Computer MS Windows OS Quiz Online GK Questions and Answers

Explore the digital realm with our MS Windows OS Quiz Online” This immersive experience is specifically designed to assess and improve your understanding of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Journey through a range of General Knowledge questions that cover different aspects of Windows OS, including its evolution and key functionalities. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply seeking to expand your knowledge of computer systems, this MS Windows OS Quiz Online provides a dynamic platform to challenge yourself and gain valuable insights into the intricate world of MS Windows. Enhance your computer literacy by engaging with this informative and captivating quiz.

Here we have given a free online quiz about the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) which includes questions related to the various functions of the computer MS Windows. You can attempt this test in order to check your level of knowledge related to it and also improve it.

MS Windows OS Quiz Online

Take our interactive MS Windows OS Quiz online to start your digital adventure. Through a series of stimulating questions, learn about the subtleties of Microsoft’s operating system. This exam is designed to assess your understanding of the different MS Windows OS versions, features, and functions. Take part in this online activity to evaluate your knowledge and learn more about the fundamentals of computer systems.

Computer MS Windows OS Quiz Online GK Questions and Answers

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Computer General

1. In Windows operating system the ———— ——— is the main screen area that one sees after he turn on a computer and log on to Windows.

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2. In Windows operating system it is a window that is used to display text or to receive text from you. The type of text it displays or the type of text you are asked to provide depends on the application or the situation.

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3. Microsoft Windows provides a graphics application named

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4. In Windows operating system these are small pictures that represent files, folders, programs, and other items. Each one is used to make the computer do something.

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5. In Windows operating system the clock in windows xp sits on the ————— and displays the system time.

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6. In Windows operating system it is the long horizontal bar at the bottom of a screen. Unlike the desktop, which can get obscured by the windows on top of it, it is visible almost all the time.

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7. In Windows operating system when you delete a file or folder, it doesn’t actually get deleted right away, it goes to the ————.

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8. In Windows operating system it sits at the bottom of windows desktop screen. It shows you which programs are running and allows you to switch between them. It also contains the Start button which one can use to access programs, folders, and computer settings.

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9. Word Processors that is the part of Windows operating system

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10. It is a visual aspect that indicates that a control is ready to receive input from you in Windows operating system

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11. Text Editor that is the part of Windows operating system

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12. In Windows operating system it is a very important part of Windows, clicking on it opens up what is called the start menu

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Computer MS Windows OS Quiz Questions and Answers

Explore the core of computing with this extensive Computer MS Windows OS Quiz, which includes a carefully chosen list of questions and thorough solutions. This exam covers a wide range of subjects relating to Microsoft’s operating system, from the fundamentals to the more sophisticated capabilities. With this insightful quiz, you may push yourself, increase your computer literacy, and learn important things about the world of Microsoft Windows.

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