about the software fast and complete activities, which increases productivity. You will encounter multiple-choice questions in this exam that will test your knowledge of the various PowerPoint shortcut keys. You will have the chance to increase your software knowledge, increase your productivity, and improve your PowerPoint abilities by taking this quiz. Each question is followed by a succinct response that gives you important information about the particular shortcut keys and how they work. Enjoy this interactive online quiz on Computer MS PowerPoint Shortcuts Keys Information and get ready to put your PowerPoint skills to the test.

The major shortcut keys for Microsoft PowerPoint are covered in a free, online quiz that can be found further down on this page. Everyone who is going to take part in a test, whether it be a written one, an interview, or even just a test of general knowledge, relating to the subject of computer science, or even just general knowledge, should attempt this quiz in order to determine how well they are prepared for the actual test.

Computer MS PowerPoint Shortcuts Keys

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software that is used to create slideshows. It is a popular tool for businesses, schools, and other organizations to communicate information. PowerPoint shortcuts are keyboard combinations that can be used to perform common tasks in the software. They can save time and help you be more efficient when creating and editing presentations.

There are many different PowerPoint shortcuts, but some of the most common ones include:

Ctrl + N: Create a new presentation.
Ctrl + O: Open an existing presentation.
Ctrl + S: Save a presentation.
Ctrl + P: Print a presentation.
F5: Start a slide show.
Shift + F5: Start a slide show from the current slide.
Ctrl + A: Select all slides.
Ctrl + C: Copy selected slides.
Ctrl + V: Paste copied slides.
Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action.
Ctrl + Y: Redo the last action.

There are also shortcuts for specific tasks, such as adding text, formatting text, and inserting objects. You can find a list of all the PowerPoint shortcuts in the software’s help documentation.

Computer MS PowerPoint Shortcuts Keys Information Quiz Online Important Questions Answers

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Computer Science

1. In PowerPoint the shortcut key of Shift + F3 is used to?

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2. In PowerPoint the shortcut key of Ctrl + Shift + < is used to?

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3. In PowerPoint the shortcut key of 1 + Enter is used to?

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4. The shortcut key to End the slide show is __________ ?

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5. The shortcut key for Spellcheck is __________ ?

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6. The shortcut key to Ungroup is __________ ?

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7. In PowerPoint the shortcut key of Ctrl + Shift + Tab is used to?

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8. The shortcut key for Inserting a new slide is __________ ?

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9. The shortcut key to Insert hyperlink is __________ ?

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10. The shortcut key for MS PowerPoint Help is __________ ?

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11. In PowerPoint the shortcut key of Ctrl + T is used to?

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12. In PowerPoint the shortcut key of Ctrl + K is used to?

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13. In PowerPoint the shortcut key of Ctrl + Shift + > is used to?

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14. The shortcut key to Open Save As dialog box is __________ ?

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15. The shortcut key to Run a presentation is __________ ?

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 MS PowerPoint Shortcuts Keys Quiz Online

A PowerPoint shortcuts quiz is a test of knowledge about the keyboard shortcuts that can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint. The quiz can be a helpful way to learn the shortcuts and improve your productivity when using the software .There are many different PowerPoint shortcuts quizzes available online. Some of the quizzes are free, while others require a fee to take .If you are interested in taking a PowerPoint shortcuts quiz, I recommend searching for one that is relevant to your level of knowledge and experience with the software. There are quizzes available for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced users.

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